Are Instagram Giveaways Helping or Hurting Your Growth?

The truth behind instagram Giveaways: do they help or hurt your growth?

Instagram giveaways are a popular growth hack on IG. But are they worth the time, effort & money? We discuss the good, bad and ugly of Instagram giveaways.

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Instagram is evolving at an ever-increasing speed. More than ever we need to keep up or get lost in the noise. It’s time to ask yourself, are you making the right choices to achieve the success you’re after? We’re sure you already know that succeeding on Instagram takes a lot of time and hard work. But hard work isn’t all it takes. It also takes savvy decision-making. In order to make the most of your time and efforts we need a solid understanding of how Instagram works. In this post we are going to focus on one of the biggest growth techniques that was trending strong in 2018 and continues to be a popular growth strategy:  Instagram Giveaways.

We’re going to explain the good, the bad, and the ugly so you can make the best decisions for you, your business, and your ultimate long-term Instagram success.

We are going to go out on a limb, but here it is:

(Most) Instagram Giveaways are Bad for Your Instagram Growth

Instagram giveaways have been a popular way to grow your Instagram account since the very beginning.  You can still read from plenty of sources all over the internet that list giveaways among their recommended top tips to grow your Instagram account. Unfortunately, Instagram has changed a lot since its creation, and many of the tips and tricks that once worked simply do not work anymore.

When Instagram started changing the algorithm to distinguish fake accounts from real accounts, rewarding engagement over numbers, everything changed.

Read more about the Instagram Algorithm and how to master it.

Creating Best User Experience

Instagram’s goal is to create the best user experience possible. IG long ago abandoned the chronological home feed in favor of a feed featuring only top quality. How does IG determine what’s top quality? By measuring engagement: likes, comments, shares, and saves; in other words, actions taken.

Instagram rewards accounts creating engaging content, content that grabs people’s attention. Instagram rewards people who are spending time on the platform connecting with other accounts and creating real relationships. They want accounts to use all the tools available, i.e. stories, highlights, IGTV, live video, GIF’s and geo tags.

Read more insights and advice to make the most of your Instagram stories.

The Algorithm Acts Like a Filter

Firstly, we need to understand how Instagram works in order to understand why most giveaways don’t work.

Above all else, Instagram wants to protect against fake accounts, spam activity, and buying likes or followers. Anyone can slap down some money and buy followers from a multitude of different sources. The task of identifying and deleting fake accounts is overwhelmingly large and time consuming. Instagram eventually catches up to these accounts, but there is lag time because of the scale of the endeavor.

So instead of relying solely on the process of identifying and deleting spam accounts Instagram relies on its algorithm. Its main task is to improve user experience which acts as an automatic filter. This filter stops anything that isn’t authentic and of the highest quality from rising to the top.

Instagram is Constantly Changing

Instagram is continually changing and improving their algorithm to protect against spam-like activity, but recognizing the difference between real followers and fake (ghost) followers is an ongoing challenge.

The best way to tell the difference between fake and real followers is the way they engage.

This is why the algorithm is so focused on engagement. Notice I said engagement and not how many followers you have. And engagement is based on percentages. If you’e paying attention on Instagram you will have noticed this increasing trend. High engagement posts have less and less correlation between actual follower number. They are simply high quality posts. Just because you have a lot of followers doesn’t mean a lot of people will be shown your posts.

Read our blog post to learn more about how to succeed and grow organically on Instagram read our blog post, “How to Make Instagram Personal and Win.”

Instagram giveaway tips home decor community

Two Types of Instagram Giveaways

Not all giveaways are bad. There is actually one type of giveaway that can be productive, so let’s discuss the differences.

We basically have two types of Instagram giveaways:

  1. Large Generic Giveaways
  2. Small Niche-Specific Giveaways.

For our purposes let’s refer to them as LGG’s and SNG’s. LGG’s can sabotage your growth, and we’re going to explain how. The exception to the rule is SNG’s, and we’ll talk about them later.

