Quality Bedroom Furniture for Lasting Beauty and Better Health

live your best life with quality bedroom furniture 

Learn how to make over your bedroom with quality bedroom furniture for better sleep and lasting beauty. The right choices make all the difference.

stunning sleigh bed in master bedroom with chandelier above

If there is one piece of furniture in your home that is worth investing in top quality, it’s your bed. Not only is it the focal point of your bedroom regarding beauty and aesthetics, but it is also where we spend almost half our lives. A high-quality bed and mattress can make a huge difference in our sleep. Our sleep greatly impacts our overall health. No matter what your age getting quality sleep is imperative to a healthy productive life. Also, a top-quality mattress is key to good sleep and spinal health. I hope sharing my recent bedroom furniture makeover will help you with your bedroom updates.

Jodie and I have been fans of Arhaus since the first day we wandered into one of their beautiful showrooms at our favorite shopping destination, Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek. Since that day we’ve been dreaming of owning their products. Jodie recently redid her entire dining room, making her dream a reality.

And now it was my turn. My dream of a new bedroom came true with my new furniture from Arhaus.

This post is sponsored by Arhaus. All opinions are our own.

elegant master bedroom with quality furniture

Our Bedroom Furniture Story

Many of my followers asked me why I replaced my beautiful 4-poster bed. The 4-poster bed created a lovely look in our master bedroom. It had a unique style. But what they didn’t realize is that the bed had a number of issues, which we put up with for years. The main problem was the size. We purchased it in Singapore 23 years ago. It was a European King size bed, which is four inches narrower than a regular California King size bed. This meant that when we left Singapore, we no longer had access to European king size mattresses or sheets.

This meant that our mattresses had to be custom made. The availability of custom sized mattresses was extremely limited. We ended up paying a lot for the custom sizing. We didn’t have much control over the quality of the mattress. Eventually our sleep and comfort were compromised with this bed.

elegant sleigh bed, quality furniture for better sleep

Quality Bedroom Furniture Means Better Health

With regard to health, no other piece of furniture is more important than your bed. A quality bed and quality mattress affect your sleep and your spine healthy. Quality sleep is essential to good health. Back support and spine health affect every system in your body.

A high-quality mattress supports your back and spine and maintains a neutral position, no matter what position you sleep in, back, side, or stomach.

A high-quality mattress lasts much longer than a sub-par mattress, making the investment in a high quality mattress a sensible and smart purchase.

My new mattress from Arhaus is the best mattress I’ve ever experienced. Fred agrees. Each day we wake up amazed at the difference. We are sleeping much more soundly. We used to toss and turn. Neither of us could sleep on our sides without pain. With our new mattress we are supported and comforted in any position. 

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Arhaus Builds Amazing Mattresses

before bedding on quality sleigh bed

As with all Arhaus products, quality craftsmanship is number one. Arhaus masterfully builds the finest quality mattresses in their production facility in New York. They employ the finest materials and sleep technology to craft unsurpassed quality products made to last.

Arhaus partners with a family-owned American mattress maker, where each and every Retreat mattress is handcrafted, one-at-a-time.

The Retreat Eurotop mattress is generously padded with six inches of comfort foam.

Their high-quality mattress support systems feature individually wrapped, heat-tempered coils to minimize motion transfer. Center coils combined with quantum-edge coils provide edge-to-edge sink-into support for extra comfort and less back and joint pain.


Investment in Quality Bedroom Furniture is an Investment in Health

Investing in a high-quality bed and mattress is an investment in your health and wellbeing. Besides the beauty it adds to your home, a bed goes beyond beauty. 

Fred and I didn’t even realize how much we were compromising our sleep and our health with our old mattress. I think it’s quite common to become used to a mattress. We don’t even realize better sleep is possible. 

I know for us we assumed other issues being the cause of morning aches and pains. We also assumed there were other causes for why we weren’t sleeping as well as we used to. I wish we had realized that our mattress was the cause. If we had known, we would have made this improvement long ago.

There are of course many factors to improving your sleep, and it’s vital to do all we can to get regular, quality sleep.

Fred and I both agree that our bedroom makeover has been nothing short of life altering. Beauty is appreciated and loved. But health is everything. And we can’t believe the difference better sleep can make.

quality bedroom furniture in master bedroom


Our Sleigh Bed is the Finest Bedroom Furniture

The bed I chose is called the Pearson Storage Sleigh Bed. This bed has many options. It comes in five different finishes. Choices of finish to best match your room, London Fog, Basa Natrual (my choice), Bastian Brown, and Ebony. The Pearson also comes with or without storage drawers.

I highly recommend the storage drawers. What a dream come true to have 4 huge storage drawers added to my room. Who can agree with me when I say storage is priceless? It really is. These huge drawers are amazing. Absolute luxury to have such convenient additional storage.

beautiful sleigh bed with bench

Style, Style & More Style

I know I could talk all day about the amazing quality of this furniture, but I can’t forget to mention the incredible style. The Pearson bed is a virtual chameleon of style. It can blend seamlessly between high style, elegance, and old world charm and modern farmhouse, understated modern decor, or even rustic styling. With its broad, sweeping clean lines the Pearson bed could look at home in nearly any architecture or style.

