Fresh Spring Decorating For Your Home

Fresh Spring Decorating to liven up your home for the new season

Fresh spring decorating is easy to achieve with tips & tricks to bring the garden indoors using flowers, pillows, pops of color & garden accents. Let’s jump right in!

Fresh faux flower decor

Spring is the season of rebirth. And after a season of winter, we all love spring. The challenge is that we are usually ready for it before it’s ready for us! Waiting on weather is not always fun, but that’s more reason to fake it inside until weather cooperates, which it always does eventually. How do I change up my home to create a look that is new, fresh, and brings the outdoors in? I’ll show you how with my springtime to do list and my fresh spring decorating tips and tricks. It’s easy to achieve a look you love with just a little inspiration.

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Refresh your home with colorful spring decor

The fundamentals stayed the same, but all the details were swapped out for a renewed spring look. Fresh flowers, floral accent pillows, and faux flowers tie together to create a garden-fresh look.  Shop these pillows and many more in our blog shop. You can find our affiliate links in the shop.

How to Create Fresh Spring Decorating

I use elements that bring the outdoor garden indoors. What qualifies? Anything that would look at home outside in a garden. Have fun with this and use your imagination. Remember, in my decor book there are no rules. Here are some examples I love:

  • rustic pots
  • baskets
  • a wheelbarrow
  • lanterns
  • a bench
  • plants:  faux and real
  • flowers
  • small animals:  birds, bunnies
  • watering cans
  • garden accents
  • galvanized items
  • rustic elements



Create an indoor garden look for fresh spring decorating

For this central spot in my home, I chose plenty of greenery, some garden elements like this lantern, and a moss covered basket perfect for holding Easter eggs!

Fresh Spring Decorating: Indoor Garden Theme

One thing I love about the indoor garden theme is that it blends easily with farmhouse, vintage style. If your home is not embracing these styles, you can still use similar elements but instead of a farmhouse feel they could have the feel of an English garden, a little bit more refined, a little fancier, but still think garden. This garden theme can be easily adjusted to fit any style of existing decor.


Fresh spring look with fresh flowers and soft vintage elements

Easily create a springtime feel using fresh flowers. They add wow to any room. Once you start using fresh flowers soon your home will not feel right without them.

I love to express springtime with colorful accents and plenty of real and faux flowers. Nothing says spring more than flowers.  I love to include greenery, wreaths, spring-inspired pillows with, you guessed it, flowers.  You’ll see some nests, birds, bunnies (especially as it gets closer to Easter). It’s so fun and easy to make the house come alive with spring.

Faux flowers add beauty to any spring decor

Plenty of Fresh & Faux Flowers

I also use plenty of faux flower arrangements mixed in with my spring decor. I love being able to reuse them year after year. They are an investment but when you consider the amount of use it can really be worth it.

The quality has improved tremendously making faux a viable option.

I left home last year for a couple weeks to visit Jodie, and my husband watered all my faux plants and flowers!

Note to self: Sometimes they can look too real. 


Fresh Spring Decorating made easy with flowers & pillows

An all-neutral backdrop allows me to pop new colors when the mood hits. Here I have enjoyed adding one pink floral pillow and some faux flowers for a fresh spring look. 

To-Do List for Fresh Spring Decorating

1. Start with de-cluttering

You can’t add new without removing “old.” So, take away any items that you are tired of seeing, anything that reminds you of winter, any holidays that have passed, and make room for new.

2. Put away heavier fabrics

Next, put away wool blankets. Start to remove faux fur rugs, pillows and throws and store them away until next fall. They can be replaced by lighter feeling and looking fabrics like cottons and linens for a fresh look and feel.

3. Gather your spring decor

I recommend doing this before any shopping. Because, if you are like me, you won’t remember all that you have since last year. When I was ready to begin my spring decorating this year, I collected it all from the various storage spaces around my house and filled the front hallway. This enabled me to first see what I had before I began.

4. Start to assemble

Create vignettes and different decor gatherings around your home that say spring to you. I love birds and nests and of course bunnies make their appearance too. Whatever you love, it’s all up to you.

5. Add fresh flowers whenever possible.

If you can work it into your budget, one vase of fresh flowers in your home is always worthwhile. If you can’t afford Trader Joe’s $5.99 bouquet, you can always head out to the yard or a park and cut some fresh branches or flowers.

How about wildflowers along a trail? There are always solutions if you get creative.

Fresh flowers Create Spring Decorating

Take one look at Pinterest during spring and you will see that flowers equal spring. It’s not hard to understand why. We crave this rebirth of life, and after the long dark winter it is the perfect way to bring this new life into our homes.

Pops of color and fresh beauty is all it takes.

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Fresh Spring Decorating: My Process

I want to share with you my process and some tips for redecorating your house any time of year.

  • First, don’t put any feeling of pressure on yourself.
  • Have it in your mind that this is “play time” and create a solid mentality to have fun & enjoy the process.
  • Try things out.  Don’t worry that you need to “get it right” each time you put something down. I always tell myself, “I’m just trying this.”
  • Next, I always step back, think about it, walk away, look again, and I repeat this process again and again over time. Sometimes, I’ll get a vignette perfect right off the bat, but honestly, this rarely happens. I don’t let it worry me or upset me. I just know it’s a work in progress. Knowing this takes the pressure off.
  • Allow your creative juices to flow naturally and easily over days, weeks if necessary. Why not? Unless a magazine is coming to your house for a photo shoot or you’re having a party. Even then you are probably your own worst critic.
  • Lastly, know that the process can be ongoing. I’m always looking and critiquing, so I’m never really done. In other words, the fun never stops.

