Amazing Backyard Oasis: How to Easily Achieve on a Little Budget

Want a beautiful backyard oasis, but don’t want to spend a lot? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got stylish design inspiration, money-saving ideas, and budget-friendly sources so you can update your outdoor spaces.

Every year around this time I begin to think about updating my backyard as warner weather approaches. My family loves to move our celebrations outside to begin the season of outdoor living.

Knowing this, it always motivates me to get the backyard patio looking its best.

backyard oasis crated with pops of color from new umbrella and new rug and the perfect table setting

Backyard Oasis To-Do List

This is my to-do checklist that helps me get organized fast:

  1. Look at the condition of outdoor items I own. This includes umbrellas, pillows, lanterns, furniture, rugs. Anything that I will want to use to make my backyard oasis come to life.
  2. I decide what to keep and what needs replacing.
  3. Then I head to to find everything I need. It really is such a convenient one-stop shop. And with free, fast shipping I never worry about additional shipping fees.
  4. has inspiration pages and collections that are designed to work together, making designing your backyard oasis even easier.

The new backyard oasis get just the perfect updates for a fresh new budget makeover

Walmart Partner

This blog post is sponsored by Walmart. We love representing a brand that provides quality style at affordable prices. We have been fans of Walmart Home for years and continue to enjoy shopping both online at and in store. Jodie and I are compensated for our efforts in creating this post. Our convenient shopping links add no additional cost to you. All our opinions are authentically our own, and as always, we hope you enjoy.

backyard oasis includes the perfect dining spot

How to Make “Special” Easy for All Your Celebrations

beautiful white ceramic vase and floral arrangement is the perfect decoration for the perfect celebration

When we have a birthday or holiday celebration one of my favorite places to go is Walmart Marketplace. Everything we need to make an event special we can find here. We really love the fresh prepared food section, from the cakes to the tempting treats, we find it all.

Table filled with snacks and party food for the backyard party celebration

My family used to ask, “Where’d you get this?” when eating different cakes and treats. Now they don’t need to ask. They already know the answer, Walmart Marketplace. 

A backyard celebration isn't complete without a beautiful festive cake

We don’t need to keep it a secret. We are happy to share! If you don’t already shop there, just check online to see where the closest one is to you. You and your family are going to love the selection and value once again. Plus being able to get everything in one stop saves time and makes it super convenient.

Three tiered tray displays beautiful cookies and colorful decorated baked goodsTo make shopping even easier, they offer both curbside pickup and in-store pickup.

create a backyard party with festive treats and delicious treatsSo, you can spend less time shopping and more time making memories.

backyard party is complete with party cake and festive treats

Use Rugs to Create Your Backyard Oasis

Rugs are one of my favorite ways to update patio spaces. 

create backyard oasis with new curtains pillows and rugs in bright greens and tropical prints

  1. They easily define a space.
  2. Rugs make an area feel like an outdoor room.
  3. You can add color & style easily by using a rug.
  4. Rugs add a feeling of comfort.
  5. Rugs complete an outdoor space, just like they complete an indoor room.

bright green umbrella and new tropical rug help create backyard oasis

Walmart has a large selection of outdoor rugs. has rugs of all styles, sizes, and shapes, so you can find just what you’re looking for. I chose two beautiful matching rugs to update my back patio. I chose two different sizes. 

By choosing two of the same style I am creating coordination and cohesion throughout my various spaces on my outdoor space.

Update Your Backyard Oasis with Accessories Starting at $20

Who else is on a budget? Raise your hand. Right? Even if your budget isn’t super tight, we are always looking for value. Why pay more than necessary? Jodie and I feel good about the value we get when we shop at And seriously, the selection has never been better. Pillows, small tables, poofs, outdoor serve ware and more. Whatever you need Walmart has it. That’s why we call it our one-stop shop.

backyard oasis gets update with new accessories and new decor


I can’t think of an easier way to beautifully update my outdoor spaces than by using pillows. The pillows I chose are all color coordinating. They make my “old” furniture look new.

pops of color add new fresh look to existing furniture in outdoor patio

Walmart carries beautiful designs, and Sunbrella fabrics that withstand sun all summer long.

