How to Make the Most of a Small Patio Space

how to transform a small outdoor patio space on a budget 

Hey Friends! Welcome back to our blog. If you are new here, we are Jodie and Julie, The Design Twins. We are so glad you’ve made it to our blog. Have you ever wanted to decorate your small patio space and not known how to make the best use of the space? You might live in an apartment with minimal outdoor space, or simply have a small balcony off a room in your home. We put together our best tips to make the most of any small patio space all on a budget. We’ll show you how easy it is to make the space look straight out of a magazine, even while shopping on budget. All you need is a few staple pieces and accents to really bring the space to life. 


small outdoor patio with modern farmhouse decorBetter Homes & Gardens at Walmart

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Stay at Home: Making the Most of our Homes

Never before have our homes mattered so much. While we ride out this pandemic it’s more important than ever that we create spaces where we can relax and unwind. It’s time to make the most of every inch of our homes, inside and out.  

My entire family is home because of the stay-at-home order. Many of us find ourselves in similar situations. I know I’m not alone with a surprise return of my college-age son. Fred and I are working from home, as we know many people are. This means more people at home and the importance of space is increased.

before of a small patio transformation


We love our extra time together. But we also all need space to live, work, play, both together and individually.

Now that the spring and summer months are upon us, we plan to spend lots of quality time outside. It’s the perfect time to take full advantage of all our outdoor spaces. 

Outside my son’s room there is an upstairs patio. This small, private patio was going completely unused. It was just so uninviting. 

It hasn’t been a priority in the past, but now I could see the real need and the potential of this space. I envisioned this being a space for privacy as well as a space we can could come together, relax, play games and maybe even enjoy a nice meal together.

Once the stay-at-home orders are lifted it will be a great additional space for the boys to enjoy with their friends without traipsing up and down through the house to enjoy some fresh air.

budget-friendly small outdoor patio makeover

Small Patio on a Budget

When shopping for your patio decor on a budget:

  • make a budget before shopping
  • choose pieces that are versatile and easily styled
  • repurpose decor items from your home
  • try a DIY project or two (we have many budget-friendly DIY projects perfect for your small patio makeover)

You seriously can’t beat the prices of the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart.

This is why Jodie and I love the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart. Everything is so stylish and affordable. We end up saving so much money by shopping their collection.

We also love the time-saving option and ease of shopping online. And online shopping is more necessary than ever right now, since going to the store isn’t the safest option. You can have all your patio furniture and accessories delivered straight to your front door. How awesome is that?

dad lounging on our new outdoor patio space

Creating a Multi-Purpose, Functional Space

When designing a space, you want it to function for multiple purposes. You want the space to adapt to different needs, guests and functions. Here are some helpful tips: 

  • Choose furniture that can be used for multiple occasions/functions.
  • Choose furniture that is easily moved (non-permanent).
  • Use a mobile bar cart for easy access to drinks/food.

father and sons enjoying their new small patio space

How to Make Small Patio Look Bigger

You don’t want your “small patio” to feel small, right? So, don’t over clutter the space with large furniture. Choose a few key items that fit the space and accessorize with decor to enhance those pieces. 

  • Make use of corners and surfaces as much as possible.
  • Potted plants make perfect additions to corners.
  • Think vertical by adding hanging plants and string lights.
  • Add a privacy screen and/or chandelier.
  • Consider adding curtains to create added privacy and vertical space.
  • Add enough seating so the space feels like a destination where family members can gather and socialize.
    • This makes it feel like a truly functional space.
  • Less is more. Stick to minimalistic decor to make the space feel roomier.

modern farmhouse patio decor transforms small patio

How to Decorate Small Patio Area

Our small patio is right off my son Julian’s room, so he and his friends utilize it to hang out and socialize. But for now, it’s going to be a place for my family to connect and relax in the evenings. We already have a rather roomy outdoor patio downstairs, but this is fun because it’s another outdoor destination that isn’t the backyard.

It’s fun to make use of spaces in and around your home that you don’t regularly use. It’s like your rediscovering your home in a new way. And with the right selection of furniture and decor, you won’t ever want to leave. This is especially important right now as we spend more and more time at home. 

shop Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart for budget-friendly patio decor

How to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life

If you are living in an apartment, your patio may be your only outdoor space. If this is the case, you want to really make use of the space and create an outdoor oasis.

The best way to do this is by:

  • adding lush greenery (hanging or standing)
  • choosing a variety of plants to make the space feel more diverse and unique
  • adding a wall garden with shelving and potted plants

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Tips for How to Choose Patio Furniture

  1. Since you are working with such a small space, you want to make use of every part of the patio but not overcrowd the space either. It’s all about finding balance.
  2. Before you buy a piece of furniture for you small patio, make sure it won’t be too large for the space. You should measure your space and check the size measurements of the furniture you are considering BEFORE making your purchase.
  3. Plan your small patio layout. It’s a good idea to sketch your layout design.
  4. Try placing furniture and seating along edges of the patio, making room in the middle for a coffee table and rug. Make sure you have enough floor space that you can still easily move around the patio and get from place to place.
  5. Choose furniture that is easily moved so you can experiment with the layout a bit. Bonus if each piece of furniture has multiple functions, like a floor ottoman can be used as extra seating or as a foot rest.
  6. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around once you place it on the patio. Remember, nothing is permanent so have fun with it!