Example Giveaway Scenario

Let’s say you have a lifestyle account that focuses on moms and kids and household activities. The account has 5,000 very engaged followers. They are stay at home moms. They all have similar problems based around toddlers, first-time homes, and balancing young-mom problems. This account decides they really want to reach the 10K mark in order to begin monetizing, so she decides to start doing some LGG’s that will really appeal to everyone in order to boost her numbers.

Let’s say that she starts with 5k followers, posting once a day, receiving on average 200-300 likes and at least 20-30 comments because her followers are very engaged.

She gains about 500 followers each time she does a giveaway and over the course of two to three months she does two to three giveaways every month. About four months later she reaches 10k.  She is excited.

Learning the ins and outs of Instagram giveaways is important in order to succeed on IG. If you’re ready to get serious about Instagram, we would love for you to join us in our comprehensive online course called “From Confused to Confident: 6 Steps to Instagram Success.” Learn more and sign up for our Instagram success course here.

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But she starts to notice something. Her likes are down to about 150 now, even with the larger account. That’s weird, she thinks. You’d think with a larger account she would have a lot more people seeing her account. She also notices she is only getting about half the number of comments as before, and it’s just her best friends. It’s as if no one is seeing her account any more.

What Happened?

It’s pretty clear. In order to grow her account she used the LGG’s to attract anyone and everyone to follow with the promise of winning an ipad or winning a cash prize or gift card. By doing this she inadvertently attracted ‘ghost’ followers. They are real people, they just aren’t her people.

They followed in order to enter the giveaways but don’t have any interest in her or her account. These new followers aren’t necessarily moms with young kids, and they don’t necessarily have any of the same interests. Sure, a few of them might overlap by chance, but on Instagram percentages are the key. Statistically there are more people who fall outside of her core niche.

Therefore, these new followers have increased her total number of followers, but they have decreased her percentage of engagement. Instead of boosting her success as she had hoped, they are an encumbrance, an actual handicap, weighing down her success.

Other Drawbacks of Giveaways

Not only do Instagram giveaways of this nature hurt engagement but let’s not forget, they take time (which is valuable) and money. What? People are actually paying their hard-earned money to try to grow in this way? It seems crazy. Well, when you understand how it hurts instead of helps it is pretty crazy.

Instagram Giveaway workshop with The Design Twins

Instagram doesn’t care about how many followers you have. They only care about the percentage of people who engage with your posts/stories/videos etc. If you have inflated your total number of followers with people who don’t care about you specifically then you have effectively decreased your percentage of engagement.

Instagram is going to conclude that your content is basically not as interesting as it used to be. It will conclude that your followers aren’t as interested as they used to be, and they will in turn show your photos to fewer of your followers. As a result, fewer of the people who actually want to see your photos will. It’s a downward spiral from here.

Let’s recap the effect of the LGG: Large Generic Giveaway

  • It increases the total number of followers, but decreases the percentage of engaged followers.
  • This results in lower amount of engagement.
  • Which results in the account being shown to fewer followers.
  • It decreases the average number of likes and number of comments
  • And makes authentic growth harder than ever.

The Instagram Giveaway Trap

What’s sad is that people often get caught in a trap. When they start to see their account declining (likely from focusing on artificial growth provided by giveaways) they think, Yikes! The only time I get any kind of attention or growth is when I do a giveaway. So I guess people really respond to giveaways. I should do more of them.

I hear people say that Instagram giveaways are worth it because they usually gain “x” number of new followers. Some unfollow, but a good percentage don’t unfollow, so they feel like it’s worth it. In reality, with the scenario I described above, the best outcome would be if more people who weren’t really interested took the time to unfollow.

I know, it sounds crazy. But those that don’t take the time to unfollow are just dead weight. They are actually diluting your numbers and hurting your chance for real growth and real engagement. They are going to make you have to work harder and harder to get the percentage of engaged followers you need to grow.

By doing large generic Instagram giveaways you are trading short-term vanity metrics for long-term success.

Instagram Giveaway advice with The Design Twins

Helpful Instagram Giveaways

What about the kind of giveaway that could help?

Small Niche-specific giveaways, SNG’s, on the other hand, can be worthwhile. Let’s take the same example of the mommy lifestyle account who has about 5000 followers and wants to increase her account by doing some smaller giveaways. The model for the giveaway that might work for her is as follows:

  • something specifically appealing to the target audience she is wanting to attract
  • something that would not appeal to people who aren’t interested in her target niche.

