How to Easily Create a More Marvelous Mini Christmas Tree Tabletop Display

We love this Christmas craft project so much. We’re sure it is destined to be an all-time favorite. This mini Christmas tree craft is fast, easy, and creates swoon-worthy trees that make you look like a master crafter. Plus, this project is inexpensive and fun. What could be better? We say, grab your kids or a group of your besties and make it a craft night you won’t forget.

table top Christmas trees displayed over bed of evergreens

Mini Christmas Tree Supply List

  • paper mache  or Styrofoam cones in various sizes
  • yarns of choice. We chose Mambo yarn, faux fur yarn and “big stitch” 25mm yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors 

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two different size and different color mambo mini Christmas trees and one large thick yarn tree in front of Christmas lights


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Types of Yarn to Try

Each yarn you choose will determine the look of your mini Christmas Tree. Variety is the spice of life here. Choose yarns with different colors, textures, and styles for added interest and fun. We look for unique, thicker yarns to create the best-looking mini Christmas tree.

If you’re creating a collection or “forest” choose a color scheme in advance.

Here are our suggestions:

  • mambo yarn

mambo yarn in three colors and cardboard cones in three sizes in front of Christmas tree

  • faux fur yarn

faux fur yarn in different shades and paper mache cones are supplies needed for mini Christmas tree project

  • Big Stitch 25mm yarn 

extra this yarn in off white color and cones is supply for mini tree project

thick yarn makes a perfect mini tree placed in front of Christmas tree

Basic Step-by-Step How to Create your Mini Christmas Tree

  1. Put a drop of hot glue at the top of the cone to secure the beginning of your yarn.

first step of mini Christmas tree project is to add hot glue to tip of cone

  1. Press and hold until slightly cooled and secure.

Press and hold yarn on hot glue to secure onto tip of cone to start

  1. Wind the yarn around the tree leaving no gaps.

wrap paper mache cone with mambo yarn

  1. When you come to the end place a bead of hot glue around the bottom rim of the cone to hold the yarn in place.

add a bead of hot glue to edge of mini tree cone

  1. At the very end secure the very end to the cone with another drop of hot glue.
  2. Press and hold until secure.
  3. Trim the yarn.

trim excess yarn with scissors when done wrapping cone with yarn

Variations on the Mini Christmas Tree Process Based on Yarn Choice

mini Christmas trees made from paper mache cones and different types of yarn

Mini Christmas Tree Faux Fur Yarn Option

This yarn can easily slip and slide up the cone so you will want to add additional hot glue to attach the yarn at frequent intervals as you wrap the yarn around. There is no magic number but maybe every 2-4 times around it’s a good idea to secure again with a dab of hot glue. This should ensure that your faux fur stays securely in place.

first step in making mini trees is to press yarn onto hot glue dot at tip of cone

For the Mambo yarn:

Because the Mambo yarn is kind of flat and has a pattern to it you want to decide how you want the pattern to look ahead of time. There isn’t one “right” way to do it.

  • Choose to twist the yarn: This will give your tree a wavy more organic look. This is kind of cool and funky. 
  • Choose to lay the yarn flat without any twisting: This will give your tree a very uniform look with all the stripes of the mambo pattern all going in the same direction. 
  • For the very end you will want to follow the same instructions but in addition tuck the end back into the wrapped piece of yarn just above the end and secure with hot glue.

last step in creating mini Christmas tree with mambo yarn is tucking end of yarn behind last row above

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Display Ideas for Your Mini Christmas Tree Collection

Once you’ve created your trees comes part two: creating your display. There are many options for displaying your trees. You can use one, two or more in vignettes around your home. They can add the perfect touch to just about any display.

Another idea is to create a mini Christmas tree forest. To create a forest, you’ll want to have five or more trees. We like to decorate in odd numbers as a rule, but it’s not entirely essential. 

Some decorating tips to creating a beautiful forest display:

  • Define your “stage”. This could be an entire console table. But if you are using just part of a table top it’s important to define the space. You can use any type of tray, box, or container. 

Mini Christmas trees in different sizes made from different types of yarn with lights of Christmas tree behind

Add interest to the forest floor. Some ideas are:

    • faux snow
    • faux fur pelt
    • peppermint pieces
    • moss
    • evergreen, real or faux

Mini Christmas trees made of different types of yarn displayed on coffee table

  • Add a variety of heights. Your trees should be different sizes, but you can accentuate differences or create height differences by using items to put under your trees.
    • books,
    • pieces of wood,
    • coasters,
    • overturned bowls,
    • small cake stands,
    • candle holders,
    • cupcake stands,
    • whatever I can get my hands on that give me the desired height, add to the overall look (or at least don’t subtract), and will give me the desired heights.

mini tree forest in front of fireplace and Christmas tree

  • Add other forest elements. Think about what else is found in the forest, and use your imagination. Here are some ideas of what to add to your mini Christmas tree forest:
    • animal figurines like deer
    • snowmen
    • pinecones
    • nutcrackers 
    • Christmas ornaments
  • Use your imagination to create your display. There is no right or wrong. Here’s your chance to have fun.

More Yarn Projects for You and Your Friends

There’s something relaxing about working with yarn, don’t you think? It’s soft and soothing. There’s also something special about working with our hands. If you are looking for more great projects to try, we recommend our favorite, which is arm knitting. We got hooked on arm knitting the very first time we tried it.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s relaxing and a lot of fun. It’s the perfect craft or hobby to start with a buddy or a group of friends. You can get together, work on your projects, share the joy of creation, all while visiting and enjoying each other.

The process is a lot of fun, but even better, you can create lasting gorgeous chunky knit blankets that you’ll love.

We have not one but two very complete blog posts all about arm knitting, complete with resources, savings code, and access to videos. Our posts will give you everything you need to get started and more.

Mini Christmas tree craft display in front of Christmas tree

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Mini Christmas Tree Craft Night

Grab your besties for this one. We love the idea of using this mini Christmas tree craft for a fun craft night. No one likes a craft night when they are working the whole time or stressed out about learning or finishing in time.

Here’s why we love this as a craft night project:

  1. This project is fast and easy.
  2. Everyone can make these, so no one is left behind.
  3. Because they are pretty much fool proof, you can talk and visit easily while creating your mini Christmas trees.
  4. Since they are fast, you’ll have plenty of time to interact, eat, and make it a party!

Gather your friends and celebrate the holiday season together as you create this fun Christmas craft.

Happy Crafting, Sweet Friends!

jodie & julie
beautiful yarn mini Christmas trees are so easy to make and are perfect table top Christmas display
How to Easily Create a More Marvelous Mini Christmas Tree Tabletop Display
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How to Easily Create a More Marvelous Mini Christmas Tree Tabletop Display
Fast and easy mini Christmas tree craft your whole family will love. Create an entire display, give as gifts, perfect craft night idea!
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  1. Cary Caines says:

    jThis is a great idea! I am going to make some of these trees after Christmas for friends and family for 2022. Your instructions are very helpful, and I love that you show pictures. Can’t wait to do this craft.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      We’re so glad you love this craft idea. We had so much fun making these and know you will too! Keep in touch and let us know how they turn out. Merry Christmas, Jodie & Julie

  2. Place a Christmas tree in the entryway or at the bottom of a stairwell. Decorate an entryway or staircase with a tiny tree or trees. Small trees placed or clustered in an entryway or along a stairway provide decoration to the space your guests perceive when they enter.

  3. We made these a few years ago using styrofoam cones but I just love the mambo yarn! Sharing in our weekly round-up tonight.

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