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      We are Julie & Jodie, twin sisters who decided to start a blog to link our lives. Guess what? It worked.

      We didn't know how much we would end up loving to blog. Why do we love it? Because it gives us a chance to share all the things we really love WITH YOU!

      This blog is not about us. It's about you: 

      - inspiring you to create, whether it's a craft, a holiday table, or a fun recipe your whole family will love.

      - motivating you to tackle that DIY because if we can do it, you can too!

      - teaching you how to lean into YOUR OWN gifts, one project at a time, so you can build a home you love and a life that fulfils every part of you.

      We don't know what originally brought you here, but we're just glad you made it. And we hope that you not only stay, but that we will become besties along the way.

      julie & jodie

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