How to Easily Decorate an Elegant Dining Room

How to transform your dining room into an elegant destination

Decorating your dining room doesn’t have to be hard. In this post we are going to show you how to create an elegant dining room and give you helpful ideas to create elegance in your home.

elegant round dining room table with forest wallpaper Christmas trees and poinsettia centerpiece

This post is sponsored by one of our favorite home decor resources, Arhaus. While this post is sponsored, all opinions are our own.

The Dining Room Takes Center Stage 

One room that takes center in many celebrations is the dining room. Why? Because food and holiday meals are always at the core of holiday traditions. Whether it is an intimate family gathering or a Christmas party, all eyes are on the main event:  the holiday meal. I decided it was time to update my dining room. I have worked to update almost every room of my home over the past few years. However, I had skipped my dining room. I dreamt of creating an intimate and elegant change.

gorgeous dining room with forest mural pink poinsettia centerpiece crystal chandelier and grey upholstered chairs


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Rectangular vs. Round Table

You might assume that a rectangular table would be the best fit for a rectangular room.
gorgeous dining room with forest mural pink poinsettia centerpiece crystal chandelier and grey upholstered chairs
I had an average size dining table in a rectangular dining room. It was open to the foyer and the great room. It felt like a spacious room.
  • So why did it feel like the table was so squeezed in there?
  • When I walked around the room why was it so hard to get around the table?
  • When the chairs were pulled out why was everyone tripping over each other?
I just never understood it. The table came with extensions. We never could even think about using those. And I dreamed of having a bigger table. It was very narrow and didn’t allow for anything elaborate in the center. It just felt like the whole room was a compromise on space.
gorgeous dining room with forest mural pink poinsettia centerpiece crystal chandelier and grey upholstered chairs

Then came the idea of a round table.

  • But would a round table even fit in the room?
  • I did the measurements.
  • It was shocking.
  • The room was closer to a square than I had realized.
  • A round table would fit perfectly.

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How Do You Create an Intimate Dining Room?

If you want to add a level of intimacy to your entertaining and all your gatherings do what I did: 

Choose a round dining table instead of a rectangular one. 

As I contemplated my new dining room, I realized that changing my table from the traditional rectangle to a round would make a huge style statement.

  • First, it creates a brand-new look.
  • Second, it allows for everyone at the table to face each other.
  • This round shape invites more group conversation and less separation from one end of the table to the other.
  • A round table directs all the shapes in the room. It creates a wonderful focus in the room. 
  • A round table has no corners.
  • It makes it easier to walk around the room and gives more space.
  • A round table creates better flow to a room.

natural poinsettias in a vintage silver urn as a centerpiece with vintage ornaments and crystal glasses

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How to Decorate A Round Dining Room Table

Leaving behind the traditional rectangular dining table means leaving behind traditional decor.

What to leave behind:

  • table runner
  • square chargers (not ideal)
  • square or rectangular placemats

What to use:

  • round centerpiece
  • round or oval placemats
  • tablecloths
  • round chargers

holiday ornament centerpiece


The Inspiration Behind My Dining Room

I love the mountains and the outdoors. I also love beautiful things. When I started considering some of the beautiful items at Arhaus, I tried to imagine how they would fit into my very casual home. After some brainstorming I came up with how to blend Arhaus luxurious style with my own style.

  • One way that I was able to “ground” or balance a very luxurious chandelier was by pairing it with the very simple and rustic Asolo black wood table. 
  • The Elisa chairs are a soft middle ground that help round off any hard edges between these two pieces. The chairs simply invite comfort and style into the room.
  • The Amelie Dressing Mirror was another perfect addition. The room is always searching for more light. The mirror multiplies the glow of the chandelier and greatly enhances light and sparkle in the room.

I had a clear vision for the wall mural:  to be sitting in a forest under the chandelier. I wanted everyone to feel as relaxed as they would be if they were eating under the stars.

