How to Design the Perfect Bedroom Retreat

Tips for designing your Dream bedroom retreat

Creating spaces for the family to enjoy and areas for your guests to gather seem to take precedence when it comes to decorating our homes. And yet nothing is more important than our own personal spaces. I’m talking bedrooms. Our bedroom is where we escape from the world. It is where we shut out all the worry, stress, noise and challenges of our busy, hectic lives. We need our bedrooms to provide a literal and figurative retreat, an oasis where we recharge and refuel our minds, bodies and souls. There really is no space more important. Creating a place where you feel happy and even a little spoiled is essential. I recently restyled not one, not two, but three bedrooms in my home, and I’m so excited to share them with you in hopes of inspiring you to create your own bedroom retreat.

This post has been sponsored but contains all my honest opinions and beliefs. I hope you enjoy these companies I am telling all my friends about.

master restyle using luxurious white bedding

Creating a Mood in Your Bedroom Retreat

First, ask yourself, what kind of mood do you want to create? Do you want it to be sleek and contemporary? Elegant and refined? Country cottage quaint? I have my clients begin with a mood or a feeling. After you define the mood you want you can then move on toward choosing how to express that mood.

floral inspiration for bedroom design

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For this bedroom restyle I wanted it to have an overriding romantic feel. I created it using a mix of cottage, farmhouse, and French Provencal elements.

“Defining” the Style of Your Bedroom Retreat

What is the overriding style you want? Don’t worry if your “definition” crosses style boundaries. Jodie and I often need 2-3 style definitions to categorize any given space. We say feel free to cross boundaries, mix it up to create your own decor that defines you and no one else. For example, my current bedroom I would define as romantic, cottage, farmhouse, with a bit of French Provencal mixed in for good measure.

  • Next, move on to color: What colors speak that mood for you?
  • How much detail will help create that mood for you?
  • Consider your partner and his/her tastes if you share your bedroom.

boys room turned guest room

In this guest bedroom restyle I changed out the bed, the art, some details and the bedding to create an entirely new look. This incredible all linen hand-sewn coverlet is created with love and care by Rhonda @hallstromhome. Visit her at her website of the same name and follow her inspiring feed on Instagram.

Consider your Bedroom Retreat Budget

Next, we always address the budget. A bedroom restyle could be a complete overhaul where the sky is the limit (rare!) Or, more likely, you are looking to “update.” Examine your budget and be realistic. Look at what you can afford to spend and then look at the possibilities. You need to weigh your priorities and decide what you love, what you dislike, and where to spend your hard-earned dollars. This is tough but very important.

I always suggest to clients to do their homework. Whether you are working with a decorator or are on your own you still will benefit from doing your homework. With great resources online you can let your fingers do the walking.

guest room inspiration

I loved mixing romantic elements with rustic to create a bedroom retreat that would appeal to both sexes. The rustic wall is created by wallpaper from Milton and King.

The Anatomy of a Bedroom Retreat

Let’s look at the elements to consider:

  • Flooring: Will this remain? Can you update with a rug?
  • Walls: Do you love the current color, treatment? Repainting is a relatively inexpensive update, especially if you paint it yourself.
  • Furniture: What pieces are staying? Can any furniture be updated, i.e. refinished, repainted. Otherwise, the style and finishes need to be taken into consideration as “givens” in your finished look.

boys bed with blue tones

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In this bedroom restyle I changed out all the bedding, added the stools at the bottom of the bed and new art on the other walls for a fresh feel that my son loves.

  • Lighting: A great way to add wow to a room is to change up the lighting. Is a new chandelier in the budget?
  • Bedding: This is the most common (and most budget friendly) way to update a bedroom.
  • Accessories: Lamps, wall decor, and small decor items are another budget-friendly way to make updates to your existing space.
bedroom retreat

Bedding can literally transform a bedroom so with a limited budget I often advise clients to put this as a priority.

Enjoy the best bedding on the market by investing in products from Boll & Branch. When you do you support a small family business whose success is built on quality, commitment to fair trade, and ensuring nothing but pure, chemical-free ingredients go into their all-cotton products. Since being introduced to this amazing company, the way I look at bedding has changed. They pour so much love and care into creating bedding that will last decades. By selling exclusively online they eliminate the middleman, the cost of a storefront, and advertising/marketing. This allows them to deliver the highest value bedding possible. I am sold, and when you experience Boll & Branch I think you will be too.

