How to Make Easy DIY Floral Pumpkin Vase for Spectacular Centerpiece

Want to create an amazing centerpiece that will wow your guests? Here is the easy step-by-step tutorial for a gorgeous DIY floral pumpkin vase.

dramatic floral bouquet inside a pumpkin


You know how much I love decorating with flowers! Well, to make a fall-themed floral project I decided to combine a fall favorite too!

Why not combine flowers AND pumpkins in one? I’m so excited to share with you this simple and stunning combination!

This post is part of a blog hop so be sure to scroll to the bottom where you’ll find lots of creative ideas for more fun pumpkin crafts.

Gather Supplies for Pumpkin DIY Centerpiece

First things first. It’s time to gather your supplies.

  • Pumpkins
  • Flowers
  • Carving tools: sharp knife or electric knife (optional)

  • Vase: glass vessel to hold your flowers, sized to your pumpkin

  • Floral scissors

  • Vintage cutting boards (optional)

  • Floral preservative

supplies you need for seasonal pumpkin vase centerpiece include cut flowers


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Should I Use Real or Faux Pumpkins?

I used real.

You can also choose to use faux.

They require a similar amount of work.

Faux last longer but require storage.

In this post we detail how to create a pumpkin vase using real pumpkins.

seasonal centerpiece with pumpkin vase and roses

Decorating using Pumpkins

We’ve all seen pumpkins used as planters. It’s been the trend for a few years.

I love pumpkins filled with succulents. We’ve loved showcasing them in our fall decorating for several years.

We also have an easy DIY fall pumpkin post here.

pink and coral roses and hydrangeas inside a pumpkin vase create dramatic centerpiece


How to Use a Pumpkin as a Floral Vase

I had never tried this project before, but it was surprisingly easy.

The hardest part is carving the pumpkin. And it’s not that hard.

Trace the glass vase around the top of pumpkin to mark where to carve

Everything looks better on a stage. For example, place your pumpkin display on a vintage cutting board for added beauty like the ones we found below. Lovely and versatile. Click to shop.

5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Pumpkin Vase

  • Step 1. Turn your vase container upside down to draw a circle on the top of your pumpkin.
  • Step 2. Carve out the top circle from your pumpkin.

show the traced edge of the vase to care the pumpkin on top

  • Step 3. Fit your vase inside your cutout in the top of your pumpkin.

place a vase inside the pumpkin to use as floral vase

  • Step 4. Fill your vase with water and floral preservative.
  • Step 5. Fill your vase with cut flowers just like you would any normal flower arrangement. I used hydrangeas and pink and coral roses.

Step by step creating the pumpkin floral arrangement with roses

And voila! Instant floral masterpiece! 

Now it’s time to step back, admire your creation and of course capture with some photos.

floral bouquet using pumpkin as a vase displays roses and hydrangeas beautifully


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Modern Pumpkin Vase Options

We hope this post gets you thinking outside the box. Using a pumpkin as a vase is such a fun, creative way to make vases for roses or peonies or any flowers for various occasions. 

  • use small pumpkins for vases for roses
  • use one mini pumpkin as a vase for a rose at each place setting
  • create a row of mini pumpkins used as vases for roses, set along a table centerpiece or on a fireplace mantel

Add beauty to your displays with these gorgeous natural dried gourds.

cinderella pumpkin used as a vase holds pink and coral roses and hydrangeas

Special Occasions or Everyday

These floral arrangements are perfect for a variety of uses.

  • centerpieces for parties, fall through Thanksgiving
  • Halloween decorating
  • centerpieces for weddings
  • seasonal decor for your home

Best Tips for Preserving Cut Flowers

Make your floral arrangements last longer with these best practices.

  1. Trim your flowers about at least 2 inches at an angle.
  2. Remove any leaves below the water line.
  3. If possible, keep in refrigerator overnight to prolong life.
  4. Change water out every couple of days.
  5. Add 1/4 cup of lemon-lime soda to your fresh water. This is a proven method to prolong life.

floral pumpkin vase with pink and coral roses and table set with crystal glasses

Make everyday occasions wonderful with creative ideas like these. Enjoy!

jodie & julie

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Thirteen Fabulous easy and fun Pumpkin crafts
How to Make Easy DIY Floral Pumpkin Vase for Spectacular Centerpiece
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How to Make Easy DIY Floral Pumpkin Vase for Spectacular Centerpiece
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