How to Cope with Instagram Realities and Pressures

Battling Instagram Realities and Pressures: The Design Twins’ Best Advice

Instagram realities are tough. The Design Twins share honestly about struggles & rewards found on Instagram and what you can expect on your IG journey.

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Is Instagram worth it? Let’s be honest, Instagram realities and pressures are real.

After writing 45 posts about Instagram most of you are probably asking, “Why has it taken you this long to bring up the topic?” Well, it’s not that we haven’t thought about this. We are, in fact, acutely aware of the challenges. I don’t think there has been a single Instagram post when we didn’t mutter the words, this is hard. However, we haven’t tackled the topic head on until now.

Is Instagram Really Worth All the Work? And Why Are We Addressing This Topic Now?

Why tackle this complicated question now? One of our Insta-besties recently had her Instagram account hacked. They deleted her account and she had to start over. As we tried our best to console her it inevitably brought up the question: Is it worth it?

Another reason for the timeliness discussion stems from the recent Instagram climate.

What “climate?” It’s hard to define and hard to say for sure but we and others have noticed some serious ups and downs in the past months. And when I say, “ups and downs,” I don’t mean huge growth. I am referring mainly to huge downs that are seemingly unexplainable.

Instagram Realities: Crackdown on Fake Accounts

We do know that spam and fake accounts are being deleted systematically by Instagram because of advancements in technology. Spam accounts are pervasive across the platform so all accounts will feel some amount of decline due to their deletion at different times. We all know that we lose a certain percentage of followers on an on-going basis. It’s just a matter of balancing that loss with daily growth. Lately the amount of loss has increased and the amount of new accounts has decreased. The overall result is slowed growth for most.

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The result? Julie and I have experienced a lower relative growth rate than we have ever experienced in our past four plus years on Instagram. So yes, it is enough to make us take a look at the daily commitment, time and effort and ask the big questions.

Instagram Realities: The Daily Challenges

Before we dive into the answer let’s just acknowledge the daily challenges. This is a quick summary of the daily commitment IG can take:

  1. Schedule your life around posting times
  2. Prepare content in advance
  3. Keep the creativity flowing
  4. Come up with interesting topics to discuss
  5. Did we mention the daily content?
  6. Commit time and energy to commenting, answering DM’s and connecting with followers
  7. Give back to the community by liking and commenting on others’ posts
  8. Create daily stories
  9. Create Live video
  10. Share on Instagram TV

This is our daily reality and it’s a lot. Looking at this list we are honestly wondering how we maintain this.

And this is nothing new. We have done this and been committed to this for years. For the most part we’ve been all in. We have loved it. Why?

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Instagram Realities: The Rewards

Here are the reasons why we have loved it and the rewards we experience:

  1. Motivation to learn and grow
  2. Joy in the creative endeavor
  3. Connecting with people, making friends
  4. Encouraging/mentoring people
  5. Creating a loyal following who are interested in what you are doing, teaching, saying and yes, selling.
  6. Creating brand awareness that you can then use to launch your career or business in whatever direction you choose
  7. Earning a real living to contribute to both our families

Yes, Instagram is powerful. Julie and I came on Instagram with zero intentions beyond numbers one to two. Quickly we realized that numbers three to four were an unforeseen bonus and motivation for us. Then slowly we realized numbers five to seven were possible. That’s when we started collaborating with brands and started our blog.

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Instagram Realities: The Long Haul

Another challenging Instagram reality is the never-ending treadmill it creates. Once you step on it’s hard to get off. And, to be successful you shouldn’t get off. One of the keys to success is tenacity and consistency. How do we deal with this? We have some coping skills to recommend.

  1. Make a posting schedule and stick to it.
  2. Take photo shoots on a schedule and produce visual content in bulk.
  3. Create posts ahead of time and save in draft when needed.
  4. Take time off your phone. (This is for sanity and to avoid burnout.)
  5. Listen to your mood. If you are not “feeling it” try waiting to comment for when you are feeling generous.
  6. Feel the love. Really take in the kindness, ignore the negativity, and treat your followers like old friends.
  7. Maintain an attitude of gratitude and joy.

Using these coping skills your time on IG will feel less tedious and more enjoyable. Be strategic with your time, but also help yourself stay authentic. When you feel like you are in charge your IG responsibilities and posting feels less like a job and more fun.

Instagram Realities: The Pressures

One of the toughest Instagram realities the trap of comparison. It is hard to be on Instagram day after day seeing spectacular talent, beautiful homes, swoon-worthy beauty square after square. It can also be difficult to watch others growing faster. Comparison can be harmful when it leaves you feeling chronically inferior or depressed.

Remember that success on Instagram is not a measure of worth.

Everyone’s path is unique, and it is created by countless elements, unseen forces, and uncontrollable factors. Try to stay in your own lane. This may be the most difficult challenge of all, but also the most imperative. If you fall into this trap you will not find joy in the journey. Without joy you will ultimately not succeed.

Take Your Instagram to the Next Level

The pressures of Instagram are real. However, if you’re willing to push past that, we might have the perfect next step for you. If you’re ready to transform your Instagram account, we invite you to join us in our comprehensive online course called “From Confused to Confident: 6 Steps to Instagram Success.” Learn all about it and sign up for our Instagram success course here.

The Design Twins Instagram Workshop in Waco, Texas

Attitude is Everything

Everyone has their own path, their own pace. Our brand would have developed more quickly if we had started with a vision and a plan. But we needed to discover our dreams along the way. That has just been our path.