Benefits are as follows:

    1. Much more likely to gain followers who are interested in the topics she is covering.
    2. Not only will the giveaway reward the followers they she already has, but it will attract more like-minded women who are likely to engage in her posts.
    3. As an added bonus, these types of Instagram giveaways can often be sponsored creating a collaboration and building a strong relationship with a company.
    4. Even if the giveaway is not sponsored it is most likely much less of a financial investment than the LGG.

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Be Cautious

Even though we are listing four potential benefits of small niche-specific giveaways we advise you to use them cautiously. They are still an artificial growth strategy. They are motivating people to press follow with the hope of winning something. When you do this you risk attracting people for reasons other than their wanting to see what you post. Because you are focusing on your niche, however, it will help people sharing similar interests to find your account. We think the benefits slightly outweigh the negatives, if used in moderation.

Examples of Instagram Giveaways

  • Potentially Helpful: An example of a small giveaway that might help boost a mommy life-style account might be a baby monitor or a toddler-proof storage container.
  • Not Helpful: A gift card to Target. While it is something her followers would obviously love it is not a good giveaway gift. There are also a gazillion other kinds of people who would love to win a Target gift card that don’t necessarily have any interest in young mommy-related issues.

An example of a niche-specific giveaway that might not work:

This example comes from Julie’s personal experience. A few years back Julie did a giveaway for a chandelier. She collaborated with a lighting company, and the giveaway was part of the collaboration. At first you might think, great. Giving away a chandelier would be the perfect thing to attract more followers who were also interested in her home decor account.

Unfortunately, people who are interested in a free chandelier are not necessarily interested in Julie or her decor style or what she has to say. The only thing we know for sure about these new followers is that they want something for free. Again, it’s all about percentages. What is the percentage of these new followers coming for a free chandelier who are going to also, by chance, become loyal, engaged followers? It is small. The percentage of people who will likely never engage in Julie’s account after the giveaway is much larger. By doing this giveaway which grew her follower count she actually decreased the strength and long-term health of her account.

Instagram giveaway flowers

What does Instagram Think About Giveaways?

This is open to interpretation, but one of the community guidelines states this:

“Foster meaningful and genuine interactions. Help us stay spam-free by not artificially collecting likes, followers or shares…”

No one really knows for sure what Instagram’s stance is on giveaways. However, if you do decide to do a giveaway, hopefully one that is specific to your target audience and won’t attract ghost followers, make sure you follow the Instagram guidelines. View the full Instagram community guidelines.

Who Benefits from Doing Instagram Giveaways?

Companies do!

Let’s take the example of the Lighting company who gave away a chandelier.  If you sell chandeliers you want to attract people who are interested in owning a chandelier.  Doing a giveaway to win a product that you sell is a no-brainer. It is a win-win! If you are a brand reading this then giveaways should definitely be in your arsenal of growth strategies, as long as you are giving away something you make and/or sell. Your giveaways need to always remain brand specific.

When you search the internet to research giveaways and read over and over again how “Giveaways are the number one way to grow your Instagram following and increase your brand awareness,” they are talking to brands and companies that have products and services to sell.


If you are a:

  • Photographer: Give away a free photo session.
  • Massage therapist: Give away a free massage.
  • Pillow maker: Give away a free pillow.
  • If you have an on-line course teaching something: Give away a free membership or course.

However, if you are an influencer what you are selling is yourself. The best way to gain new followers is to spend your time and effort creating and delivering quality content. Period.

Don’t Give in to Vanity Metrics

By “vanity metrics” we mean focusing on the numbers that make you feel better but don’t actually help you with your business, your sales, your ROI. Remember the real reason you are on IG. You want to achieve some kind of goal, right? You want to create an audience who will buy your product or service, one who will come to your events, one who will want to buy your book or visit your blog. If you want to be an influencer you want to create an authentic audience, your tribe.

It’s important to understand that companies who are looking to collaborate care about much more than just how many followers you have. They have access to all the data and all the metrics that show exactly how many ghost followers you might have and what your percentage of engagement is. Like Instagram, that follower number may fool a few Instagram newbies, but it won’t fool the people who matter.