My goal was to create a room that is inviting and intimate, luxurious yet welcoming and relaxing without any pretense or formality.

elegant floral dining table centerpiece

How I Created My Tablescape

My tablescape marries two styles and creates a balance between natural elements and luxury details.

The Centerpiece:

  1. To create height and draw the eye up to the chandelier, I used a dramatic vintage silver urn. The vintage style echoes the antique finish of my chandelier and mirror.
  2. I filled the urn with autumn-colored poinsettias for a soft and naturally festive look.
  3. Around the base of the urn I displayed my collection of vintage glass ornaments. They are arranged in an ombre rainbow of pastels, from silvery blues and greens to pinks and violets.
  4. All of this I placed on a luxuriously soft grey sheepskin rug.
  5. Each place setting is created with an evergreen placemat, a wood-looking charger, and a vintage pewter plate, topped with a glittery pinecone.

place setting detail with evergreen placemat wood charger pewter plate and glitter pinecone


elegant glassware and plate settings


Design Principles to Create an Elegant Home

You can create an elegant look in your dining room or any room with a less is more approach.

  • Choose your decor carefully.
  • An elegant space is usually minimalistic, with each piece of decor carefully chosen.
  • Select a theme so there is an ease and a flow.
  • Use symmetry to create balance.

faux Christmas trees add warmth and festive decor

  • Fill your space with classic, quality pieces.
  • Clean lines create an elegant look.
  • Strategic accessories make every item count.
  • Make a style statement with lighting.
  • Less is more. Clutter is the opposite of elegant design.

Explore Arhaus and shop by clicking the photos below.

holiday dining room decor is extra festive with backdrop of forest wall mural and twinkling Christmas trees

How to Transform Decor from Farmhouse Traditional to Modern Elegance

My dining room was traditional with elements of farmhouse style. This room has looked similar for many years. I was ready for a whole new look.

Where would I find the furniture pieces to transform my dining room?

I was looking for a style statement, but at the same time I wanted pieces that had timeless elegance. I needed quality that would last throughout our lives. With these priorities in mind, my shopping destination was clear. I was going to Arhaus.

On one of my many visits to the fabulous Arhaus store I found a dining table and chandelier that brought a vision to life that had me dreaming of a new dining room. The dreams turned into reality this fall, and it has transformed my entire house. 

natural elements like wood table and evergreen placemats contrast with elegant crystal chandelier and glasses

Updating My Dining Room Updated My Whole House

My dining room is open to the rest of my house. It is visible the moment we step in through the front door

We pass it coming and going to and from the great room and kitchen. We see it from the great room.

So even when we aren’t actively using our dining room, the beauty of this room affects our entire home.

The view has changed our home and is a dream come true.

elegant and comfortable seating destinations

How to Create a Stunning New Dining Room

These days more than ever our homes are our worlds. Our homes are the backdrops to our family moments and family memories. The beauty and elegance of the holidays adds joy to our lives. Festive celebrations come to life when our homes reflect the beauty of the season.

If you want a new look in your dining room this Christmas, you have some choices:

  1. You can change the decor.
  2. You can change the furniture.
  3. Or you can change both.

intimate festive dining room experience created with twinkling Christmas tree lights, poinsettias and crystal chandelier

Elements of Change: My Dining Room Furniture

  • When creating an elegant space, less is often more.
  • What you choose is as important as what you leave out.
  • The focus is on quality, high-style pieces that make a statement on their own.
  • Elegance is created when pieces are allowed room to breathe and space to shine.

That’s why I knew Arhaus was the place to go. Their quality, stand-alone furniture and accessories speak beautifully without shouting. Arhaus aesthetic is strong style with lasting elegance, nothing trendy that will be short-lived.