Outdoor Curtains Create a True Backyard Oasis Feel

When Julian arrived home for our outdoor space his reaction was so great. He said, “Whoa! This is like a resort!” I love that kid. I couldn’t have been happier with his response. It’s exactly what I was going for. 

Striped curtains and a pattern rug create beautiful fresh vibe for outdoor seating area

These all-weather outdoor curtains make a dramatic transformation, don’t you think? In just a couple hours we had them all hung. Bianca and I worked together, and we didn’t even need to ask Fred for help. (Proud moment of course.)

Mother-daughter bonding was a wonderful bonus. And I can never get enough of that! So, win-win for sure.

Note: Outdoor curtains come in sets of two panels.

Adding a Colorful Umbrella is Key

Last summer I didn’t have an umbrella over our dining table. That was a mistake.

We had several meals interrupted by rain. It’s also key in hotter areas of course to shield from the sun. But weather conditions aside, I am amazed at what a beautiful difference the umbrella makes in the look of our patio.

Backyard party is perfect place to celebrate birthday together under the new festive umbrella

The green umbrella I just put up adds a powerful pop of color. It makes the table look like a destination.

If creating a backyard oasis is your goal colorful umbrellas are key in both look and function

Outdoor Drinkware Worthy of Your Outdoor Oasis

Serve your guests and family with a touch of style and elegance by using the Nuglass Pineapple Tumblers.

Backyard oasis creates special celebration for family outdoor party

They are perfect for worry-free entertainment. Shatterproof and so elegant, they can actually go in the dishwasher. They won’t crack, craze, or haze even after many times through the dishwasher.

I bought these and just threw away all my cracked, hazy outdoor drinkware. You know what I’m talking about. Honestly, who has time to hand wash plastic? Not me.

These tumblers look like cut glass. In the sunlight they sparkle. These are literally a new level of quality that you would think would cost a lot. But they are so well priced, I couldn’t believe it.

  • BPA Free
  • Shatterproof
  • Clear as glass
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Long-lasting clarity
  • Textured elegant surface
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe, do not microwave
  • The Durable set is ideal for indoor or outdoor everyday use

I mean, come one! These are worth a try. We are loving 🙂

Value, Selection & Quality

Jodie and I honestly love shopping at Walmart, whether it’s in store or online. It comes down to three key reasons, and that’s value, selection, and quality. Walmart has such a great variety of choices, no matter what we’re looking for.

family backyard party with updated pillows and fresh spring decor

We know we can rely on Walmart for value pricing, as well as quality. These factors are so important to us. 

It saves us both time and money when we head to Walmart, so I guess we need to add another reason when we add convenience. That makes four, but who’s counting? I think we are.

jodie & julie

For your shopping convenience here is a recap of the products I used for my backyard oasis budget-friendly update:

updated backyard oasis gives fresh new look on a budget

Amazing Backyard Oasis: How to Easily Achieve on a Little Budget
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Amazing Backyard Oasis: How to Easily Achieve on a Little Budget
It's time to update your backyard oasis for warm weather months. Make "special" easy for all your celebrations. We show you how!
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  1. Portella says:

    Cool ideas! Updating the door that leads to your outdoor space is also a great way to give the area a new look, especially if your existing door is too small, outdated, or unsightly. The right patio door can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your space, both inside and out.

  2. So inspirational! Makes me ready to take on the patio in spite of the Texas heat and monster mosquitos. JK.
    Can you do a demo on how to hang the outdoor curtains? I’ve wanted to do that for years but I’ve been overwhelmed at the thought of the hardware installation.
    Thanks for the lovely article!!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Installing the hardware depends on your materials and unique backyard layout. If you have solid wood like I do you will need to use a power drill and possibly get some help. I will admit that getting these screws in took some muscle, even with the power drill. You have to apply a fair amount of pressure or you risk stripping your screws. On the positive side, once they’re in, they are not going anywhere. If you’re afraid of installation you can easily hire a local handyman. This type of project would be a piece of cake for them. We really love the look of the outdoor curtains, so I would say it’s worth it. All the best, Julie

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