Top 11 Tips to Create Viral Instagram Reels

how to create Instagram reels that go viral 

What does it take to make viral Instagram reels? This post gives our top tips to turn ho-hum, average reels into viral Instagram reels that are total gamechangers for your account and your brand.

Once you’ve figured out the how-to’s of creating Instagram reels, the next thing you need to figure out is how to use this powerful feature to create Instagram success. How do you make reels that wow Instagram and bring new eyes to your content and new followers to your feed? How do you make your reels go viral? 

create viral instagram reels

Viral Instagram Reels Tip #1: No Watermarks

Instagram revealed in a post that it will deprioritize content visibly repurposed from other apps. This means that any content created elsewhere (i.e., TikTok) you will want to remove watermarks or logos. If not, your reel will be less discoverable.

How do you remove watermarks? There are several free online tools available:


Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover


Tip #2: Instagram Reels Need to Capture Attention

The speed of your Reel is important. People’s attention spans are super short. If you don’t grab their interest almost immediately you’ve lost your chance. They’re gone. So, the pace of your reel is important. Jump straight into the action. 

Entertaining is the top priority for all reels. Even if your reel is showing or teaching, you need to do in a way that entertains. This is where your creativity as a content creator comes into play.

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Viral Instagram Reel Tip #3: Add Surprise

You don’t have to give it all away in the first few seconds.

Make your audience wonder.

Make them curious.

Write a title that says “wait for it” or “watch for the end” so they are encouraged to keep watching.

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Tip #4:  Successful Reels Keep Up the Pace

To keep audience attention your reel has to have a certain speed, action.

Music is a big part of making your audience feel the movement and speed of your content.

This doesn’t mean you need to move the camera fast. It does mean you need to avoid lulls in action, and make sure that the pace of what you’re showing, teaching, or revealing fast enough to not lose your audience’s interest.

Reels are pure action. Every second has purpose. 


Viral Instagram Reels Tip #5:  Humor & Personality

Nothing entertains like personality. What do we mean? It means make it your own. Add your own stamp onto your content.

  • What makes your brand unique?
  • What makes your brand you?
  • Do you have a signature look, a signature laugh?
  • What is the essence of your brand?
  • Are you all about colors?
  • Are you always keeping it real? 

Even if humor isn’t your forte you can have fun with your reels.

It can be subtle.

It can be crazy.

Keep it on brand.

Make sure to bring YOU to the reel. Now’s the time to let your brand personality shine.


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Tip #6: High Quality Vertical Video

Instagram also revealed that high quality video will be prioritized.

So, make sure your videos aren’t blurry. Create video that is in focus, clear, quality high-resolution.

Be sure your video fills the full screen, so vertical format only.

Don’t use horizontal video or any video that isn’t formatted correctly, i.e., no blurred or blacked-out borders.


Viral Instagram Reels Tip #7: Show Transformation

People love to see something transformed.

They love to witness change, evolution, progress. 

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 Tip #8:  Teach in Instagram Reels

Got something to teach? Use Instagram reels to show people how to do something. This is a great opportunity. People will watch and re-watch your reels to get the hang of learning something. 

The power of visual is a strong teacher.

People can get it into their heads by watching multiple times, helping your reel go viral.

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Tip #9: Jump on a Trend in Reels

To go viral jump on the latest Instagram Reel trends. How do you do this? Stay active on Instagram watching reels. Watch the reels Instagram shows on the explore page. The Explore page is where they show top trending reels. Get ideas for your next reel by seeing popular formats, ideas and music. 

Always keep an eye out for the latest topics and trends. Brainstorm how your own content might adapt to fit inside the hot trends. Think creatively and have fun with the trends.


Tip #10: Viral Instagram Reels Use Music Powerfully

Similar to TikTok, Instagram lists trending music at the top to choose from. By adding trending music, you can be found by more people loving and following the trending music.

Instagram also offers the option to search content by trending music, opening up your content to a new, wider audience via your music choices.

The bottom line: Don’t underestimate the power of the music.

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Instagram Reels Tip #11:  Video over Photos

A series of photos is not nearly as powerful as active video. The power of reels is in the video action format. You can maybe use one before photo. But don’t rely on a series of photos to create a powerful reel. It won’t be competitive. That means it won’t go viral, and it won’t help your brand grow.


Instagram is Investing in Reels

It’s obvious that Instagram is prioritizing reels. Reels are being given visual top billing on feeds. They take up more real estate on the Explore page, and the Reels tab is front and center now on everyone’s home page. Reels aren’t just here to stay; they are leading the content charge. The sooner your brand adapts the better your chances to excel. Use these top tips to take your Reels game to the next level.


Make Success a Priority

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Jodie and I have been teaching and coaching clients how to build Instagram success for years. Many past students are now successful influencers and have grown their brands beyond their wildest imaginations. We can do the same for you. 

It’s time to invest in yourself and your goals!

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Top 11 Tips to Create Viral Instagram Reels
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Top 11 Tips to Create Viral Instagram Reels
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  1. Julia says:

    This post is great! Such useful tips. I’m finding it hard to create Reels that generate lots of views. I’m more of a static posts fan so this is a challenge! I will keep this post around to create my next Reels! 🙂

    Julia x
    Last Post: 50+ Photography Ideas For An Engaging, Creative Instagram Feed/Blog! 📸

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Julia,
      Nice to hear from you. We totally get it. Video is definitely a challenge for many of us, especially if we feel particularly comfortable in another area, i.e. photography. But wade in, keep practicing, and focus on improving. Have fun evolving and getting better. Good luck, Julie & Jodie

  2. I’ve never seen this type of explanation for Instagram reels. Just Great. These are really hidden secrets. Thanks for sharing ‘The Design Twins’.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Thank you so much for your generous reply. We work hard to create thorough and informative posts. So it means a lot to hear your appreciation. Best of luck! ~ Jodie & Julie

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    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Carrie, No you don’t need to subscribe to anything to get access to music. Different accounts have different access to different music. And it changes over time. Seems like creator accounts generally have access to more music options than business accounts. But that is a generalization. Thanks for the message, Julie

  5. Harshil says:

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