How to Get Creative with Your Closets & Get Organized

learn  how to get organized & creative with your closets 

Are you short on space? Are you looking for ways to get more from your closets? Get creative to make the most of your closets. Repurpose your closets, get organized, and save space!

closet organized after

We’ve got some great ideas that will help you do all of this and more. With some creativity you can put your closet spaces to work for you and your family. 

This post is going to give you some unique out-of-the-box thinking to repurpose your closets in your home. We’re also going to help you with the step-by-step decluttering process so you can free up some closet spaces.

Make your closets work harder for you! All it takes is a bit of effort and you’ll be amazed with the results. It’s time to clean out what you’re not using and get rid of excess. 

Step one of small closet makeover with door removed.

Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

Jodie and I are part of The Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart Influencer Network. We love representing a brand that provides quality style at affordable prices. We are compensated for our efforts in creating this post. Our convenient shopping links add no additional cost to you. All our opinions are authentically our own, and as always, we hope you enjoy. There are a lot more ideas available from the talented BHG Live Better Influencer Network.

My Bedroom and Closet Situation

My guest bedroom had always felt cramped. Whenever guests came to stay all it took was the addition of a suitcase on the ground and suddenly there was no space to move around in. The closet had always served as an overflow space for unused clothes and unwanted decor, but it was always a mess. The closet doors didn’t close easily and were always stuck. I couldn’t find anything in the closet and even stopped trying to find things. It was “inactive storage”. 

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Closet makeover with curtains and cube organizers is pretty and functional

Main Closet Problems

  • Difficult accessibility – closet doors only gave access to partial closet area at a time. Hard to reach the center section of the closet at any time.
  • Lack of organization – Hanging clothes storage was the only main function of the closet. Top shelf was hard to reach and unorganized. Open floor storage ended up as a dark and difficult place to pile unwanted items.

unorganized closets before shot

My Specific Goals for this Project

  1. Organize the space.
  2. Declutter and get rid of unused clothes and decor.
  3. Create a usable storage area to easily access everything.
  4. Open up the space to give the room more of a feeling of spaciousness.
  5. Find a solution to the broken sliding doors.
  6. Retain some of the hanging clothes space for seasonal clothes.
  7. Provide a flexible hanging area for guests to use when they visited.
  8. Create a visually organized and aesthetic look.

Closet Organizing Challenges

  1. Price – Most closet organizing options are very costly. I didn’t have a budget to afford a custom closet or even pre-fabricated closet systems.
  2. DIY or Built-in solutions – I don’t have carpentry skills of my own, nor do I own many power tools to be able to create even the simplest built-in shelving options. Maybe some day!
  3. Beauty – Even with my storage, organization, and accessibility goals as priorities, it had to be aesthetic and beautiful.

Two Powerful Decisions that Made this Closet Remodel Work

  1. Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart cube organizers. My go-to resource for solving home challenges is Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. They always have the right solutions at the right price. I have made over so many rooms in my house thanks to the awesome selection of space-solving, problem-solving solutions in the Better Homes & Gardens collection available exclusively at Walmart.
  2. Making curtains to frame the space. Another go-to solution of mine is using drop cloth curtains to frame a space. I’ve used them to frame a doorway and almost all the windows in my home. So when I looked at this closet opening it hit me: Drop cloth curtain time! Be sure to check out our step-by-step tutorial to make your own drop cloth curtains.

closets reorganization midway through project

My Step-by-step Process 

    1. Take down the doors. This was simple enough and we were able to save the doors for other projects I have planned. 
      1. Doors have value in and of themselves and can easily be sold on Facebook Marketplace or other on-line marketplace.
      2. Reuse and repurpose them for other projects. Use as a base for a built-in homemade desk or sliding barn door. 
    2. Clean everything out, go through clothes and decor and donate items. Areas in your home that are hidden from sight often become dumping grounds for unused and unwanted items. Read our best advice for step-by-step decluttering process that really works.
    3. Find an organizing solution:  Better Homes & Gardens Cube organizers are affordable and endlessly flexible in size, shape and configuration. These cube organizers replaced the need for building shelves and also allowed for a flexibility in case my storage needs change in the future.
    4. Hang DIY Drop Cloth Curtains to hide the clothes and create a frame for the space. These take minutes to make, are very inexpensive and their neutral color go with any decor style. Check out our easy how-to to make your own. Not only do the curtains frame the space and create a polished, aesthetic look, they also function to hide the clothes hanging on both sides of the closet.

