Want an Affordable Solution to Kitchen Makeover? New Marble Backsplash

I really wanted to update my outdated kitchen, but I didn’t want to spend a lot. In fact, I wanted to spend as little as possible. I also was not ready to deal with the hassle of a huge kitchen remodel. I gave it a lot of time and thought. What could I do that would make a really big impact on a small budget and short timeline? I decided to change out my dark granite backsplash for a new modern white marble backsplash. Here is the full story that I think will encourage you to do the same.

This is a sponsored post. All experiences and opinions are 100% my own.

updated kitchen with new marble backsplash was affordable with huge impact

Where to Begin?

Believe it or not, I have never remodeled a home before. It’s true. Maybe this is why I took so much time thinking, planning, and carefully choosing every step of the way. The first and probably most important decision I made was deciding to go to Floor and Decor.

They have a huge selection so you can find the best look for your project. Also, most of the products are in-store, so you can get to work on your project immediately. It was definitely the best place to choose my new marble backsplash.

Before the New Marble Backsplash

Here is a shot of how my kitchen looked before the new white marble backsplash. As you can see, my old backsplash was the same solid, dark granite as my countertops. The look was too dark and honestly, dated the home. 

Before photo with black granite backsplash and counters

Amazing Resources from Floor and Decor

Before I was even ready to head to the store, it was time for me to brainstorm. And it was important to be able to brainstorm in my home, in the space where changes would be made.

This is when the online resources on the Floor and Decor website became important to the process.  The inspiration on their website is so complete I didn’t need to go anywhere else. These are just some of the valuable resources you find on the website.

With all the resources provided via the Floor and Decor website, I was able to closely narrow down my choices to marble backsplash tile before I even went to the store.

Kitchen covered in plastic during demo and

installation of marble backsplash progress photo

Free Design Services Helped Us Choose Our Marble Backsplash

Floor and Decor offers FREE design services. Even though I am fairly confident with my design aesthetic meeting with a designer gave me even more confidence. They know all the products, so you are sure not to miss any of the options you may not have seen or even considered. No matter who you are, having an design expert weigh in is always invaluable before you make your final decision.

Be sure to go online and make an appointment before you go, so you can meet with a design professional and make the most of your visit.

Reasons to take advantage of Floor and Decor Free Design Services:

  1. Their designers are real pros.
  2. They can help no matter the size of your project.
  3. They will recommend products that fit your budget and lifestyle.
  4. They will help you understand installation methods and materials.

finishing up the installation of the marble backsplash in the kitchen

In-Store Displays Help Customers Visualize Marble Backsplash & More

For those customers who just can’t visualize online, Floor and Decor provides plenty of in-store visual tools. When you walk around you are treated to a wonderful array of products displayed beautifully and stylishly in mini rooms.

Bianca and I really enjoyed seeing these displays. We took photos to give us ideas on future products. It also brought several of our marble backsplash choices to life and helped us make our final decision.

This is the exact marble tile I chose. I am in love! 


Customer Service Sets Floor and Decor Apart

Bianca and I made several visits to Floor and Decor to choose our marble backsplash. We found the customer service to be awesome. Each time it was easy to get assistance and have any questions answered.

When we were ready to purchase we immediately had help with a friendly associate. He was patient and seemed genuinely happy to help us.

He lifted all the marble tile boxes for us, accompanied us to our car, and put everything carefully inside. We were very happy to be so well taken care of.

Floor and Decor is My Go-To

After photo of our kitchen with the new marble backsplash installed

Floor and Decor made this project so easy I’m already planning my next projects. With top-quality products at everyday low prices I know I don’t have to waste time going anywhere else.

Plus, they have so much in-store inventory there is no wait time. This is a huge advantage these days when everything is wait, wait, wait. I literally chose my marble backsplash and took it home with me. It’s amazing to have immediate gratification when shopping for your project materials.

I’m already excited to see next season’s catalogue! Have you checked out their seasonal inspiration catalogues yet? You can order a free copy or view it online. Either way you’re sure to get plenty of ideas for your next home project. 

modern marble backsplash makeover transformed kitchen

What’s next? Stay tuned for the reveal of my amazing fireplace makeover, with all the details and lots of photos, coming soon to the blog.

Happy Decorating,

Julie & Jodie

beautiful updated new marble backsplash is affordable update to kitchen

Want an Affordable Solution to Kitchen Makeover? New Marble Backsplash
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Want an Affordable Solution to Kitchen Makeover? New Marble Backsplash
Want a beautiful update to your kitchen without huge costs? Do what we did! Add a marble backsplash and see the huge impact it can make!
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  1. Polestar says:

    I like a touch of farmhouse style in your kitchen. Thank you for sharing your experience! I think people immersed in remodeling now will find some ideas for themselves.

  2. Christina says:

    Great idea! I love my kitchen but needs a tiny update. Paint and new backsplash would be perfect!!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Christina, We hope you’re motivated after reading our post. We also hope you have plenty of ideas from our blog. Good luck with your kitchen! Best, Julie & Jodie

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