Meet The Design Twins in Waco Instagram Retreat

Meet Us at Our Waco Instagram Retreat!


Waco Instagram Retreat


Have you heard our latest exciting news? Jodie and I are hosting a very unique event…The Design Twins’ first ever, in fact. We are calling it: The Gathering:  An intimate Instagram Retreat and Workshop. It will be held Sunday, Oct 14th – Tuesday, Oct 17th just outside Waco, TX on a private 30-acres estate. There will be 48 tickets sold. Tickets will go on sale July 1st. We are announcing it now so you have to time to check your calendars, talk to your IG besties and prepare. Head HERE to read more details about our Waco Instagram Retreat, including costs and what is included.

Our Why

You might be wondering why we decided to create this event. Jodie and I have been helping people grow on Instagram for several years. This help has come mainly in the form of blog posts. We have also enjoyed helping people privately offering personalized Instagram consulting. We always really love getting to know our clients. By the end of our hour-long phone call we usually have a hard time saying goodbye because we have made a new friend.

We Want to Meet You!

We have been working on developing an online course for over six months. Recently we taught a class at Snap Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. We loved meeting and teaching people in person so much that we began to think about ways that we could meet people and teach in person. It is so powerful and personally rewarding to connect with people. We know we can reach many people online, but we are craving the in-person connection.

Waco Instagram Retreat

Of course choosing a place to have it was easy! Visiting Waco and the Silos has been on our bucket list for way too long. Then we found a venue that is perfect in every way for what we envision for our event (and it just happens to be across the street from Chip and Joanna’s farm!) The intimate size is exactly what we wanted in order to create a bonding environment of friendship and support. We want to have time to meet and talk with every individual. We will be learning, growing, and inspiring each other. When we leave we will all be part of a unique and bonded tribe of women on this journey together.

A Few Notes

  1. We have made it as affordable as possible. We don’t want cost to be a barrier.
  2. 48 people is not a lot of people. But if this is successful and half as much fun as we predict it will be we will be doing it again!
  3. Do not be discouraged if you can’t make this one, but please let us know so we can keep you informed of future events.
  4. This venue is double/triple occupancy only. It is a women-only event. It is all about friendship and bonding. If you don’t want to make friends (and share a room) this event may not be for you. All we can say is #1 –  we literally cannot WAIT to meet you and #2 – GET EXCITED!

Waco Instagram Retreat



Welcome to another week of Friday Friends Parade!  Every week we love this more! Why? Because we absolutely love seeing your posts and also the chance to SHOWCASE your talents!!

This is our weekly link up party hosted by Julie & Jodie and our two besties, Janine Happy Happy Nesterand Ashley Modern Glam Home.  It’s a fun opportunity to share Crafts, Decor, DIY and Recipes!

Join us each week Friday am – Wednesday pm to explore new talent and if you’re a blogger, share your own favorite projects by linking up at the bottom.  Each week we feature our favorites from last week’s parade!  Be sure to check out Last Week’s Friday Friends Parade Linky Party for wonderful decor, garden, craft & recipe inspiration.

Friday Friends Parade  is a forum for encouragement and sharing.  It’s a place to be inspired, meet new friends, and show off your projects and posts! We are so excited to see what you’ve got for us this week!  ENJOY!


Waco Instagram Retreat


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budget farmhouse kitchen

5 Tips To Creating a Farmhouse Kitchen

Not everyone can afford a complete kitchen remodel. Jodie and I are included in this group. And we know we are not alone. Desiree of Camelot Art Creations has some awesome solutions to this common dilemma! She has turned her builder-grade, no charm kitchen into a delightful farmhouse kitchen full of style! Best of all, she’s done it all on a dime. Her tips will enlighten and inspire your own kitchen updates. You’re gonna LOVE this!


Waco Instagram Retreat


Jodie and I are SO EXCITED to be hosting our first-ever Instagram retreat in Waco, TX October 14th-17th. Visit our INFORMATION PAGE to get all the details and learn how to get your tickets. We can’t wait to meet!


Ashley’s Feature

Vintage Bucket

DIY Vintage Bucket

Wait until you see how easy this fun DIY project is! Michelle from Thistle Key Lane shared how to create an Antique Zinc Finish and the result is so beautiful! I can’t wait to try this out. I think I am going to use her tutorial and create an ice bucket for outdoor entertaining!


DIY Antique Bucket

Speaking of outdoor entertaining, this week I shared Patio Decorating Ideas: 7 Simple Summer Updates. I hope this post gives you some easy and simple ideas of how you can update your outdoor space for the summer months!


Janine’s Feature

Willow Street Interiors is my feature for this week. Laura’s fresh summer decor has me inspired to paint my master bedroom. Make sure to check out her gorgeous bedroom.



Summer throws are sometimes needed on chilly summer nights. I have collected my favorite lightweight throws just for you. This collection has both neutral and pastel colors perfect for any home. Shop my throws in this blog post. #homedecor #summerthrows #blankets #shopblankets #shopesummerthrows #lightweightthrows

My family and I are now dining most nights outdoors since the weather is warm. But, now and then we will have a chilly evening, and that is when I bring out our lightweight blankets. This week I’ve rounded up my favorite lightweight throws for you. These blankets are easy summer decor that is essential for summer nights. Happy Shopping.


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  1. Wow! That sounds like so much fun. I’ve been wanting to put together a meet and greet of some kind but you’ve made this such a valuable retreat. I hope it’s a smashing success!

  2. Juliet says:

    Wow … this sounds so exciting! My first thought was I want to get in line for a spot .., my second thought was i’m Probably not the type of account you intend for this event … and my third though was to check my calendar and I don’t think it’s possible. But I know it will be a huge success and I’ll be excitedly awaiting an announcement of the next gathering date. The venue looks and sounds amazing … and so close to Chip and Jojo! Woo hoo! xo

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      We would love to have you join us in Waco, sad to hear the dates don’t work with your schedule! We hope it will be a success as well and hope to see you on our blog and Instagram in the future! Lots of love, Julie and Jodie

  3. Joyce Flores says:

    Really excited to learn more from the women behind two of my favorite IG accounts. I was fairly new to Instagram when I decided I would start documenting our new house build. After several months of rather boring, and uninspired pics from our contractor, we are now just two weeks away from completion. I am bursting with excitement to move into our new home and start documenting it’s transformation from my own personal point of view. I have much to learn, and am grateful to have found your Blog and IG accounts. I’m really hoping to join your retreat in October. It sounds like it will be an invaluable experience.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      So glad that you are loving our posts and that you enjoy our blog and Instagram! We can’t wait to see you at the retreat in October!
      XO ~ Julie & Jodie

  4. Erica Mueller says:

    This is such a amazing idea!!!What a great way to meet and connect!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Erica, Right? That’s what we thought! We are over the moon excited for this event. We think it will be powerful and just about as much fun as we can handle haha! Hope you can make it. Blessings, Julie & Jodie

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