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Creative Ideas to Repurpose a Closet

  • Do you have a closet that is a “drop zone” for unwanted and unused items in your house?
  • A closet that you dread looking through?
  • One that feels like wasted space?
  • A closet where you can never find anything?
  • Why not give it a creative makeover and finally put the space to good use?

finished closet makeover with organization cubes and curtains

Think Outside the Box

Forget your traditional ideas of what closets are for. Let’s expand our thinking and start to embrace the full potential of closet spaces. 

Here are some more ideas of what you might be able to do with a closet that is currently not living up to its potential. This is just a start of the possibilities. Because once your mind is open, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Create a space for an extra bed.
  2. The perfect spot for a changing table and all your baby supplies.
  3. Keep baby close – Put a small crib in your master bedroom closet.
  4. Working at home? A closet is a great place for an extra work area & desk.
  5. What about a play area for your toddler?
  6. Create a small fort or reading nook.
  7. It’s the perfect spot for a bar area.
  8. How about a built-in bench and storage area/mudroom alternative?

The Final Results

finished no door closet makeover organization using cube organizers and curtains

Friends, honestly there is nothing that feels better than tackling a project like this. My room is bigger. The entire space is opened up and more aesthetically pleasing. My load is lighter. I literally feel a weight lifted off of me. All the clutter is gone.

I know what I own and where to find everything. I donated a lot of wonderful items that will find happy homes. The room is prettier and more open. I can’t wait to have guests now.

The closet went from a bit of an embarrassment to a focal point that adds to the room. With the doors removed the closet space actually extends the size of the room, and the closet cube organizers look and feel more like furniture that’s part of the room! 

It’s no surprise that my home solutions for this project came from Better Homes & Gardens collection available exclusively at Walmart. Julie and I rely on the style, function, value, and affordability of their products time and time again. And we are always happy with the results.

What spaces can you make over? We hope you’re inspired and motivated to tackle your biggest closet issues. 

Happy Organizing,

jodie & julie


how to get creative with your closets & get organized

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How to Get Creative with Your Closets & Get Organized
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How to Get Creative with Your Closets & Get Organized
Creative ideas to make the most of your closets to optimize, organize & declutter your home. Step-by-step closet transformation.
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  1. jjdesigntwins says:

    Mine don’t close completely, but that was not my goal. If you wanted them to close completely all you would need to do is create longer rods that meet or go the full length.

  2. Maria Isabel says:

    I love this idea. I hanged my curtains from the railing left from the ever bothersome doors. I use hanging hooks from my shower curtains. I’m trying your method in my next closet. Thank you.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Maria, We love it. We hope you try out our method and you love it as much as we do! Thanks for stopping by. Plus we love hearing from you. Best, Jodie & Julie

  3. My large bedroom closet doors are exactly like the closet doors shown in the before pic. The doors have been off the track since I moved here 5 years ago, plus, they’re solid wood and I have a shoulder injury so I can’t push them open. Today I had my super come up and he agreed to do what you have in your after picture here! I just love it! If there’s room in my closet after the curtain goes up, I’m going to do some white cubes or a small white shelf unit for the middle area or on just one side. What a great idea. It will be like a new bedroom when I’m done!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Oh Wow! We are really excited to hear that this project was a perfect fit for you! Thanks for letting us know. All the best, Julie & Jodie

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