How to Easily Create a Cute Succulent Terrarium as Darling Gift Idea

Are you looking for an easy handmade gift idea? One that doesn’t cost a lot or isn’t too challenging? Or maybe you want to make something for your home to add the perfect touch to a centerpiece, table, or even a bathroom.

three mini succulents are so cute in these glass jars

Our succulent terrarium project is one that everyone will love to create. It’s idea for kids and a perfect project for craft night. It doesn’t take a lot of precision or skill, and it’s a lot of fun. Trust us, this one is a crowd pleaser, both for the crafter and the recipients if it’s a gift. Here are the easy steps to create your own succulent terrariums. 

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Step 1. Choose Your Succulent Terrarium Vessels

  • I recommend glass jars or vases of some kind so you can see the different layers from the side.
  • Seeing the layers adds to the beautiful design aesthetic of your terrarium.
  • Clear plastic containers work similarly.
  • But you can also choose ceramic containers.
  • Make sure you choose the right size and shape to fit the number of plants you want to include in your succulent terrarium

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simple supplies needed for succulent terrariums and planting

Step 2. Add Gravel to Succulent Terrarium

The first layer you add to your succulent terrarium is your gravel layer.

I took mine straight from my garden. 

I rinsed it off a bit and added it to the very bottom of my glass jars.

The purpose of the gravel is to help your succulent drain. Therefore you want your rocks to have some size to them. They will allow water to flow through without soaking the soil above.

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use gravel or small rocks as planter base for best succulent drainage

Don’t Make My Mistake

Be sure to add enough gravel so that you can SEE the layer in your container.

After I made my mini terrariums, I noticed that there wasn’t enough gravel to be seen from the side of the jars.

To avoid this mistake, be sure to look at the gravel from the side view and not just the top view.


When I made my larger globe vase terrarium, I was sure to put enough gravel in so it made a distinctive layer in my terrarium. 


plant your succulent in a glass vase to see all the layers

Step 3. Add Soil

Make sure your planting soil is fast draining.

Choose a soil that is specifically created for cactus, orchids and/or succulents. 

I will link the type of planting soil I used here.


cute mini terrarium in glass jar for gifting

Be sure to add enough soil so that you will be able to allow for the planting of the succulents and enough for their roots to grow.


Step 4. Plant Your Succulents

  1. Make a planting space in your soil for your succulent.
  2. Take away as much of the existing dirt connected to the roots as you can so the roots can connect to the new potting soil instead.
  3. Place your succulent in your terrarium
  4. Pat the soil lightly around it until it is snug.

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succulent terrarium is easy to make with layers of gravel, dirt and decorative rocks

Step 5. Add Decorative Rocks to Your Succulent Terrarium

  • I chose white decorative rocks to contrast with the dark dirt.
  • This kept my color scheme simple and neutral.
  • You can have fun being creative and choosing bright colors.
  • Choose a color to match a certain decor scheme.
  • If you are making a gift, choose a favorite color of the recipient, making it a truly personal gift.

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mini jars are cute gift ideas when filled with succulents


Step 6. Give Your Succulents a Drink

Don’t forget to take care of your succulents and keep them hydrated.

Luckily succulents don’t need a lot of attention, but this doesn’t mean you can forget about them.

Step 7. Learn How to Keep Your Succulent Terrarium Alive and Thriving

The final step is making sure your beautiful creation stays healthy. So now is the time to educate yourself if you aren’t already knowledgeable. Keeping succulents alive is not hard if you know some key requirements.

  1. Plenty of light: roughly 6 hours a day of sun.
  2. Rotate so all sides receive sunlight.
  3. Water when soil feels dry, but don’t overwater.
  4. Water the soil, not the leaves.
  5. Dust the leaves since dust can inhibit growth.
  6. Your succulent terrarium has built in drainage, which is key to healthy succulents.

different size glass vases make good terrariums for succulents

Step 8. Include A Care Gift Tag When Gifting

If you’re giving your succulent terrarium as a gift, be sure to include the above list of care steps so your recipient can enjoy your gift for a long time.

Complete your gift by including a cute tag with the steps listed above.

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succulents with decorative rocks in cute glass terrarium

Faux Succulent Option

You can also opt for faux succulents. 

If this succulent terrarium is for yourself think about your lifestyle and if you can commit to keeping up your plant care.

If this is a gift, think about the lifestyle of your recipient. Are they a plant person? Will they want to care for a living succulent terrarium? Let this help you decide whether to choose live succulents or faux succulents.

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Succulent Terrarium Craft Idea

Are you convinced to try this fun craft? Have a family craft night? Maybe organize your own craft night with friends? 

We hope the answer is YES. 

Of all the crafts we’ve tried we think this one is especially satisfying and fun. We love both the process and the results.

Let us know if you try it and if you make any unique changes to our ideas. We would love to hear them.


Party Table Decor Plus Gift

Imagine these for your next party.

The table is set and adorned per your unique party theme. And in the center of each table setting you showcase one of these adorable succulent terrariums. 

They make for a wow table, and each guest has a wonderful gift to take home to remind them of your special event. 

We think these are so versatile and would work well with almost any theme.

Get extra creative and tie in your succulent planters by adding a coordinating ribbon or decorative item which you can stick into the dirt or tie around the rim. 

Have so much fun making these the perfect decoration for your event and take home gifts all in one.

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live succulent terrarium with white decorative rocks

How to Easily Create a Cute Succulent Terrarium as Darling Gift Idea
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