I chose 2 metal farmhouse benches from the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart. These benches are the main framework around which the entire space is created. They provide plenty of seating. They are solid, weather proof, and waterproof, essential for our Seattle climate.

BHG live better patio furniture on a budget

Small Patio Makeover Ideas: Step by Step

If your small patio needs a major face lift like mine did, it’s best to start from scratch. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Remove all existing furniture and decor from the space.
  • Clean everything and power wash, sweep and/or vacuum.
  • Start with a nice large outdoor area rug, which adds an extra level of coziness.
  • A rug makes your outdoor space feel like an outdoor room. It defines your space as well.
  • Make sure to purchase an outdoor rug that is weatherproof if you live in a rainy climate.
  • Next, place your furniture pieces.
  • Finish with all your accessories, like plants, pillows, trays, lanterns, etc.
  • If your patio area isn’t covered, you will want to purchase waterproof chair cushions, so they don’t get ruined over time.
  • I opted out of chair cushions all together and purchased power-coated benches ready for the rain.
  • I added pillows instead. These can easily be moved in when it rains. Also, they are less expensive to replace.

small outdoor patio with modern farmhouse decor

Patio Accessories

I had so much fun picking out my patio accessories from the Better Homes & Gardens collection available exclusively from Walmart.

Here’s what I found:

  • Metal modern farmhouse style benches
    • waterproof & weatherproof
    • very sturdy
    • Great for small spaces
    • match modern farmhouse style of Julian’s room


  • White ceramic planter stand
    • use indoors or out 
    • perfectly showcase one of my favorite style statement plants, the snake plant.
    • sturdy
    • waterproof ceramic
    • modern style


  • Black and white patterned throw pillow
    • adds comfort & coziness
    • stylish


  • Gray striped rug
    • ready for the rain
    • great price 
    • adds the ideal amount of pattern and texture to the space
    • makes the space feel so much larger than it is


  • Black lanterns
    • great for indoors and outdoors
    • come in 3 sizes
    • very versatile
    • style is modern farmhouse
    • style matches the benches
    • neutral look 


  • Woven side table (part of a 3-piece set)

my family hanging out on our newly decorated small patio

Budget-Friendly Tip: Shop Your Home

  • I also went shopping in my own collection of decor.
  • This is always a useful hack when working with a tight budget.
  • I actually think it’s a smart hack no matter what your budget. This way you don’t accumulate more decor than you need.
  • I already owned these white ceramic tables, woven ottoman, and white and gold throw.

How to Create a Cozy Feel to Your Outdoor Space

Want a cozy look?

  • Add layers with pillows, throws, an ottoman.
  • Layer several rugs on top of each other.
  • Layers add dimension, all while making the space feel extra cozy and stylish. 
  • Also, since it is an extension of the interior the patio style should mimic the interior of the home.
  • Add cozy ambiance with candles.
  • The right amount of lighting can make your space feel even bigger. 
  • Add some outdoor string lights to create ambiance and mood lighting.
  • Decorate with stylish lanterns from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.
  • You can fill your lanterns with faux candles, real candles, or fairy lights.

our newly renovated small patio looks amazing


Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces

This makeover was important because I wanted my boys to have a space of their own to retreat to. When we are all at home, I think it’s important for everyone to have their own space to relax in. This patio is far away from the main living spaces, so it’s perfect for them to have a private outdoor area.

Plus, this patio was in need of some major cleaning after all the rainy spring and winter months. I feel great just getting it clean and functional. The fact that it’s now everyone’s favorite place to hang out is a major coup 🙂

It feels great to make use of all our space. It’s like rediscovering our home in a new way. We’ve added a new room to our house that everyone loves and we did it with a tiny budget! This is especially important right now since we are staying home to stay safe.

With a few tips and the right shopping resources you can do the same.

We hope you found these budget-friendly small patio makeover tips helpful and are excited to start your own patio projects. Leave us a comment if you enjoyed or want to share your makeover story with us. Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you decide to post your patio makeover. We’d love to see your finished results.

Happy decorating and stay safe, Friends!

jodie & julie

Shop more Better Homes & Gardens products at Walmart that I have in my backyard.


Small patio modern farmhouse budget makeover


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  1. Bobbi says:

    What a Great space for your family to hang out and enjoy! I’m sure your boys will make good use of it when their friends come over!
    they may never want to leave!

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  3. I would like to have a patio built in her house, and that is why I’ve decided to start looking for a ready-mix concrete service. Thank you for sharing here as well that this may help increase the property’s value. I also agree with you that it would be a great idea to invest in outdoor furniture too.

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