How to Create Luxurious Backyard Destinations

Learn how to create meaningful Backyard destinations to Love

Welcome Friends! In case you don’t already know, we are The Design Twins, Jodie and Julie. We are so glad you are here on our blog. This post is all about outdoor decor just in time for spring. We are going to show you how to rethink your outdoor spaces to create luxurious outdoor patio and backyard destinations. We share helpful ideas to create a getaway resort feel in your own backyard.

gorgeous backyard destinations to create an outdoor oasis

Who said decor has to stop at the back door? Why not continue your living spaces out into the garden or deck? When you start to put effort and thought into the outside of your home, you increase the amount of living space by ten-fold. Suddenly, your square footage isn’t limited to just the inside of your home.

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Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

Jodie and I and part of The Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart Influencer Network. We love representing a brand that provides quality style at affordable prices. We are compensated for our efforts in creating this post. Our convenient shopping links help support our blog work but add no additional cost to you. All our opinions are authentically our own, and as always, we hope you enjoy. There are a lot more ideas available from the talented BHG Live Better Influencer Network.

create gorgeous backyard destinations with Better Homes and Gardens

Outdoor Patio and Backyard Garden Ideas

Here in Seattle, we are already experiencing the first signs and blooms of spring. It’s time to get my outdoor patio and backyard ready for the warmer, sunnier months. It’s the perfect opportunity to show y’all how I create magic in my backyard.

We love hosting small garden parties, outdoor barbeques and intimate hot tub parties here at the Lancia household. This is why I love creating destinations throughout my backyard: intimate seating spots, inviting conversation corners and relaxing lounging destinations where guests and family can sit, relax and socialize.

When I saw this gorgeous outdoor daybed from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart, I just couldn’t resist adding it to my backyard. The green color is perfect for spring and summer and goes so well with the luscious green world that is Seattle. The overhead cover provides the perfect amount of shade and will even protect the cushions from inevitable rain.

Even though my patio already had plenty of destinations nothing was drawing us out to the yard itself. This one purchase has changed how we use our backyard. Now we’re even more excited about warmer weather ahead.

relax in this gorgeou daybed from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart


Your Backyard Destinations Shopping List

Here are some key elements to look for when decorating your outdoor patio and backyard spaces:

  • Seating: couches, chaise lounges, daybeds, table and chair sets
  • Outdoor Lighting: string lights/fairy lights, tiki torches, in ground lights and my favorite:  lanterns
  • Outdoor Rugs: patterned or solid prints, they add necessary texture and interest, defining your spaces
  • Plants & Greenery: hanging plants, flowers, large and small potted plants
  • Umbrellas/Shade Covers: add an umbrella over a dining table for added shade

Creating Destinations in Your Backyard

The key to making every inch of your outdoor space count is creating meaningful destinations where people can sit, eat, talk and relax. If your space lacks these destinations, guests won’t feel as comfortable.

No matter the size of your outdoor spaces, if you think in terms of meaningful backyard destinations, we promise you’ll get more use and more pleasure from your outdoors.

Try to make the spaces just as inviting as the inside of your home.

Think about what your family does most and cater to that. Maybe you like entertaining and need space for a grill and a dining table, or maybe you love relaxing with a good book. Also, think about what you could do more of if only you created the elements.

My family loves to read. I thought adding a comfy daybed would be ideal to encourage relaxing reading outdoors. Since we had all the other elements this was an easy choice.


green daybed from BHG at Walmart for luxurious backyard destinations


My Seattle Backyard

Our backyard is long and narrow. We have a long stone patio that extends the entire length of the house. It has two sets of stone steps that lead out onto a grassy lawn.

The patio has four distinct seating destinations:

  1. a small table and chairs at the far end
  2. an outdoor couch set in the middle
  3. two rocking chairs and table at the other end
  4. and a dining table with six chairs near our outdoor kitchen.

Each space is self-sufficient with tables for food and drinks and at least two chairs to facilitate conversation and socializing.

Our patio came complete with an outdoor kitchen which my husband puts to great use, so we are set up for the food portion of the entertaining.

We also have a hot tub just below the patio which is great for parties and fun for all ages.


outdoor daybeds are the perfect addition to your outdoor destinations


Backyard Destination Designer Tips

  • When brainstorming your backyard décor, it’s important to decide on a theme to create a cohesive mood. Do you want to create a more luxurious spa feel, a laid-back outdoor hangout or something in between?
  • Aim for a common color scheme to tie things together. Using 2-3 colors is fine. Just be sure your various colors don’t clash. Try to have at least one color in common across your various backyard destinations.
  • I recommend creating intentional destinations around your patio and property. But be careful not to oversaturate with too many destinations. You don’t want the mood of your backyard space to feel cluttered. You want the goal to be tranquility. This is created with just the right amount of décor and plenty of breathing space in between your destinations.

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Top Reasons to Refresh Your Outdoor Patio & Backyard Areas

1. Creating a “Stay-Cation.”

One of the best benefits of creating an outdoor haven is having a vacation vibe in your own backyard. You won’t have to take a plane ride or drive to the beach to have a relaxing time. You can simply step foot out your back door.

How convenient is that?

The investment in creating an inviting oasis in your backyard definitely pays off. It may even save you money.