Before & After’s: Details of My Bedroom Restyles

My Master Bedroom Retreat

Here is a look at it before my restyle:

master bedroom with king and queen pillows


romantic master bedroom with white bedding

My Master Bedroom Retreat

New Bedding

Number one change was the bedding. I had literally been dreaming of a linen coverlet for what seemed like years, and even with my high expectations I was still overwhelmed by the beauty. The luxurious, lightweight, dreamy feel of linen draping and puddling effortlessly in the bedroom, I mean can we get any more romantic? Also, do you see the fabulous sky blue ruffle linen pillow shams? I know, don’t hate me because my bed is beautiful. These can be yours too. They are all made by my amazing, kind, and TALENTED friend Rhonda at Hallstromhome. She has many talents and a shop full of wonder, in addition to her handmade linens, so be sure to visit her blog shop and tell her that her loving friend Julie sent you.

New Rug

I also added a new rug to tie in the blue. This rug is from Well Woven Rugs. My choice was the Maxwell Blue Rug from their newly released collection called The Kensington Collection. I really love it. Their rugs are well priced (shockingly), there is no shedding at all, and even my sweet hubby loves it. I say “even my hubby” because Fred typically notices NOTHING. I mean it.The first night the rug was in our room he said, “Wow, I love this…is this new?” He loves the feel on his bare feet, so soft and lovely. Success! I have to say I was super pleased.

New Bench

If you know me at all you know there’s nothing I love more than a bench. Really, I feel like I can never own too many benches. They add the perfect “je ne sais crois” to any spot. So, it’s not that I didn’t love my old bench; it’s just that my benches like to play a game called “musical bench” around my house and who am I to stop them? They like to visit different places, see the sights, you know, and can you blame a bench for wanting such a life? No. So the former bench is enjoying an adventurous new life in a different room and for now I am loving this fresh farmhouse one.

New Throw

The gorgeous luxurious texture of my chunky knit throw makes a big impact wherever I put it. Any time of year but especially as we enter the cooler months this throw will get plenty of use here  in our master bedroom. This 100% Merino wool hand-knit chunky throw is made by Larissa at Becozi Jodie and I are thrilled to be able to offer all our followers a 10% discount for a limited time. Use TWINS10 to save now.

My Son’s Bedroom Retreat


how to decorate a farmhouse bedroom


guest bedroom with ned luxurious bedding

Fresh bedding makes all the difference! Smart, handsome, classic, this Boll & Branch bedding is beautiful and timeless.

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New Bedding

Once again new bedding is the key to this bedroom restyle. All the bedding shown above is from Boll & Branch. The sheets are the softest flannel I’ve ever felt, and they have earned me loving and enthusiastic cuddles of gratitude from my lucky son. Worth it.

New Accessories

I also added this cool woven side table. I love the unique shape and texture. The bench I had in here was not suited for the rough housing that goes on the metal edges were sharp hey, this is real life. So I had to choose softer objects that could be “knocked about” and also not cause injury when inevitably run into. Both the woven side table and the woven poof compliment the colors and add interest to the room. They also serve as impromptu seating and are easily rearranged as needed. You can shop the exact items below. The prices of each are very budget-friendly. Sold.

My New Guest Bedroom


boys room turned guest bedroom

This was my youngest son Julian’s bedroom. Now with his older brother Frederick moving on to college this bedroom is my new second guest bedroom.


guest bedroom bedding

This restyle is ALL ABOUT the bedding. I really didn’t change much else. Since this photo I added new art above the bed and a bench. And I made some updates to the shelves, but basically this is the new look.

The bedding is another incredible 100% linen coverlet hand made by Rhonda @hallstromhome. Her linens are an investment, and honestly, in person, there is nothing that compares to quality, the kind of quality that will last. I also love supporting amazing small businesses. Supporting small businesses is like supporting our communities and our country. It’s supporting your neighbor and the hardworking Americans trying to make an honest living. I love it, and when I have a choice I will always choose to shop small. Head to her website to see all she makes and fall in love with everything she stands for.