My Table: The Asolo Table

What initially drew me to the Asolo table is the simple elegant silhouette of the pedestal from the side view.  From the silhouette to the finish this table is simply stunning.

elegant dining room makeover with crystal chandelier and black pedestal table by The Design Twins

The story of my dining table is told better than I can on

“Our enchanting Asolo Dining Collection is meticulously brought to life by artisans perched among the lush mountains of Northern Italy. Using time-honored techniques, these craftsmen construct every Asolo piece from solid wood, imparting an elegant Old World aesthetic. Striking details are artfully hand-sculpted, and dramatic multi-tonal patinas are hand-painted with rich tones. Asolo’s antiqued finishes are carefully distressed for a naturally aged appearance and protected to sustain their beauty for ages.”

Click the photo below to shop.

My Chairs:  Choose your Dining Room Chairs Carefully

The next decision was chairs. I took my time and imagined the silhouette.

When choosing yours, here are aspects to consider in order to make the right choice for you and your family.

comfortable and elegant dining room seating in luxurious soft velvet upholstered grey

Ask yourself:

  • Will kids be eating at this table?
  • Are stains a worry?
  • How important is comfort?
  • How many people do you need to seat?

With over 75 choices, Arhaus is an incredible resource no matter what your style. I fell in love with several different styles among the many gorgeous options from Arhaus. I finally settled on the Elisa chair in Colomba Grey. Even the Elisa chair comes in six different upholstery colors to choose from so get ready to be happy!! There are so many colors for every palette.

These chairs are gorgeous silhouettes. The quality is impeccable. Once again, I love the story of this chair as told by Arhaus.

Click the photo below to shop.

“Our Elisa Dining Chair features a romantic, feminine aesthetic that will complement any formal or casual dining space. Solid beech and birch-wood frames are handcrafted by Italian artisans and reinforced to ensure years of reliable comfort. Plush seats and gracefully sloped backrests are generously upholstered and highlighted by elegant contrast welting. And, hand-finished legs are carefully crafted, combining several layers of paint and artful distressing to replicate a naturally weathered appearance.”

The Chandelier:  Lighting is the Jewelry to Add Sparkle to Your Dining Room

natural dining room decor with elegant crystal chandelier and greenery

Lighting is the final touch, the permanent jewelry that adds sparkle to your room.

I chose the Claudette 12-light Chandelier. I love the juxtaposition of old-world elegance with the rustic backdrop.

Arhaus again has so many unique and stunning choices.

They are a resource for anyone looking to update any room.

Arhaus has over 230 lighting choices so you can find the perfect lighting to express your unique style and light your space beautifully. Click the photo below to shop now.


wreath with rust colored satin ribbon layered over a mirror reflecting sparkle of Christmas tree lights

The Mirror:  Choosing the Mirror

This was the easiest decision of all. I wanted something to fill the space above my buffet. The Amelie Dresser Mirror fit the space and style perfectly.  It has the same antique silver finish and elegance of the chandelier that I chose. It has the look of a family heirloom passed down for generations. I can imagine passing it down to my children and their families years from now.

elegant dining room buffet with elegant mirror and mini Christmas tree in a basket


antique detailed mirror with holiday wreath reflecting beautiful festive dining room

Click the photo below to shop this exact mirror.

The Amelie mirror is also available in several different sizes. Shop the Amelie floor mirrors below.

Arhaus is a Real Resource

elegant dining room table with vintage silver vase filled with poinsettias crystal chandelier and misty forest backdrop

If you need any help, Arhaus also provides complimentary design help.

  • Design experts are on hand at all their beautiful showrooms across the country.
  • Free design experts are available online, via chat, email, phone, or in person.
  • They are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient.

They helped answer the questions I had very quickly. Even if you just need a second opinion, they are there to assist. I found myself looking for excuses to chat with them because they helped me in unexpected ways each time I reached out.

Arhaus helped me turn my dreams into reality, and they will be delighted to help you do the same. 

Happy Holidays!

jodie & julie 
Natural elements mixed with crystal makes an elegant holiday table

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