How to Hang a Hammock | Easy Weekend DIY

Easy DIY Hammock Project to create your own relaxing backyard retreat

Ever wondered how to hang a hammock in your backyard? Well, we’re going to teach you. This DIY hammock project is great for people who want a quick and easy weekend project. You can even recruit your family members, kids, & hubby to help you. Make it a fun family weekend activity.

With summer right around the corner, everyone is going to be spending much more time outside. Why not make the most of your outdoor space by adding comfortable seating options like a hammock? This creative seating arrangement isn’t just for camping. It makes a great statement decor piece for your outdoor space and chances are your kids will LOVE it. They’ll never want to leave. My kids have always asked me to hang a hammock in the house, but this a nice compromise. 

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DIY Hammock: My Backyard Project

As many of you know, we don’t have the funds to redo our backyard. So, we’ve had to make do with what we have, without landscaping or without putting in a deck. This easy DIY hammock project is just what we needed to make our backyard feel more like home, more like an oasis to relax in after a long day of work. My boys can’t get enough of the hammock, so it’s a win, win. Maybe we’ll need to install another one since everyone seems to love kicking back in the hammock. 

My backyard refresh has two separate areas:  the hammock area and the dining & lounge area. Here’s a step-by-step so you can get a better idea of the details of our weekend project. 

before shot of backyard hammock makeover

DIY Hammock – Create Your Space

  • Raking. We had a lot of debris and leaves piled up, so it was time to clean out the space to create a clean slate for the hammock area. This is a good place to start. 
  • Hanging the DIY Hammock. This requires five steps:
    1. First, decide which method you want to use to hang your hammock (see below for all the different choices). We chose to use trees and tree straps. 
    2. Attach the tree straps.
    3. Measure the hammock.
    4. Attach it to the tree with hooks and carabiners.
    5. Then, it’s time to test out the hammock. This is a critical step because you want to measure how much the hammock stretches with the weight of someone in it. Check how close it gets to the ground. You may find that you have to raise it up a bit like we did.
  • Laying Down Rubber Bark. For this step, we spread the bark out and raked it to create an even, level surface. Not only does the rubber bark create a clean look but it also creates a soft landing area, just in case.

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Jodie rakes the hard to prepare for DIY Hammock

  • Decorating. Now for the fun part! I added decorative pillows and a pompom throw to make the space more inviting and cozier. These items made the hammock more stylish and more comfortable. Flowers and lanterns added the finishing touch.
  • String Lights. No backyard space is complete without some overhead string lights. This really helps achieve that cozy outdoor ambiance to make the space inviting, especially in the evenings.

It’s easy to stay on budget when I shop Better Homes & Gardens collection available exclusively at Walmart and 

DIY hammock project to liven up your backyard with overhead string lights

Prepping the Dining & Lounge Area

  • Cleaning. First things first, the space needed a refresh just like the hammock area. This means more raking, sweeping, and cleaning. Ahhh, so much better!
  • DIY Barrel String Light Planters. We decided to update this fun DIY project that we completed a couple of summers ago by planting fresh flowers and hanging new lights. The space feels brand new. Be sure to check out the blog post for how-to steps to make your own String Light Planter Holders.


outdoor dining table with overhead string lights


  • Setting the Table. Add a tablecloth, small lanterns and faux plants to dress up the table and make it perfect for outdoor meals. We are so excited to sit out here in the evenings and enjoy a nice family dinner.
  • Decorating. Decorate with more pillows and faux plants of course. You can never have too many pillows, right?


beautiful outdoor table with striped umbrella and picnic table cloth

  1. Setting up the Serving Cart. Adding a serving cart is a great way to display drinks and snacks. 

outdoor bar cart with green glassware

outdoor dining table with striped umbreall and planter boxes

DIY Hammock: Different Ways to Hang a Hammock

With so many ways to hang a hammock, it can be hard to choose which is right for you and your situation. But there are certainly pros and cons to each method. We’re going to help you narrow it down. 

1) Hardware that Secures into Two Trees

  • If you have two sturdy trees in your backyard, this method is for you. Trees should measure at least 12 inches in diameter and should be 12 feet apart (depending on the size of your hammock).
  • For a sturdier hold, use hardware that goes into the trees. Hardware includes eye screws & carabiners 0r s hooks.
  • This might, however, possibly damage the trees.
  • This method is more permanent.
  • You won’t be able to move your hammock easily.

