Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design Inspires Creativity- Ad

let your creativity shine with the moodboard maker by Corian® Design

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Corian® Design to showcase their newest design tool. This is a paid advertorial with Corian® Design that you will not want to miss!

Vision is Key with Corian® Design

Have you ever wanted to decorate a space and not known where to begin? Trust us, it can be daunting no matter who you are. But we have great news. If you are looking for a way to focus your ideas and turn your inspirations into reality, we have just the tool. Best of all, it’s FREE and super easy to use.

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For Jodie and me, it’s all about starting with a cohesive array of colors, textures and patterns to jumpstart the design process. This helps develop a clear vision of where the space is going. When we begin our design projects with visual brainstorming we are always amazed by the results.

Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design inspires

Corian® Design: Where Technology Meets Home Decor

Brainstorming new home design was never this easy or fun. With this unique online tool you can be a decorating superstar and create personalized mood boards that transform into your very own piece of art. Jodie and I cannot believe how much fun we had using this innovative and interactive new online tool by Corian® Design.

The Moodboard Maker site allows you to put your design skills to work and create your own masterpiece from the comfort of your couch. When decorating a space, it’s always helpful to begin by creating a mood board. It has never been this easy or this FUN to create a mood board. With the Moodboard Maker online tool you can quickly and easily gather your inspiration. You can put together a collage of colors, textures, materials to give an overall mood for the room.

Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design inspire creativity

Start Creating with Corian® Design

The Moodboard Maker site is perfect for all interior decor lovers, no matter your experience level. This tool is all about simplicity and ease. Begin by selecting a style that speaks to you, whether it be Modern, Bohemian, Refined or Edgy. Choose from a variety of textures like minimalistic, which features sleek metals and monochromatic patterns or organic which incorporates driftwood and floral designs.

Next, fill your customized mosaic with a Corian swatch and any image, pattern or texture of your choosing. You can use their preloaded images or easily upload images of your own. Finally, you can save the completed masterpiece to your camera roll, share it on social media, or even order a printed copy to frame and place in your own home for a small fee. It’s the perfect statement piece and a meaningful reminder of your personalized design journey.

Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design app

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Jodie’s Laundry Room Inspiration

When tackling her recent laundry room makeover, Jodie used the Moodboard Maker to help inspire the textures and patterns used in her reno. She took inspiration from the relaxed mosaic theme and this echoed throughout the rest of her renovation. She wanted to create a feeling of simplistic elegance with the white cabinets and whimsical floor design, and a touch of farmhouse style with the barnwood wallpaper and metal laundry bin. Jodie meshed her favorite texture and color combinations to create the laundry room of her dreams. With the help of the Moodboard Maker it all come together as one cohesive design.

Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design inspiration create beauty

More About Corian® Design

Corian® Design is all about inspiring creators worldwide. It’s much more than just a countertop material brand. The company specializes in solid surfaces and quartz materials in over 100 varieties of color and patterns. With the ability to elicit endless emotions and fulfill the desires of your imagination, Corian® is so much more than a solid surface. It’s a shapeshifter that allows you to create spaces that uniquely reflect you.

At Corian® Design they believe in telling a story and portraying your individual design style through effectively combining materials, textures and furniture. They pride themselves by letting their customers express themselves and convey powerful emotions through the creative outlet of design. Jodie and I love how this new tool is the extension of Corian® Design’s purpose.

Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design create

What Inspires You?

We are constantly asking ourselves this question in the hopes of gaining new design insights. We are continually searching for inspiration wherever we go, out in the world, in nature, on Instagram and other social media. When you open your eyes to the possibility of design inspiration in every aspect of your life, it will show through your decor.

Jodie and I found that the tool allowed us to really tap into what speaks to our own aesthetic. The process of creating in the Moodboard Maker helped us hone in on design choices before renovations, remodeling, or restyling began. What a valuable exercise.

Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design fuels inspiration

It’s Your Turn Now

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Corian® Moodboard Maker. Start creating your very own dream room and personalized artwork. We can’t get enough of this trending new tool. It will be a go-to to help us brainstorm our new projects from now on. We know you’ll love it as well. Using it will help you take what inspires you and turn it into reality. We can’t wait to see what you create with the help of Corian® Design Moodboard Maker. Share it will us by using #corianmoodboardmaker.

For even more laundry room makeover inspiration, head to the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Have fun designing!

jodie & julie

Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design

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Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design Inspires Creativity- Ad
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Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design Inspires Creativity- Ad
This innovative new web app gives you the tools to be a decorating superstar! The Moodboard Maker by Corian® Design allows you to put your design skills to work and turn your inspirations into reality!
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The Design Twins
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