Room with a view of the Pacific Northwest

Anatomy of a Spring Tray

I absolutely love my walls of windows. This is my view when I sit and write, mediate, and pray. It’s also where I sit with friends for coffee and enjoy my family for relaxing times together. I love to look out the windows and see God’s amazing handiwork. This is a central spot to decorate.

Favorite decor items for spring:

  • bunnies
  • wooden beads
  • greenery, faux or real
  • candles
  • books (for texture and height building)

I added my beautiful wooden rosary bead. It brings natural texture, a spiritual element and provides a gorgeous visual as well. 

For more spring decorating inspiration, check out Martha Stewart’s spring decor article.

Farmhouse table, rustic decor with magnolia home clock

Fresh Spring Decorating

Regardless of the weather outside, spring fever hits my home and helps me deal with the wait. It can do whatever it pleases outside as long as it’s spring in my heart and home.

I hope you enjoyed my spring home tour. If you haven’t already read it, I know you’ll enjoy Jodie’s budget-friendly spring decor ideas.

You are sure to benefit from her unique & easy styling tips. She supplies all the inside scoop behind her gorgeous decorating and incredible IG photos. And she shares how you can get the same looks without spending a lot.

Finally, we’d LOVE to hear from you. What are your favorite tips and tricks for springtime decor? We already know we have the best readers in the universe. You’re always giving us amazing ideas and inspiring us. So let us hear your fabulous tips so we can keep learning from you too.

With love & gratitude,

jodie & julie

beautiful spring decorating ideas

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Fresh Spring Decorating For Your Home
Fresh spring decorating is easy to achieve with tips & tricks to bring the garden indoors using flowers, pillows, pops of color & garden accents!
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      Thank you so much, Lisa. Our mama is amazing. She always let us be…let us express ourselves, let us be twins, embraced the individuals we are. She supported us in all our efforts and was and is our biggest fan. Growing up she was at every recital, performance, show, dance, play, assembly…and with 6 kids there were plenty. But she was just that kind of mom. Now she continues to teach us how to live by her example…embracing life to the fullest every day. Thank you for your kind words and sweet support. It means the world to us. We hope you will continue to join us on this exciting journey of discovery and growth. With love, Julie & Jodie

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    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Welcome to our blog, Robin! We are so glad you are here! We have a dear cousin named Robin so that’s lovely that you remind us of her. We hope you will continue to visit us and enjoy all we have to share. We hope you will journey with us as we make the most of every day! With friendship, Julie & Jodie

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    Jodie, your take 2 on floral arrangement was beautiful. Loving the yellow. So springy. You’ve got through knack.
    God bless you twin lovelies.
    In March Madness,

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Aw Rhonda, You are so cute (and so up to date) haha! We are so glad you made it to the blog. March Madness may have drawn you here, but we hope you will stay long after the giveaway is over. We hope to continue to inspire you. With love & gratitude, Julie & Jodie

      • Rhonda Comus says:

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        I’ve been on your blog a few times before March madness. I don’t participate in giveaways but you girls kept reminding us in your posts and videos. ???? I felt like you were talking to me. Haha. So I finally gave in and started to enter. After March madness is over I’ll be around for a very long time. You girls brighten my day. I always look for your videos first.
        God bless you and yours

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    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Oh my goodness gracious, Jan! Wow, your kind reply just nearly made me cry!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to express your appreciation. We just can’t believe your kind reply. It means so much that you feel are hearts, because they are indeed real. We have a hard time managing all that we want to accomplish too haha! Because we feel so connected to everyone that we truly want to reply. But we are going to try to balance it a little less so we can write more. We want to write a book, so we need to step back just a little in order for there to be enough hours in a day. But you understand how our hearts pull us to you. With love and gratitude, Julie & Jodie

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      Thanks for coming to our blog and spending some time with us! Julie and I appreciate it so much!
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      Jodie & Julie

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      That makes us so happy, Sweet Friend! We appreciate your kind words and your support. We hope you will continue to travel this journey of inspiration and friendship. Who knows where it will lead us but I know we’re going to have fun along the way! Many blessings, Julie & Jodie

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    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Welcome to our blog Brooke! We are all dreaming of spring together! Here in Seattle we have had so many days straight of rain I’ve really lost count. I’m just thinking that when it does come it’s going to be a)spectacular and b)very appreciated! We hope you will find lots to inspire you on our blog and make it a regular habit 🙂 With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

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      Dawn, Aw, you sweetie. If someone’s name came up and they weren’t subscribed we would probably want to email them and double check…before not letting them win. We would just feel like it was most likely an oversight. Also, it’s the same with not mentioning “March Madness”…haha. We know you are committed and so we are committed to YOU! With love & blessings, Julie & Jodie

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    (Entering spring giveaway)

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  110. Sandra Belabin says:

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    I purchased my first ever pillow cover to start decorating my bedroom from one of the Etsy shops! Little by little I will continue to add to my pillow collection (and others????) thanks to your tips.

    Happy Sunday!

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    Loving the paint color reveal today. ???????? I can’t wait to see what you’re going to style on the wall. I live outside of Portland OR and discovered that there is only one Dunn Edward paint store or dealer here and it’s located in southern Oregon. Bummer ????

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    March madness ❤

  115. Lisa says:

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    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Lisa, The mirrored shutters on either side of the bed were purchased at a local boutique. They are made by The Bramble Company. Go online and search for a local retailer nearest you. Always call before going. They are a custom purchase so you may have to order. The good news is you get to choose your finish. Good luck. Best, Julie

  116. Your blog is very useful and provides tremendous facts. Keep up the good work.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      We are so glad you have found helpful tips and inspiration on our blog! It means so much to us! Thank you for the sweet comments again!
      XO ~ Jodie & Julie

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  118. Impressive article. Thanks for sharing such a useful article with us.

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