Do You Want Fantastic Organized Drawers? Our Best Free Advice and Helpful Tools

Clutter is a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it rule yours! Let’s get Organized!

With these easy organizing tips and helpful tools we are going to help you tackle your junkiest drawers all over your house. From the kitchen to the bedroom and everywhere in between this easy step-by-step process will have you clutter free fast.

Our goal in this post is to give you the easy-to-follow process and the right tools so your drawers get decluttered and stay that way. You’ve got this and we’ve got you.

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bamboo drawer dividers which is one of products used to organize drawers

Let’s Start Organizing

To begin with, let’s make a plan and get started, step by step.

  1. Take everything out of the drawer you are organizing. 
  2. When the drawer is empty give it a nice cleaning.
  3. Make piles of like items.
  4. Decide what really belongs in this space. Here is our best organizing article you need to read if you really want to declutter your home.

Before photo of unorganized plastic bag and plastic roll drawer.

After photo of plastic bag products with bamboo organizer.


Plan Your Drawer

  1. Next, once you decide what belongs in the drawer then you can begin to plan its organization.
  2. Note: You might decide that what has been collecting in this drawer doesn’t really serve the best purpose. Just because you find items in a drawer doesn’t mean they belong there. Now is the time to take control.
  3. Measure your drawer and shop for what will best fit the drawer and organize the items you’ve decided work best to be stored in it.
  4. Note: Some drawers are deep. Some are shallow. Therefore, make sure to consider the height of the drawer when choosing your drawer dividers.
  5. If you have a deep drawer, you might make better use using double layer (sliding) storage organizers. In other words, make the most of your drawers including height.

Before photo of utility drawer in total chaotic state.

After photo of utility drawer with bamboo drawer organizers in place and neat, tidy, and functionally beautiful.


We find that all home organization has a domino effect. Sometimes that domino effect is physical because items are displaced, and things are shifting around. The other domino effect happens physiologically. Once we start to organize, we increase our awareness of clutter and disorganization.

What we once took for granted now is glaring and painful! At least that’s what happens with us. Once the organizing begins it has a way of continuing. Go with it! This is a very good thing.

Before photo of silverware drawer shows functionality but lacks beauty in plastic white tray.

After photo of silverware drawer now shows function and beauty united with bamboo drawer dividers in place.

Start Small to Make Big Organizational Changes

We love to start organizing with one junk drawer. It is finite. It has a beginning and an end. You can pause when you’re done, admire your progress, and really let the improvements sink in. This can motivate you to repeat your success with another organized drawer, and another, and another. 

Let’s just say that in our humble opinions drawer organizers are worth their weight in gold. 

They are so worth the investment. If you buy quality drawer dividers your investment will last the test of time. We love bamboo drawer dividers most. They look beautiful with any kitchen decor and will last.

After photo of miscellaneous items organized with bamboo drawer boxes.

Who knows. It may lead you all around your house, tackling one winnable project at a time. Before you know it your house will be clean and tidy and you won’t look back. 


Have a pantry you need to improve? We have our best pantry organizing posts. One to get you started. And another to keep your pantry organized for the long term.


Staying Organized for the Long Haul

Planning is key.  And spend the money on the right drawer organizers for each job and each drawer. These two keys will make all the difference to short term vs. long-term organization.

Invest the time, thought, energy, and money and you are much more likely to stay organized. 

No organizational system is perfect. You are a key factor in whether your spaces stay that way. A good organization system makes it easy to keep up. Keep this in mind as you choose your organizers and what to put where.

After photo of utensils is organized with bamboo boxes shows combination of form and function.

In the end, when things are convenient and make sense, they tend to stand the test of time.

Therefore, be honest with yourself as you make your organizational decisions. If you know something will be too hard for you or your family to maintain you are probably right. Don’t set yourself up for failure just because you think it looks cute. Contrarily, if you absolutely love the look of something it could be the motivating factor to maintain the look. 

Choose drawer dividers that you love and that fit your needs. 

The main thing is to be honest with yourself throughout the organizing process.

When we are our projects are always a success.

Beauty is key to Organized Drawers & Organized Home (Beauty Meets Function)

Finally, aesthetics really does matter. We don’t like the look of clutter. This motivates us to organize. If our organizational tools are ugly or junky or don’t look good, it takes away from our long-term motivation to use them well. In other words, those ugly, cheap organizers are a waste of money if they don’t do the job for the long haul.

In addition we have to talk about how these drawer organization products provide such a huge increase in functionality as well.

Have you ever struggled with the boxed roll dispensers? I think we all have. They get ripped and crushed over time. And they are often difficult to work with.

Have you ever cut your hand on the sharp cutting edge from the boxes? I sure have, and I don’t think I’m alone.

The upgrade to these wrap dispensers was a GAME CHANGER. They work like a dream. I’m literally in heaven every time I use them. I think to myself, wow, I’ve really made it in life! No kidding. They work so well. My only regret is not investing in these sooner. If you know you know.

After photo of organized drawer using bamboo drawer dividers for rolls of various paper and plastic products.

When we invest in beautiful, high-quality organizers they elevate our experience. Their beauty and elegance motivate us.

Motivation to maintain what we’ve organized is everything.

Want additional professional organizing help?

Lastly, let’s discuss more options for you. Sometimes we need to bring in the experts. We love the mother/daughter team of Done and Done Home. Additionally, Jodie and I have read their home organizing book , and we can tell you, it is worth the price of purchase, especially if you can’t afford to hire them to organize for you. Furthermore, it’s quite a steal when you consider they are sharing ALL their secrets at a tiny fraction of the cost to hire them. 

Click on book below to shop.


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Do You Want Fantastic Organized Drawers? Our Best Free Advice and Helpful Tools
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