Unlock 6 Secret iPhone Camera Features

learn how to take photos like a pro: secret IPhone camera features revealed

Want to take better pictures with your iPhone? Learn secret iPhone camera features no one ever told you about that will turn your photos from good to great!

It seems crazy that we all have these expensive iPhones with awesome cameras and we really have no idea the potential they hold. Why do only a few professionals know how to use them? Well, I am here to change that. Through research I have discovered these six hidden iPhone camera features. I can’t wait to share them with you. Firstly, they are very easy to start using right away. Secondly, they exist on all the iPhones, not just the latest versions. It’s time for us all to start taking better pictures.

iphone camera features revealed

Note: If you are not an iPhone user scroll to the bottom where I share two breakthrough tips that will help EVERYONE take better photos.

How to Get the Most out of Your iPhone Camera Features

Photography is a challenging art. It combines technical savvy with artistic creativity. Our answer to meeting the challenges of photography is to continually be students of the art. We share more of our latest photography tips in 10 Powerful Ways to Up Your Photography Game. These tips will help anyone looking to improve their photography results.

Here are 6 secret iPhone camera features that are the key to unlock your best photography.

1. Swipe to Open

This one some of you may know already. This can be crucial when taking action shots or capturing unexpected moments. The time it takes to open the regular way by entering your passcode you may have missed the shot. Touch the home button to “wake up” your phone. Then grab the “camera grabber” icon at the very bottom and slide it up. It will open directly to your camera (skipping the verification step).

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On my iPhone 7 doing this brings me to another screen where I have an option to choose the camera icon in the bottom right corner. If you are shooting home decor (like I am) this one isn’t a game changer. For spontaneous captures and all sports/action photography this really is vital.

2. Tap Focus and Set Exposure

Here’s the biggie! To manually tell your camera where to focus tap the screen. How did I not know this? This is very important. By tapping the screen and telling your camera where to focus you can control what is in focus (which will be what you care about). Now that you have set where to focus you can also adjust the exposure manually by sliding your finger up or down on the screen.

Pro Tip: When in doubt go slightly darker because in the after editing you can always lighten. But you cannot bring back details lost by overexposing because the shot will not have that stored information. Hopefully that makes sense.

unlock iphone camera features

3. Lock Focus and Exposure

Let’s go deeper into your iPhone camera features. Now you’ve spent some time setting the focus and exposure. But as soon as you take that one photo those settings disappear, and your camera goes back to no setting. You might want to take one or two (or 30) more photos of this shot. You do not want to have to repeat this every time.

So set your focus and exposure to lock itself. When you tap the photo to begin the process instead of releasing it simply hold it for a couple seconds and the text will appear at the top “AE/AF LOCK”. When you are done, simply tap the screen again to unlock.


4. Take HDR Photos

Here is one of the most powerful of your iPhone camera features. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Confession: I would see this on my photos from time to time and I had zero idea what it meant. I didn’t even know how it got on there. I’m so happy to be enlightened now, and to share this in case you too have been in the dark.

HDR allows you to properly expose your photos so that both the highlights (lighter areas) and the shadows (darker areas) are properly exposed. This is especially helpful when you are taking landscape photos, but it also is sometimes very helpful when you have a room with a lot of light in one area and dark in another area.

Your iPhone will automatically have HDR set to Auto. You can change this to On. At the top of your camera screen is a bar where you have the flash option, HDR, live option, timer option, and filter option. Hit HDR and select ON.

You will want to set your camera to save both the HDR version and non HDR version so you can compare and choose which is best. In your phone go to SETTINGS, then PHOTO & CAMERA, at the bottom under HDR select “Keep Normal Photo”. Then your phone will save two of the same photos. It does a two-shot burst to capture the best lighting.

5. Burst Mode

5th on the list of powerful iPhone camera features is the burst mode. If you are taking home decor photos as I am you will not be as excited about the burst mode as sports photographers are, but it’s still good to be aware of. Burst is very useful for moving subjects. Tap and hold your finger down on the shutter button and you will create a burst of photos, which is a collection of rapid-fire photos. It is great when you are trying to get the timing right. This takes the guess work out of when to push down the shutter.

Then, at the top of the burst gallery, you can select the best ones and discard the rest. This way your photo gallery doesn’t fill up with your burst photos.

6. Take Photos with Your Volume Button

Did you know you that among your iPhone camera features is a versatile way to take your photos? You can actually take photos with your volume button on the side of your phone. When you are trying to get level with a surface or just need to hold your phone like a camera it can come in handy to have this spot to take the picture. Sometimes the center of the screen isn’t easily accessible.

Find more lessons regarding iPhone camera features and techniques of iPhone photography.


Two important tips that can greatly improve your iPhone Photography:

1. Use a Tripod with an iPhone Camera Attachment

We don’t realize how much our hands and bodies move when we take a picture. Nor do we realize that this is causing our pictures to be less sharp than they should be. You really can’t hold the phone completely steady. This is why I’ve started to use a tripod.  It takes an extra minute or two to adjust but it is worth it when you see the clarity. This set is only $17 and comes with a case and a blue tooth remote control so you don’t have to even touch the camera to take your shot.

Just click on the photo below to purchase. This is an affiliate link that helps us pay for our blog. Thank you.
Great phone tripod for photography with blue tooth remote

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Should You Buy a DSLR?

Trying decide whether or not to invest in a DSLR camera? In Camera Phone vs. DSLR: Pros and Cons we thoroughly and objectively address everything you should consider before you spend your hard-earned money.