The Message You are Sending By Hosting Large Generic Instagram Giveaways

What message do you think you’re sending followers when they see big giveaways? Maybe some people feel it is generous. But we think it also sends a message of desperation. It is an overt statement saying, “Follow me. My follower number is very important to me. I’m willing to pay to participate in this giveaway to grow my feed.”

We think it’s important to be aware of this potential interpretation. Is this the message you want to send? Instead, wouldn’t you rather serve your current followers and make them feel amazing and appreciated? Focus your attention on your current followers by sharing your time, energy, and gifts. Inspire them, make them laugh, engage with them, and you will grow naturally.

Closing Thoughts on Instagram Giveaways

Instagram giveaways are like a silent but deadly killer. You can’t see the damage being done, but inside it’s like an illness. It can take a robust, healthy account and eat away at its core health. You will increase your vanity metrics (follower count) at the expense of long-term success. The growth allure of Instagram giveaways is tempting. But like most things in life, if it looks to good to be true it probably is.

Wishing you blessings along your journeys!

Get Serious About Instagram

Now that we’ve taught you everything you need to know about Instagram giveaways, it’s time to get serious. Are you prepared to start viewing Instagram as a job? You can sign up to receive our 90-minute Personalized Instagram Audit today. We analyze every aspect of your account, create a clear plan for you, and coach you personally for your ultimate success.

Jodie and I have been helping clients build their Instagram accounts for years. Many of our past students are now successful influencers and have grown their brands beyond their expectations. We can absolutely do the same for you. 

It’s time to invest in your goals today!

With friendship and gratitude,

jodie & julie

P.S. We have over 40 articles on our blog teaching every aspect of Instagram. We share everything we have learned along our journeys in hopes of helping you make the most of yours. So we encourage you to take the time, read a couple each day, and invest in yourself. We believe it is time well spent. Sign up for our email list to make you don’t miss any of our content and also receive bonus materials when you subscribe.


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Are Instagram Giveaways Helping or Hurting Your Growth?
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Are Instagram Giveaways Helping or Hurting Your Growth?
Instagram giveaways are a popular growth hack on IG. But are they worth the time, effort & money? We discuss the good, bad, and ugly of Instagram giveaways.
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The Design Twins
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  1. @faith.farmhouse says:

    This is SUCH great advice!!!! I’m very choosy who I follow, and if an account is doing frequent giveaways vs. quality original content, I’m likely not to follow them. I’m a new account, and have chosen not to participate in these large giveaways because I want to grow authentically and build relationships with my followers. It can be a Little discouraging sometimes when I see other accounts growing much quicjer than mine, but I rarely get an unfollow, so I feel like my followers are more likely to stay.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Your instincts are good. And we often advise people to really trust your gut instincts, just as in life. We women are blessed with strong instincts and it pays to listen! If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t the best choice. Instagram rewards authenticity because the world craves it. We wish you the best on your journey, Sweet Friend. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

  2. Brenda Johnson says:

    So interesting! I’m only on Instagram as a hobby, to enjoy what others are doing with their decor and get inspiration and it’s a fun and encouraging place! It’s a special community with such kind people like you two!
    Love and hugs sweet ladies!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      People are on Instagram for so many different reasons. It’s as diverse as the people are themselves. We began our journeys to connect with others, and that remains at the forefront of our motivation. But of course we have evolved and grown a business from our hard work, so the benefits have expanded, which is a blessing. We hope you continue to enjoy what we share, both here and on IG. Blessings to you, Julie & Jodie

  3. Can you tell me how much the tickets are for your conference in Lehi Utah?

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Angel,
      We are finalizing all the details currently, with plans to have tickets sales live by hopefully mid-week. So you’ll have all the information in just a few more days. Trust us, we are working hard! Thank you so much for your interest in our event. We hope we get to meet you in Utah! Blessings, Julie & Jodie

