7 Surprisingly Creative Ideas to Level Up Your Christmas Gift Wrap Game

Presentation is everything when we are talking gift giving. It all has to do with first impressions. So that makes your Christmas gift wrap almost as important, dare we say as important, as the gifts themselves! Yes, the paper is important, and of course the ribbon is key.

Make your Christmas gift wrap special with evergreen sprigs and easy tips

But what makes your gift stand out in a crowd? It’s the little something extra, that certain je-ne-sais-quoi, that unexpected detail that will make all the difference. Here is how to level up your Christmas gift wrap game, and we’ve done the work for you by thinking outside the box. All you have to do is read this post and shop the convenient sources.

Done and done!

Don’t we make a great team?

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Christmas wrapping paper is extra pretty with faux flower added

Any gift wrap discussion begins with the wrapping paper. With so many beautiful options how do you choose? If you’re wrapping a single gift to give, the choices are easy and endless.

  • But if you’re decorating gifts to go under your tree, we like to begin by considering the color scheme and style of the tree.  
  • Next, choose papers the complement each other. Be careful to choose wrapping papers that fit a similar mood and style.
  • And most importantly, be careful to not choose wrapping papers that clash with each other.
  • Think of your tree and presents as a creative ensemble, parts of a whole.

Here are some of our favorite papers you see featured in this post.

1. Add Evergreen to Your Gift Wrap

Plaid wrapping or plain paper looks extra special with pretty ribbon

Fresh sprigs of evergreen are the perfect addition to any Christmas gift wrap. One bonus is that your package will smell good.

You can use a small spring and tie it up with the ribbon. Or you can forgo ribbon and use a larger piece of evergreen and create the look of a little Christmas tree on top of your gift.

This option is perfect for the holidays and very classy.

Another option is to use artificial evergreen stems. Of course these don’t have the smell but you could include a scented pine cone or other scented item on your package. Using artificial stems is lasting and reusable.



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2. Use Ornaments as Christmas Gift Wrap Toppers

Use ornament or other fun detail with your Christmas present wrapping

They’re not just for the tree. I’ve always loved using extra ornaments to decorate my packages. Not only are they gorgeous, fun, and creative on top of your gifts, but they are an added gift to the recipient, not just a throw-away.

I love this idea because it’s sustainable. Any time I can decorate with reusable items I will.

Look through your ornament collection. I’m sure you have a few extra ornaments you can spare. This way you don’t even need to buy them. Vintage ornaments are especially fun and meaningful. Use and reuse, that’s my motto.

plaid Christmas wrapping paper tied with raffia and evergreen sprigs added

3. Adorn Your Christmas Gift Wrap with Pinecones

Pinecones and natural evergreen add pretty detail to Christmas wrapping

You can buy a bag of pinecones at a craft store or even the grocery store during the holidays. But you might also be able to gather them from your yard or on a little nature walk.

If you gather yours from the outdoors, you’ll want to dry them before using them on packages.

How to Dry Pinecones

  1. Spread pinecones in a single layer on foil-covered baking sheet.
  2. Heat at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 1-2 hours depending on size and moisture level.
  3. Check them every 30 minutes to make sure they don’t burn.

Now that your pinecones are dry, it’s time to attach them to your packages. After you finish with your ribbon, use simple twine to wrap around the pinecones and tie to your ribbon.

You can skip the gathering and the drying and opt for pre-made faux pinecones. There are easy-to-use options ready to attach to your gift wrap. These can be used throughout your Christmas decorating as well and even on your tree. We love the look of pinecones decorating chairs with beautiful ribbon, easy and elegant.


4. Faux & Real Christmas Flowers Look Great on Top of Gifts

Red Christmas wrapping paper and red flower makes a beautiful Christmas present

This takes the evergreen sprig idea one step further. You can add a single Christmas flower to the top of your Christmas gift wrap, or you can gather a few to make a little arrangement. I love both looks. You might choose to add one of these Christmas flowers to an evergreen sprig for a little pop of color.

Evergreen sprigs don’t need water, so you can use the real thing. Flowers are fussier, so you’ll want to use faux with most of these.

Plaid Christmas wrapping paper with raffia ribbon is festive and pretty

If you’re giving your gift right away, feel free to add a real flower or two.

You won’t want real flowers on your Christmas gift wrap that sit under the tree for days, however.

Simple craft paper as gift wrapping gets fancy with velvet ribbon and flower

Christmas Flower Ideas

  • Poinsettia
  • Red Dahlia
  • Red or white carnation
  • White or red rose

Christmas Gift wrap with velvet ribbon in front of Christmas tree


If the look is festive and the colors blend with your Christmas gift wrap, feel free to use any faux flowers or greenery to adorn your gift.

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5. Foliage & Fruit

I went outside to pick the holly berries from my neighbors’ bush that spills out over our shared fence each year. I was so sad to find that the neighbors had cut back their holly bush. The holly berries were in my sight, but I couldn’t reach them. Darn it.

Red and white plaid Christmas gift wrap with black satin ribbon and faux holly berries

Note to self: time to plant our own holly bush.

Some of our favorite ideas to add life to your gift wrap:

  1. Holly Berries

2. Pomegranates

3. Orange slices. Make sure you dry the orange slices. The process if very similar to drying pinecones. See above.

4. Silver dollar eucalyptus 

6. Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks are perfect for the season. The bonus is the delicious aroma these give. Your recipient might even add them to their morning coffee or hot chocolate after they open their gift.

7.  Focus on the Ribbon for Christmas Gift Wrap

Beautiful bronze satin ribbon makes extra special gift wrap

  • Simple and elegant.
  • Spend the extra time and money on a special satin or velvet ribbon and that’s all your package will need.
  • Use whatever you have on hand. My Christmas ribbon supply was limited. It was midnight and I was not going to quit.
  • Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head: scrapbooking supplies! I started digging in my old supplies and came up with great ideas. 

Think outside the box. The ribbon doesn’t have to be Christmas. It doesn’t have to be all red and green. In fact, other colors look fabulous. 

Gift wrapping makes Christmas present personal and special

We also like mixing elegant elements with natural elements. 

  • Satin ribbon




gift wrapping ideas for your Christmas gift giving season

    • Twine


    • Velvet Ribbon



Gift wrapping for Christmas with presents tied up with ribbons and evergreen sprigs


  • Raffia



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Think outside the box with how you wrap the ribbon. Notice how I wrapped and double wrapped and make it casual and even messy.


Christmas gift wrap with natural elements including flowers and evergreen sprigs

Think of Your Christmas Gift Wrap as Art

simple evergreen sprigs and floral buds adds personal touch to Christmas gift wrap

We love adding elements of real life to our packages. It brings your gifts literally to life.

Think of each package as its own art tableau. Color, texture, and composition…these are your elements to create your artwork.

Gift wrapping for Christmas adds personal touch to presents with easy additions like evergreen sprigs

The sky is the limit to what you can create. Your Christmas gift wrap is your chance to make your package personal and special.

Above all, have fun!

jodie & julie

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red gift wrap with red faux flower tied with twine

7 Surprisingly Creative Ideas to Level Up Your Christmas Gift Wrap Game
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7 Surprisingly Creative Ideas to Level Up Your Christmas Gift Wrap Game
7 creative ideas to make your Christmas gift wrap stand out in a crowd! Easy, inexpensive ways to take your gift wrap from average to fabulous!
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The Design Twins
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