2. Camera Lights

Use camera lights to get the correct lighting on dark days or in darker spaces. Jodie and I took a couple video and photography courses recently at the blogging conference, Build Your Blog Conference in Salt Lake City. Every photographer mentioned the essential use of lights. We had been waiting around for sunny days, and even then, there were places in our homes we couldn’t adequately capture due to shadows and not enough light.

Professionals don’t wait around for light. We thought these lights were hundreds of dollars, even thousands (and the best are). Well, we found a complete set of 3 lights (with 2 umbrellas) and carrying case for under $55! We were so excited. This is the exact set recommended by our teachers at the conference and the exact one Jodie and I both purchased and are thrilled to have.

Just click on the photo below to purchase (at the same place, for the same price we did.) This is an affiliate link that helps us pay for our blog. Thank you.
Inexpensive portable light set for better photography

Powerful iPhone Camera Features

With the quality of the camera we already own in our iPhones we don’t need to be using a fancy DSLR camera. If we take full advantage of all the iPhone camera features, we can be taking stellar photos. Who’s excited now?

Just as with a DSLR camera or any camera you use, the technology is only useful if you know how to use it. In manual mode the iPhone is limited. But with this added knowledge you will be able to take your photography to the next level with just a few easy-to-learn adjustments.

My best advice is to begin using these six iPhone camera features immediately. Once you incorporate them into your daily photography you will have no problem remembering them. They will soon become second nature.

Want to learn about four more iPhone Camera features?

Click on the box below for FREE bonus materials just for you.

Ready for more? Read our blog post about the best APPS to use for photo editing and more.

Happy Shooting!


jodie & julie

iphone camera features revealed

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Unlock 6 Secret iPhone Camera Features
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Unlock 6 Secret iPhone Camera Features
Want to take better pictures with your iPhone? 6 secret iPhone camera features no one ever told you about that will turn your photos from good to great!
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      Shirley, Good Morning and welcome to our blog! We are so glad you are here. I bought the new iphone7 for the same reasons. But without knowing these tips and having this information my pictures were still not where I wanted them to be. These features have unlocked the potential of the camera and they are so easy to use. I’m thrilled to share them with everyone because they are really making a difference. Jodie and I are continually learning and are excited to share the best of what we learn with you all. We hope you have signed up and will join us on this journey of discovery. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

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      Hi Rebekah, Honestly every room, every set up is completely different. This is what I do. I look at the room or the space…sometimes I take a photo. See where the darkness is. See where the shadows are. Bring in the lights and play around with 1, 2, or 3, depending. You don’t want too much light so it looks all unnatural. You don’t want them too low or too high casting weird shadows. One time I had my son hold one because it needed to be higher but usually I have no problem with them on their stands. Sorry to say there’s no formula. But they really aren’t hard. I’ve found working with them to be easy. Good luck & happy shooting! XO ~ Julie & Jodie

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      Janette, Yes, how exciting! Jodie and I LOVE learning new things. And we’ve found we love sharing the new things we learn EVEN MORE! If that’s possible. We truly have found our calling with this blog, so it brings us great joy to have you here coming along with us on this journey. 31 days of giveaways…we hope you will come back all 31 days for all your chances to win something fun. But in the process we hope you will enjoy your time here and that it will benefit you far more than the original gift πŸ™‚ Your friends, Julie & Jodie

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      We are so excited that you learned something new from this post! Julie and I are both novices with photography so we get equally excited every time we find something that will improve our pictures! And you have definitely come to the right spot because every time we make a personal improvement in this area our first instinct is to share it with YOU!

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    March Madness day 2!!!????????????????

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Tammy, I wish I could hug you! Your comment is so darling…your sweet and fun personality just shines right through! We LOVE your enthusiasm and zest for life. I want to bottle some “Tammy” for later πŸ™‚ Cannot even tell you how joyful we are to have you coming to our blog and enjoying our posts. We are just getting stated…seriously, like hold onto your hat, Girlfriend, because we are taking you along with us on a wonderful journey! With love and friendship, Julie & Jodie

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      Wow Raquel, your words alone could make my day miraculous! I feel like I could stop right there and be joyful for the day! You touched me with your kindness! We feel your sincerity and really, it makes it all worthwhile. We don’t yet make any money on our blog…one day we probably will, but right now I feel like we get paid in love…I mean it…like your comment just now is my reward and it is enough right there. We truly hope you will continue to join us regularly…heck if you came every day for the 31 days of March Madness we’d be best friends by the time April 1st came around hee hee! With love AND friendship, Julie & Jodie

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      Hi Sharon, thank you for your kind reply. Welcome to our blog. We are thrilled that you are here. Every day a new chance to win…we hope you will take advantage all month long and in the process that you learn, grow, get ideas and motivation, and become inspired. Heck, by the end of the month we should all be BESTIES! What better gift is there than that? With love & gratitude, Julie & Jodie

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      Connie, You are a cutie pie…I have a great desire to meet you! You are a light in my days, even among so many blessed and lovely people you shine brightly and make my heart truly smile. Thank you for the gift of you. Many blessings, Julie & Jodie

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      Stephanie, I feel you! Mine’s tucked away in a cabinet. Jodie is determined that we learn to use it, so this summer when we are together we might combine all our powers (twin powers) and attempt to tackle it again. On my own I have given up. EEK. Thank you Stephanie, for joining us on our blog. We hope you find reason to return regularly. With love, Julie & Jodie

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      Bobbi, It makes our day to hear. It takes time to read and to really digest new information. It’s a great idea to read something twice so you can learn and implement what we share. Excited you were committed and in the end that commitment worked πŸ™‚ XO ~ Julie & Jodie

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