  4. Julie says:

    I’m relatively new to IG, and enjoy getting inspiration. I post content my family and friends enjoy. What annoys me with some accounts is when they like a picture, follow me, get a follow back, then unfollow me. It’s a bait and switch I wish accounts would stop that. It leaves a negative impression of them and their account.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Julie,
      That artificial growth technique has sadly been around since the beginning of Instagram. It can be frustrating. In order to avoid getting caught up in that I do a couple of things: I follow only accounts I truly want to follow. I follow accounts who are engaging with me in authentic ways. Then I just let go of who is following and unfollowing. I take that off my radar, so to speak. It only brings a feeling of negativity to my journey. Maintaining a positive attitude is the only way to enjoy Instagram. Wishing you joy and blessings along your path, Julie & Jodie

  5. Patti says:

    So glad to have read this post. It confirmed my reasons for turning down giveaways. I didn’t want people following me because they thought they might win something, but rather because they were truly interested in my creative content. Thank you for your information and insight ladies, you are appreciated 😊😊 Thanks, Patti

  6. Karin says:

    So much great advice and insight! Thank you for taking the time to write this.
    I’m not really a “decor” account and never worry about the number of ‘followers’ I have.
    I used to enter giveaways until I noticed that some accounts are not really giving anything away. They have a friend post how grateful they are for the farmhouse clock, when the same clock still hangs over the ‘givers’ mantle weeks later…
    I believe as women we should lift each other up and just have fun. I think many people on IG forget that.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Thank you for reading our blog and taking the time to reply. We wholeheartedly agree that women should lift each other up and have fun! We believe the home decor community on Instagram overall does a wonderful job with this. There are always going to be exceptions but we see so much generosity, authenticity and beauty being shared this is what see most predominantly. The situation you described where you see a giveaway item still existing in the giver’s house I think there are several explanations for this: one is that photos are taken and used at all different times (I know they are on my feed), so very easily it’s just a photo taken another time. The other explanation is that often when someone has a giveaway it’s sponsored by a brand. The brand gives the influencer one and agrees to give away another of the same item. So the influencer is hosting the giveaway not to give away her own clock (to site your example), but she is giving another of the same clock. I did that with a chandelier, and I’ve done that with signs. Influencers working with brands don’t give their own items and ship them, the sponsors do. Hopefully that will help you understand they are most likely not being dishonest.

  7. Karan says:

    Okay, I’ve now read this for the third time… you ladies are amazing and I appreciate you sharing your experiences. This is really helpful. The smaller giveaways, like your example of the chandelier, is where I’ve been struggling. It seems so many companies want this. But I will stay away from it all, thanks to you two. I respect and appreciate my followers more then my numbers.
    Thanks ladies.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Karan, Aw this just makes our day to hear that our post helped you. It is obviously a personal choice in the end. But we are glad you see the logic and are choosing authenticity over vanity metrics. We wish you continued joy and success dear one! With love, Julie & Jodie

    • Ammar says:

      I had an amazimg account woth 5k i had a cjance to enter im a give away them my account turned 105k i stressed oit !! And when i start to read you article ! I knew that i mad a big mistake . I want to fix it but i domt know how m please of anyone know help me !! Please please. Thank you

      • jjdesigntwins says:

        Hi Karan,

        This is an unfortunately story and you are not alone. So many people come to Instagram and they see everyone doing giveaways and everywhere you look people are saying it’s the best and fastest way to grow, but you end up with people that don’t know you and aren’t interested in what you are sharing and doing. With an account of that size there is really no way to “recover” except to go through and slowly block all those followers that you 1) don’t know, 2) aren’t in your niche or 3) look like spam accounts. This would take a long time and I don’t think it would really be worth it. As hard as it seems it would be easier to start over with a new account. It’s totally up to you but that is what I would advise.


        Jodie & Julie

  8. Alaa says:

    This was so helpful. I learned so much and was actually really moved and motivated by the last part about how doing a giveaway might seem desperate and you should just focus on being present for the followers you do have.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      We are so glad to hear you found this post helpful. Absolutely. It can be detrimental to your account in the long-run for sure. Yes, I would focus on being present and engaged with your current followers and work on growing those relationships. Hope this helps!
      Lots of love,
      Jodie & Julie

  9. Vee says:

    Hi! I am an illustrator with approx. 250 followers and I wanted to do a giveaway of one of my illustrations for mother’s day. I am not sure if this is considered a small giveaway or niche-specific. What should I do in this case?

