Valentines Day Red Roses: How to Create Loving Gift Arrangements on a Budget

Valentines Day is the perfect time to learn creative floral arranging. Whether you want a unique gift to give or decor for your own home we’ve got plenty of ideas to share. You can use any flowers you want, but we are going to focus on red roses and white roses for these beautiful examples of budget-friendly floral arrangements.

red roses and carnations in vintage tool box make fabulous table display

Of course, you can always go to the store, but it’s much more budget-friendly to create your own. Also, it means so much more to give a gift that you created. Time and effort in a gift mean so much, especially these days.

The best part, you’ll have something you’re proud of. And don’t worry. These projects are not about being perfect.

Red roses are beautiful to begin with. Whatever you create will be beautiful because of your red roses.

long stem red roses are simple classic in vintage enamel bucket

red cottage roses are perfect in unique Valentine tablescape

Red Roses Toolbox Arrangement

Our first arrangement begins by choosing a unique vessel.

This can be just about anything you want.

Your unique vessel is going to add personality to your arrangement. A store-bought floral arrangement usually comes in a generic vase of some kind.

Choosing an unexpected container is step one to creating something one-of-a-kind and something memorable.

So, take your time. Look around your house. And think outside the box (or in this case outside the vase 🙂

Here’s how Jodie made this beautiful arrangement:

  • Jodie used 3 small white ironstone pitchers and created 3 small bouquets of red cottage roses and pink carnations.
  • Next she arranged the 3 pitchers and spaced them evenly inside the toolbox.
  • She added real greenery as well as faux succulents to fill in the gaps and add to the lush look of the arrangement.
  • She also added 2 small white milk bottle vases with red carnations & pink carnations to fill the gaps.
  • Lastly she added one pink wood Valentine heart and one red wood Valentine heart just to add the final touches. These filled gaps and added pops of color lower in the box to balance the color.

How gorgeous does this arrangement look as the centerpiece of Jodie’s tablescape?

Get more ideas for Valentines inspired tablescape ideas here.

three white ironstone pitchers fit inside vintage toolbox to create floral display

rustic toolbox is creative display for Valentine red roses


Here is our Step-by-Step Guide to Long-lasting Red Roses

They key to all floral displays begins before the arranging starts.

In fact, it begins the moment you obtain your red roses.

red roses look classic and elegant on dining room table


  1. Unwrap your roses and put in water as soon as possible.
  2. Keep your roses out of direct sunlight and always in water.
  3. Make sure your vase is clean.
  4. Begin by removing all foliage. You don’t want water or nutrition wasted on the leaves. You want it all to feed the roses themselves. Also, foliage adds bacteria to the water, which shortens the life span of your roses.
  5. Cut your roses to size according to your arrangement needs, minimally 1/2 an inch.
  6. Always use sharp scissors for a precise cut. Cut on an angle which gives more area for the roses to absorb water.
  7. Use slightly warm water in your vase.
  8. Add flower food or a little sugar (2 tablespoons).
  9. Keep them away from heat and in a cool spot.
  10. Change the water every day to keep your roses fresh and happy.
  11. Recut your roses 1 inch every day. Frequent trimming can help your roses last another week.
  12. Keep your roses away from fruits & vegetables. Produce gives off ethylene, a gas that helps them ripen. If too close, the gas can speed up the aging of your roses.

The Perfect Valentines Gift Using White Roses or Red Roses

This gorgeous giftable arrangement is ideal for anyone any time of year. The best part? It’s super easy and nearly foolproof.

Just follow our step-by-step instructions below and you can skip the expensive florist’s arrangements.

white roses in simple vase with red heart ribbon is easy gift idea


Supply List

  1. A dozen (or fewer) red roses or white roses, you choose your color
  2. A short round or square vase (between 4-6 inches in height is ideal)
  3. Ribbon(s) of your choice
  4. Hot glue gun
  1. scissors

red roses in small round vase is inexpensive arrangement for Valentines day

How-to Create our White or Red Rose Arrangement

  1. After following the preparation steps above, cut as follows:
  2. Be sure to cut the height of your rose so that the bottom of your rose bud just touches the edge of the vase. As you can see in our pictures, this creates the perfect look. It also allows the edge of the vase to slightly hold the rose upright.
  3. Next, cut each of the white or red roses to the same height. Measure from top of the rose itself to the bottom of the stem. This takes into consideration that rose buds vary in size.
  4. Fill your vase until the roses are touching and staying straight but not pushing each other out. I used 10 white roses to fill my vase but only 5 red roses. This is a good example of how much roses can vary in size.

Note: Also, as you can see in the photos I cut my white roses a little longer so they had a little more space to spread out. I decided to cut my red roses shorter so they would stand straight up and stay within the sides of the vase. It’s up to you how you want your arrangement to look.

white roses in easy valentines day arrangements

Decorating Your Rose Arrangement

You could of course leave your rose arrangement as is. But it’s fun to add a little something for the occasion.

  • Adding a ribbon is easy and adds a finishing touch.
  • For Valentines Day choose a coordinating ribbon like we did.
  • If it’s a birthday gift, choose a ribbon in the recipient’s favorite color or a birthday ribbon.
  • It’s easy to make your white or red rose arrangement appropriate for any occasion with the ribbon you choose.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Measure the length of ribbon you need and allow just enough for a small overlap.
  2. Cut to size.
  3. Use hot glue to adhere the ribbon to your vase so it doesn’t slip up and down.
  4. Then use a second bit of hot glue to secure it around.
  5. Make sure you make it even and pull it very tight so it looks nice and clean. The whole look of this arrangement is all about clean lines.

Note: Once you stick the ribbon with the hot glue it’s almost impossible to move.

Get creative with the ribbon. Layer more than one ribbon like I did for a different look. Use a pattern ribbon over a solid ribbon; try different ideas.

White roses in vintage ironstone pitcher and small Valentines day arrangement on dining room table

Homemade is Automatically Special

In the age of gift cards and online shopping, creating a gift is wonderful and appreciated to matter what. It is not about perfection. In fact, the imperfections might be the best part.

Show your friends and loved ones you care by spending the time to create something. The effort you make will always be the most important and meaningful gift of all.

Happy Creating! Happy Gifting!

jodie & julie



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White roses make perfect Valentines day gift wrapped with ribbon


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