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Instead of focusing on the idea of being bigger, having more followers, and the future keep you focus on the present. Think about your current followers and keeping them delighted and loyal. They are your bread and butter. If your current followers are thrilled IG will see the quality of your posts by their reactions. IG will automatically show your posts to others, and you will grow.

It’s also a more satisfying outlook. It keeps you in a state of gratitude and not dissatisfaction. It’s the difference between being in the future vs. the now. Keep all your energy focused on the now and you will succeed.

Find your joy and you will find your power and your purpose.

Be Real

We have talked about the importance of being authentic with your audience and how creating real relationships with your followers will help grow a loyal and engaged following. Why not take this to the next level? I find that when I am stressed or upset about something in my life if I share it with my followers not only does it connect me to them in a real way but it actually helps me.

Talking honestly with my followers is like therapy. I’m not saying you should complain about every little thing. That could get old very quickly. But looking to your followers for support can be really helpful.

Be real. Share what is stressing you out about Instagram realities or life in general. It is likely that many others are feeling the same things, and they will empathize with you.

Keep Things in Perspective

Yes, Instagram can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. I heard a friend say recently that for her Instagram account is her “me time.” She looks at her posting time every day as a moment she takes to herself away from her family to share her creative side with the world. What a lovely way to think of it.

So take that time away from your family for a few minutes. Remember why you are doing this. And don’t feel guilty about taking this time. That will only create stress where there doesn’t have to be any. Take the time for you, for your account, for your dreams. And enjoy your little “Instagram Break.”

It’s all in how you think about it.

What are your current Instagram realities? We would love to hear from you in your comment below.

Personalized Instagram Help For You

Now that we’ve taught you how to cope with Instagram pressures, it’s time to get serious about Instagram. Sign up to receive our 90-minute Personalized Instagram Audit today. We will analyze every aspect of your account, create a clear plan for you, and coach you personally so you can succeed.

Jodie and I have been teaching and coaching clients how to build successful Instagram accounts for years. Many past students are now successful influencers and have grown their brands beyond their wildest imaginations. Let us do the same for you!

It’s time to invest in yourself today and every day!

With gratitude,

jodie & julie

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How to Cope with Instagram Realities and Pressures
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How to Cope with Instagram Realities and Pressures
Instagram realities are tough. The Design Twins share honestly about the realities, struggles, and pressures of seeking success on Instagram and why the rewards are worth it!
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  1. Jodie and Julie, I only have a few followers but with learning the Instagram world I am grateful for 168. I don’t have a lot to post but, want to learn how to do instastories. My husband and I belong to a local farmers market and I would like to help grow that market through instastories and featuring fellow vendors similar to how you do #designtwinslove. I am going to put together a plan, learn to write scripts, interviews, tips,recipes. I am calmly excited.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Karen Gulley,
      We are so glad that you enjoyed this post! It sounds like you have a great plan to grow your Instagram! Thank you for coming to the blog and we hope to see you on here in the future!
      XO ~ Jodie & Julie

  2. stacey says:

    Hi Ladies! I have a question for you. How is it that I have all these strange men asking to follow me. I used to be an open account until my husband asked why all these creepy men were following me. After weighing the loss of Followers with the creep factor I decided to delete over 200 male followers from my post. All of these men say how wonderful they are, show a few pix with kids or dogs and do not post more than 5 or 6 photos themselves. I am a married women with kids and you can tell from from posts I am happy and not on the prowl for male companionship. My sisters have also had this problem and their accounts are private. I have since made my site private but I wanted it to be open to encourage followers who truly like my photos and wish to easily follow.
    How do these men get my name, they are still asking to follow me, and how do I stop this?
    Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this.
    Love your blog!
    Stacey Trap

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Stacey,

      Firstly, thank you for your kind words. Julie & I really appreciate it.

      Regarding your question, Everyone on IG has the same problem with these types of fake accounts. I don’t know if they are even men, but the photos aren’t real, they are just accounts trying to scam people. You can just ignore them. They usually don’t comment on you feed or care about your photos, they are just preying on women who are lonely. If they DM you saying “Hi” and you see that it is one of these types of accounts just “Decline.” That’s all you have to do. If they bother you on your feed then you can block them. It would be really sad if you let them control your decision to enjoy IG and share your decor and photos with other.
      I hope this helps.

      With love and blessings,
      Jodie & Julie

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m so happy you talked about losing followers as the norm. All of a sudden I lost 200 one morning and couldnt figure out why. Usually I’m gaining followers, not losing them. Now I’m verrrrry slowly gaining but I will not give up! Thanks for the inspiration as always ladies!
    P.S…. have yall ever thought about writing a book? I look forward to reading these like it’s a book. Would love to have all of this as a coffee table read with my coffee 😚

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Yes it is completely normal to gain and lose followers like you described. It can definitely be frustrating but you just have to stay positive. We’re so glad to hear you’re not giving up! You’re very welcome sweet friend. We have thought about writing a book before yes! Hopefully one day, that is our dream. You’re so sweet!
      Lots of love,
      Jodie & Julie

  4. Mary Stevens says:

    On these men that start following you like Stacy said how do you block them?? My picture on my page is of my hubby and me and I still get these and it bothers me!! Again how do you block them???????????????????

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi sweet friend! Yes, we know this can be frustrating but it happens to nearly everyone. It’s very easy to block them. Just go their profile and click on the three little dots in the upper right hand corner of the page and you can press block from there. Hope that makes sense. Good luck!
      Lots of love,
      Jodie & Julie

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