I’m not saying don’t travel. But if you can find relaxation and enjoyment at home it could ease your day-to-day stress and help you relax even when you can’t get away.

outdoordaybed is the perfect way to refresh any outdoor space


2. Last-Minute Entertaining Made Possible

Another plus of refreshing your backyard is always being ready for entertaining. Having multiple seating options and activities for guests, like a hot tub, and grill allow you to entertain at a moment’s notice. Nothing like impromptu get togethers to add joy to everyday living.

3. The Motivation to Get Outside More Often

When your outdoor spaces are inviting and functional, it will motivate you to get outside and soak up some sun and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe you love to garden and want to spend more time tending your plants or maybe you love to do yoga outside.

We all know how essential it is for your mind, body and soul to soak up fresh air and a little vitamin D. We all need time away from our screens getting back to nature.

It feels good because it is good.

Create an ambiance that invites you and your family to do more of this.

this gorgeous outdoor space inspiration for backyard destinations

4. Invest More Quality Time with Loved Ones

Spending time with friends and family is always necessary, but doing it outside, in your own private backyard is even better.

I love creating backyard destinations where my family and I can just sit and catch up after a long day of work or school, especially in the warmer months.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we like to take advantage of all the sun and warmth possible.

5. Invest in Yourself

Sometimes, we can get caught up in the craze and chaos of everyday life, and it’s important to remember to slow down.

Enjoy that extra cup of tea or coffee in the morning and do so on your beautifully decorated outdoor patio.

If it looks nice, it will feel nice and you’ll want to spend more time in your new space.

create meaningful backyard destinations to love year round


6. Increasing the Value and Functionality of Your Home

Most of the “living spaces” at our homes tend to focus on the interiors. The square-footage of your home shouldn’t end at the back door.

I know my family will be spending a lot of time outside this spring and summer because of the efforts I’ve made to create inviting backyard destinations.

Bring on all the barbecues, hot tub parties and teenage hangouts! I can’t believe I just said that. But seriously, what more could a mom ask for?

Outdoor Patio Furniture on a Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to look for “power pieces.” By this, I mean something that delivers a true bang for your buck.

This gorgeous daybed from Better Homes & Gardens is the perfect example of that, because with one low purchase price you are getting a very stylish, complete look.

The daybed comes complete with matching decorative pillows and a luxurious overhead canopy to provide cover on those extra sunny days. You have the power to transform the look of your outdoor patio with one simple purchase.

How awesome is that?

outdoor daybeds are the perfect addition to your outdoor destinations

How I Created My Backyard Destinations with Style

  • I chose a color theme of natural green tones mixed with white accents.
  • The green of the daybed practically blends in with the scenery, which I personally love.
  • The overall look is minimalist and sleek, which creates a peaceful atmosphere to relax in. It can also blend with any current outdoor style, all depending on the accessories you choose to add.
  • To complement the daybed, I added these white garden stools. They visually frame and add function as well.
  • Pops of color I brought in with the pink florals. I love the contrast of the pink and green tones; it feels like spring has officially sprung in my backyard.
  • A simple white linen throw over the daybed is useful if the temperature drops or just to add beauty.
  • I love my Better Homes & Gardens farmhouse style tray. I can easily carry drinks and snacks from the kitchen.
  • My classic white ceramic pitcher is also from Better Homes & Gardens. I use this pitcher year-round, inside and outside. Honestly, this is an essential piece that I get endless use from.
  • My favorite indoor/outdoor drinking cups in two sizes. The hydrangea florals as stunning. I get so many compliments on these. I use them from season to season and they still look like new. They are the perfect beverageware to serve iced tea or your favorite mocktail.
  • Make sure your outdoor space includes an outdoor dining set where people can gather and eat.
  • If room allows you might also want an outdoor couch or love seat with a console table to provide additional seating to your outdoor patio. Better Homes & Gardens available at Walmart has a large selection that are affordably priced and lasting quality. I owned a set for 15 years in Sacramento and loved the look and value.

create powerful socializing destinations in your backyard

Backyard Destination Daybed from Better Homes & Gardens

When I saw this stunning daybed from the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart, I knew I had to have it.

I’ve never owned a daybed, but I’ve always admired them. It really has a resort feel. Napping during the day has never been so stylish! I’m slightly kidding, but also not really.

I can totally picture laying here during the summer reading a good book and drinking sparkling water. Sounds like heaven to me.

The shade cover is also great if you’re not trying to get too much sun.

Not only is this daybed luxurious and on trend, but it’s so affordable. It’s such a must-have item for your backyard destinations.

That’s why Jodie and I love shopping the Better Homes & Gardens collection available exclusively at Walmart. They have many items available in stores. But we love shopping online because they have an extensive collection available.

gorgeous backyard destinations to create an outdoor oasis

Shop Easily and Smart to Create Your Backyard Destinations

We hope you are inspired to revamp your own outdoor spaces to create meaningful destinations. When you take the time to make the most of your backyard, you’ll be even more excited to spend time outside this spring and summer.

Remember, you don’t have to blow the budget to create beautiful and functional backyard destinations. Shopping smart isn’t rocket science. The Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart makes it super easy and simple to shop online right from your computer. With the proven reliability of this brand we always know we are purchasing quality and value.

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to leave us a comment below with your backyard decor plans. We want to hear your ideas. We love to hear from you.

Happy Decorating and Happy Spring!

jodie & julie
create a beautiful destination seating area with this budget friendly canopy day bed

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