DIY Hammock project for a easy weekend project

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2) Using Knots/Rope to Secure Between Trees

  • This is a more flexible method that allows you to tie a knot around each tree for support.
  • This doesn’t harm the trees.
  • But it isn’t as reliable over time as a permanent hold.
  • This option is perfect for camping or enjoying at a beach or park. 
  • This does require a certain amount of time commitment to learning the knots.

3) DIY Hammock: Using Tree Straps

  • The best hammock support for camping are tree straps.
  • They are easily portable and won’t damage the trees.
  • You can also use them on patios by attaching to posts.
  • The only downside is you can’t attach them to walls.

Keep in mind the height and distance of the trees when hanging your hammock between them. They should typically be 10-15 feet apart to safely hang a hammock. You especially need to ensure the trees are sturdy and large enough to hold the entire weight of your body. If your trees are young and thin, you may not want to choose this option. 

4) Attaching a Hammock Between a Tree and a Post (or two posts)

  • This is an option if you have one or zero trees to work with
  • Use a pressure treated post(s) with minimum dimensions of 4 inches by 4 inches by 96 inches.
  • The post(s) should be cemented a minimum of 2 feet into the ground. Sand or loose earth might require longer posts or deeper cementing. 
  • Attach one side of the hammock to a tree with tree straps or rope and the other to the post (or between your two posts).
  • You’re going to need to make sure there is enough room between the hammock and the ground, so you don’t touch the ground when you lay inside.
  • Post(s) should be checked periodically for rotting or cracking. 

5) Hanging on a Porch Between Pillars or Beams

  • Another idea is to create a DIY hammock set up on your porch.
  • If you plan to hang a hammock on a porch or balcony, attach it to an overhead beam for maximum security.
  • You’ll need to attach the hammock using two solid ropes or straps to each beam or pillar to ensure maximum safety.
  • If you are using hardware, this is of course a more permanent option. 

6) Buy a Hammock Stand

  • Using a stand makes your hammock movable. You can easily put it up and take it down seasonally or in the rain.
  • This is a little harder to use for camping and is better suited for your backyard hammock.
  • A stand takes up a little extra space.
  • Assembling and dissembling the parts when/if you want to move it takes time. 
  • Using a stand allows you more freedom of placement. 
  • The choice really depends on your backyard situation and where you want your hammock.

7) Using a DIY Hammock Stand

  • If you want to make your own DIY hammock stand, you can do that too.
  • Again, this is more ideal for a backyard hammock because it will be more permanent.
  • See suggestions below to create your own DIY hammock stand.


hammock with string lights and pom pom throw at night

Make a DIY Hammock Stand

There are many ways to hang a hammock in your backyard. You can hang your hammock between two trees, from your patio, or create your own DIY hammock stand.

If you don’t have two good trees to use for your hammock, it makes sense to make one, especially if you’re a fan of easy DIY projects.

It’s fairly simple to do using just two posts. Read this helpful article on the ins and out of making your own hammock stand using posts.

my son reese hanging out in our new DIY hammock

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DIY Hammock at Home

So, as you can tell from the above ideas, there are many ways to create your own DIY hammock setup at home. Whether you’re looking for a way to spice up your backyard, give your kids a fun hangout space, or an easy weekend project, we hope these tips and tricks were helpful to you. We can’t wait to see your creative hammock setups and projects. With summer right around the corner, we know we will be spending a lot of time outdoors and lounging out in our comfy new hammock. Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you decide to take our advice. We’d love to see your finished projects. 

jodie & julie
Hammock hanging tips for easy weekend DIY project

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  5. Shannon Fox says:

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  6. What a perfect outdoor spot! Who would ever want to leave?!

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    We have a beautiful hammock we need to put up! LOVE these tips!!!

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      Oh how fun! Yes you absolutely should put yours up. Just in time for the spring/summer months. Good luck!
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      Jodie & Julie

  10. Sarah says:

    I want a hammock so bad! We had one in our yard when I was growing up and it was so fun – from swinging real high with my sister and friends, to just relaxing and taking a nap under the trees. Oh, the memories!

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      Aw you should absolutely put one up in your yard now! That would be so much fun. Let us know if you do!
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      Hi Iris, Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately we don’t have any. But perhaps googling it or checking Pinterest you might find one. We are so glad you’re enjoying our blog. XO ~ Julie & Jodie

  14. Oh wow! A hammock makes me think of slow summer days and the smell of fresh-cut lawns and garden flowers. I better learn how to macrame quickly so I’m so excited to make one! Thanks so much for this!

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