How to Make Easy Realistic DIY Branches for Spring

   Let’s DIY easy, realistic floral branches to create a wow factor in your home!

Want the drama and beauty of large floral branches but hate the price? Us too! In this post we are going to show you step-by-step how to make fabulous DIY branches for spring at a fraction of the price. No matter the size of what you want to create this recipe for success will apply to all your projects, both today and down the road.

Beautiful spring decor with easy handmade cherry blossom branches

And if you’re thinking of creating an entire DIY faux tree we’ve got you covered in our previous blog post.

Tools and Supplies for DIY Branches

Supplies for realistic cherry blossom branches

  • Branch trimmers

  • Smaller branch clippers (optional)

  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks

  • Cherry blossom faux branches (I used 9 branches, use more or fewer depending on size of your project)

  • Drop cloth

These faux cherry blossoms are part of supplies for DIY project

8 Steps to Create Spring DIY Branches

Step 1: Find your branches.

Cut down a branch or two for DIY spring branch project

After you have gathered the above supplies and tools it’s time to head outside and choose your branch or branches. If you don’t have a perfect tree head out to your local nature path.

Cut one or two branches from to fit the size and shape of the project you want to create.

Finding the perfect branches for DIY spring branches project

Step 2: Remove leaves for DIY branches.

removing fresh leaves from real branches is step 2

Next, strip all the fresh leaves off the branches.

Step 3: Find your Vessel.

Find the vase or vessel you want to use and try out the DIY branches to see how they will look.

This is a good time to shape them and trim them.

If needed, you may want to cut them down to size. Trim them to fit the vase or replace them with different shaped branches now that you see them in the vase.

Step 4: Heat up the glue gun.

supplies laid out for DIY branches

Get your additional supply of glue sticks ready to go.

This is also a great time to get your drop cloth set up.

Step 5: Remove flowers.

removing faux blossoms for DIY branches

Remove cherry blossoms from the faux cherry blossom branches and collect in small bowl.

Get comfy for this step. 

Pay attention to your posture or your back might pay the price.

(I like to have a good tv show during this phase.)

Step 6: Time to glue flowers to your DIY Branches.

Using hot glue to attach faux cherry blossoms to branches

Next up, it’s time to start gluing cherry blossoms onto your DIY branches with your hot glue gun.

You can make them as dense or as sparse as you want. Some cherry blossom branches are full, and some aren’t.

As in nature no two branches are the same. There isn’t one right way to do this.

Just make it look beautiful. And have fun.

Notes of Caution

There isn’t any way to go wrong design-wise, but whenever you’re using a hot glue gun we advise caution.

If you’re not familiar with using a hot glue gun, we recommend reading this article first. It provides great hot glue gun tips and tricks for best practices and safety. 

Try not to melt the plastic flower with the hot glue.

And try even harder to not burn yourself while gluing your DIY branches.

Also, as you will note, there are plastic parts of the flower and silk parts of the flower. Try to add glue to the silk parts and avoid the plastic parts.


DIY spring branches made with faux blossoms and real branches

What do we love most about this DIY project?

  • We love the fact that because we are imitating nature perfection is not the goal. In fact, the opposite is true. If you normally tend toward perfectionism this is one time when resisting perfectionism will definitely be rewarded.
  • Nature is imperfect, so your branches and flower distribution should not be perfect.
  • You can really relax and just have fun.

easy cherry blossom DIY project for spring


  • Is there one type of tree branch that works best for this DIY branch?

What I look for in a branch is one that takes the size of the vase into account. I look for a branch that has some movement and additional smaller stems attached that add interest as well as places to attach more blossoms.

  • What tree branches would you recommend? Are there other flowers that would work for this project?

Another perfect spring blossom that would work perfectly for this type of project is the forsythia, especially if you love yellow!

  • How would you adopt this project for fall?

This project would be perfect for fall. Adding faux fall leaves of various shades of burnt orange or golden yellow would be gorgeous. There are so many beautiful possibilities for fall. I recommend choosing one shape and staying consistent. Choose one color family, either light yellows to golden coppers or light oranges to dark reds.

  • Is there a Christmas variation you can suggest?

Take bare branches and spray them white for the season. Keep them bare to hang lights or ornaments.

  • Would you create DIY branches and make an entire faux tree? If so, how would you do this?

Absolutely. In fact, we have a great blog post on just exactly how to create this project. If you’ve started with this project you’ll have all the confidence (and excitement) you need to tackle a DIY faux tree next. 

realistic DIY branches easy spring decor idea

Happy Creating, Friends!

jodie & julie


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