And for a decorator like me who loves to change things up, I know my Pearson bed will always look right at home.

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Buying Bedroom Furniture that Works Together

It makes a big difference when your furniture is meant to work together. 

For example, choosing the mattress and box spring with the bed ensured the most perfect fit. Each item is fabricated to work exactly. The bed, the box spring, and the mattress, all a perfect seamless ensemble.

Another example is the Pearson night stands. There is a left stand and a right stand. They are designed to perfectly suit the Pearson sleigh bed. The height of the side tables exactly matches the height provided by the bed. Also, the storage drawers open fully because the side tables are designed to exact precision.

Of course, it’s beautiful to see the exact shades of wood and finish matching perfectly with the complete set. The ensemble between the two nightstands and bed creates a gorgeous serene bedroom landscape.

stunning sleigh bed with purple wallpaper accent behind

Lighting is the Crowning Touch

Adding a chandelier to our bedroom restyle was the jewel on top. Literally. The dripping crystals added elegance, sparkle, and drama to the entire room. This chandelier, called the Viticcio Round Chandelier provides elegance, old-world style, and a touch of whimsy to the room.


As Arhaus beautifully describes the piece, 

“Like freshly fallen rain on draped garden vines, our Viticcio Chandelier is hand-moulded by Italian artisans from solid iron. Floral flourishes are elegantly accentuated by a hand-applied silver finish, and hand-strung crystals dangle to scatter drops of light around your space.”

This chandelier is a true piece of art to light up your space and make it uniquely magical.

bedroom transformation with luxury bedroom furniture

Shop Confidently for Bedroom Furniture at Arhaus 

Whether you’re shopping your local Arhaus showroom or from the convenience of your own home, shopping Arhaus is easy and enjoyable. Their showroom staff is always kind and helpful. Jodie and I always love visiting their stores.

But since I live in Seattle it’s not always convenient for me to shop in store. This is why I love their online design consultants. They are there to answer questions, give advice and really help you work through your choices. That way you get the benefit of all their knowledge in the design field. They also really understand the details of their products. 

Working with a design consultant takes the questions and indecisions out of the process. You can just enjoy being in great hands. I loved working with my design consultant. She helped confirm my ideas and made me all the more confident with my selections.

jodie & julie


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Quality Bedroom Furniture for Lasting Beauty and Better Health
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Quality Bedroom Furniture for Lasting Beauty and Better Health
How to make over your bedroom with quality bedroom furniture for better sleep and lasting beauty. The right choices make all the difference.
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  1. Natalie Welch says:

    Such a beautiful bedroom!
    Love the wallpaper, new bedroom furniture and the gorgeous chandelier! It all tied together beautifully!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      We so appreciate the kind comment on this blog post. It means the world to us. Thank you for all the love. We love how this room turned out as well!
      Lots of love,
      Jodie & Julie

  2. Lynn Smart says:

    Your bedroom turned out marvelous, darling.
    It was nice to read that, you too had to wait! Normalizes things for us followers. I’m curious if the bench seat came from Arhaus or if you scooped it up somewhere else. Keep on making us feel confident in our decorating.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Well we love to hear from you and are so happy you love the makeover. The bench was “scooped up” at a local boutique years ago. I wish I had a dollar for every sweet follower who wanted it, but I always feel badly disappointing people that I don’t have a source. Yes, sometimes us influencers/bloggers are quite spoiled…the benefits of what we do 🙂 We also work super hard and sometimes aren’t paid like normal jobs haha. We get paid “in kind” often. Anyway, we are so glad you’re here and you’re growing in your decorating confidence as a result. Blessings, Julie & Jodie

  3. Debbie says:

    Love the new bedroom makeover. Arhaus is a favorite! I am interested in a source for the “Be Still My Soul” sign above the bed. Would you be able to share please ?

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Debbie, Thank you for your kind reply. Yes, Arhaus is an incredible resource! I feel so blessed now to own some of their exquisite pieces. The signs are semi-custom. Here is the link: http://ohsweetskye.com?aff=10
      When you get to the site head to signs, Home Collection, then Timeless Collection.

  4. Brenda says:

    Beautiful bedroom!

  5. JoAnn says:

    Just beautiful!! I loved your old bedroom but this really is the perfect update! Crazy question? What color is your wall to wall carpet? Is it a light beige or is it closer to an off white? It’s hard to tell in the pictures?

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi JoAnn, The carpet is hard to describe. It is darker than beige even. It is somewhere in between beige and brown. I don’t actually like it at all. When we can afford to, we will be replacing it. This is why I cover it as much as possible with rugs 🙂 I’m so glad that you love the bedroom update. Blessings, Jodie & Julie

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