Well, Friends, are you inspired? I hope you see how easily you can freshen up your bedrooms to create the perfect bedroom retreat. No matter what your budget you can prioritize and choose what’s important for you. Each one of these restyles illustrates the power of simply changing out the bedding for a fresh new look. I also love the idea of investing in quality that will last whenever possible. This will give your room the look and feel of luxury in the most important space you create: your private bedroom retreat.

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Happy Decorating, Friends!

jodie & julie

pinterest master bedroom

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  1. Great tips, beautiful bedrooms! Always love how y’all write and deliver. 🙂

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Cindy, Thank you so much Sweet Friend! We love your kind support and are so very glad you “tune in” to enjoy. God bless you, Julie & Jodie

  2. Patti says:

    Both rooms are beautifully styled. Thanks for the great tips, and information on the beautiful products. Perfect timing as I’m in the process of a master bedroom update ????

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      How perfect indeed!! Every room is different, everyone’s style is different, but I was sure that walking people through my thought processes and those which I have shared with clients could definitely help people on their journeys to creating their personal ideal space. Good luck and I hope you enjoy not only the end results, but the process as well. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

  3. Bri Adams says:

    so pretty! what great new resources. Thank you for sharing. That represents a lot of work! my house tends to never get done. It’s awesome that you went for it.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Aw Bri,
      Thank you honey, for your sweetest reply. It’s so nice to hear that you enjoyed this post. From one fellow blogger to another you do realize all the work involved, haha! It’s all a labor of love, or at least it is in our case! Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your sweet support. Blessings, Julie & Jodie

  4. Melanie says:

    You said you’d give sources, but there aren’t any for the bench in the master. When I click on the pic of the bench underneath that paragraph, it just takes me to pinterest.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Melanie,
      Welcome to our blog. Thank you for bringing that misdirect to my attention. It showed up differently where I had it. No worries. I went ahead and fixed it so it is now linked to my source. Thank you again and our apologies for the delay. Wishing you joy in your decorating adventures! With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

  5. Susan Braden says:

    This is a comment about the first bedroom. First I do not like the chunky knit throw that
    everyone is crazy about. I think it is ugly. Not elegant. Next in the bedroom with the
    head skeleton. I don’t like bones in décor. It makes me uncomfortable and to see so many igers using them and they don’t even post Halloween posts. I find this unsettling. It’s saying to me Halloween is unspiritual and certainly hanging and putting out bones everywhere is unspiritual and disturbing. This is just my opinion and I want stop following. Remember in bedrooms it’s comfort first and navigating that chunky throw around all night could keep me

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Jodie and I are sorry you found my decor “unsettling”. The faux animal skeleton with horns on my son’s wall is simply a fun, rustic style that both my son and I think adds an interesting addition to his wall. It is not meant to make any kind of statement and actually has nothing to do with Halloween. It stays there year-round, and in my son’s words, “it’s cool”. As far as your opinion regarding the chunky knit throw, you are very entitled to your opinion. For us, we love the texture it adds to dress a bed, bench or chair. I use mine more during the day. At night I place it easily on the bench, as I sleep hot enough 🙂 We hope you will come back again and enjoy our next post more than you did this one. Your friends, Julie & Jodie

  6. Jodi says:

    This blog post was timely as my daughter’s switched around their bedrooms and I now have a guest bedroom to update! I’ll first tackle the bedding as you suggested. Do you think it will look okay to have a bench in front of a foot board? I didn’t even think of using a bench, but I love the idea.

    Thanks for all of the tips and gorgeous photos to help me stay on track to start my retreat for my guests!


    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Good Morning Jodi! So glad the timing worked perfectly for your own decorating efforts! Yay! I certainly would put a bench in front of a foot board. Absolutely, without question. Good luck on your project, and be sure to check back regularly for more ideas in inspiration. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

  7. Leanna says:

    Everyone of these rooms is well done, but the romantic one with the big thick throw is my dream bedroom. I made one of those huge throws last year and love it. Pinning as the information is very valuable.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Leanna, What a thoughtful and kind reply! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your sweet words, they encourage us tremendously. Also, we are excited to hear that you made a chunky knit blanket and are enjoying it. We hope you will return to our blog as often as you can and that we can continue to inspire. Blessings, Julie & Jodie

  8. Your rooms are so beautiful. Thx for the mention. I am thankful

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Thank you for the sweet words dear! It is our pleasure! SO glad you enjoyed this post! Lots of love, Jodie & Julie

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