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Vee,

      Thanks for your question. As we explain there are exceptions and cases when doing giveaways can HELP rather than hurt your account. The best case for doing giveaways includes when a brand like you wants to giveaway their product or service. In this case the people that would be interested in winning your illustration are the EXACT same audience as your ideal follower. So giving away an illustration is a great idea.

      Thanks again for taking the time to message us!
      Lots of love,
      Jodie & Julie

  10. Jackie L says:

    Hi! Thanks for much for all of the helpful information you write!
    I am a new blogger and who was (and is) eager and excited to get started on instagram! I’ve followed other influencers for awhile and have participated in their giveaways, so I was really excited to finally do the same.
    I participated in my first giveaway about a month into my starting my instagram and I couldn’t believe how many followers I gained! I was is excited but noticed soon after that my posts weren’t getting as much engagement as they were before with less followers.
    At this point, I was super confused but was realizing that maybe I made a mistake and was doing something wrong. After reading this post, I definitely see that it was a mistake and why. I had about 600 genuine followers and now have 1500 total after the giveaway. I’m sure some from the giveaway are interested in my content, but certainly not all. I also lost a ton of followers after the giveaway.
    Would you be able to provide any advice as to how I might be able to fix this problem going forward or will I have to completely start over?
    I’ve been trying to increase engagement with others, post consistently, etc. but nothing seems to be working to help fix the damage that was done.

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice! I enjoy reading and learning from your posts!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Jackie,
      Well, consider yourself lucky to have figured out the harmful affects now after only one giveaway. Some people participate in dozens or more and then realize the damage. We think simply not doing them again is enough. You can recover from one. We’re so glad you found our blog. Are you also following our teaching Instagram account @thedesigntwinsteach ? We share IG tips via stories nightly and up to the minute tips and inspiration to grow your Instagram organically on our feed. Hope to see you there. Blessings, Julie & Jodie

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Jackie,
      We are sorry to hear you fell into the giveaway trap that so many do before realizing the lasting harm they have on your account. It is so sad to us when we see people who simply don’t know. You aren’t alone obviously. What to do…that is a good question. We highly suggest following our Instagram teaching account @thedesigntwinsteach Here we share tips on our stories Monday through Friday as well as on our feed. We answer your questions every day. Hope to see you over there. Blessings, Julie & Jodie

  11. Shelinaz says:

    Thanks alot for the advices, I was lost since I’m new to blogging and I got a lot of knowledge from this article. 🤗

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Thank you so much for the kind comment hun, we really appreciate it. We are so happy you found this post helpful. Good luck on your new blogging journey!
      Lots of love,
      Jodie & Julie

  12. Heather Lane says:

    I love this post! It explains everything so well! I used to do a lot of giveaways and they stressed me out. I had trouble saying no to people who asked me to host. I wanted them to feel like I cared and wanted to help them but at the same time, they were hurting me. Those giveaways stole quality time with my family. I remember once having to leave the movie theatre for a giveaway and another time having to leave the room during a family birthday party. It was totally stealing my joy. I also felt embarrassed that people who know me in real life and were following me might think I looked desperate, like you said. I finally quit doing them (with the exception of one time recently doing a small giveaway that was just a wreath company and me) and am so much happier! I have been gradually losing followers but I’m okay with that because I honestly don’t want people following me who don’t want to be. I want true followers who want to be following. I read one of your IG posts awhile back about IG giveaways not being good and that’s what made me quit doing them so THANK YOU!!! You two are the best!!! I appreciate you both! Sending LOTS of love and hugs!!

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  14. […] Doing a giveaway to win a product that you sell is a no-brainer. It is a win-win! If you are a brand reading this then giveaways should definitely be in your arsenal of growth strategies, as long as you are giving away something you make and/or sell. via […]

  15. […] Benefits are as follows: Much more likely to gain followers who are interested in the topics she is covering. Not only will the giveaway reward the followers they she already has, but it will attract more like-minded women who are likely to engage in her posts. via […]

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