Make a Special DIY Coffee Bar You’ll Love in 4 Easy Steps

Easy DIY Coffee Bar, Step-by-step Set-up, Coffee Bar Accessories, & More!

Tired of paying ridiculous prices at Starbucks? Me too! That’s why I decided to create my own DIY coffee bar at home. With so many great products available and my step-by-step advice, you’ll have yours set up in no time.

Marble backsplash and built-in cabinets perfect for DIY Coffee Station

Location, Location, Location!

Just as in real estate it’s all about location. Your DIY coffee bar needs to be in a convenient spot that makes your life easier. The right location can add further enjoyment to your drink-making efforts. The goal is to enjoy the entire process, not just the end results.

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Step 1: Figure out the best location for your DIY coffee bar.

  • Do you have counter space available in your kitchen?
  • How about a spot in your Master bedroom or bathroom?
  • Maybe the best spot is in your finished basement or where you have a second kitchen.

Your decision is going to be based on several factors. Answer the following questions:

  1. Where do you have the space?
  2. Where do you like to enjoy your drinks?
  3. How much money are you able to invest in creating your coffee drink station?
  4. Who will be enjoying this DIY coffee bar?

DIY Coffee bar with coffee maker, espresso maker, ice machine and mini fridge

Where Do You Have the Space for DIY Coffee Bar?

Look around your house. It may not be obvious to you at first. You may have to think outside the box. You may need to repurpose your current space to accommodate your new coffee station.

This is what I had to do.

The reason I didn’t have a drink station for so many years is simple. I didn’t think I had the space.

And the space I did have didn’t have any outlets.

So, for literally years, I just dreamed of the idea and never moved forward. My mind was blocked by these limitations.

If all you see are obstacles, do not give up.

Where Do You Enjoy Your Drinks?

Do you love to have your coffee in bed? Do you usually drink your coffee in your master bath while you’re getting ready?

Maybe it would be worth it to create a space in your master bedroom or bathroom?

At first glance this may seem extravagant, but not necessarily. Think about the mini coffee bar setups you see in hotels. You don’t necessarily need a lot to create a DIY coffee bar that is functional and perfect.

If your perfect DIY Coffee station only needs a coffee maker and accessories, then this idea is totally doable.

Have I got you thinking of new possibilities?

Coffee Bar and drink station includes coffee syrups, tea, espresso machine and more!

What if My Preferred Space Doesn’t Have Counter Space?

This is where you think outside the box.

The answer is add space. If you are a real DIYer or you don’t mind paying a carpenter, you can build it. 

  1. One easy answer is to build functional shelves.
  2. Another option is to buy or build a piece of functional furniture.
  3. The third option we love is to buy a moveable bar cart. We love this option because it’s the most versatile, and there are plenty of price point options to fit any budget.

Shop one of our favorite coffee bar carts.

Below find another one of our favorite bar carts. The style is more modern glam, which is fabulous in any home.

Shop this modern gold cart which is so versatile.

How Much Money Can I Spend om My DIY Coffee Bar?

Step 2: Decide on your DIY Coffee Station Budget

Now is the time to think about what you need and what you want. Once you know where you will put your coffee station you have a better idea of what you will need and how much available space there is to work with.

Maybe you would like a mini fridge. But if you don’t have the budget for it (or the space) there are options. If you just need refrigeration to keep your creamer cold, what about using non-refrigerated creamer options. Again, think of a hotel room.

Also, there are cosmetic “beauty” fridges that are small on space and easy on the wallet. See? So many options.

  1. Make a list of needs.
  2. Make a list of wants.
  3. Do a little price shopping to get general price ranges. (Or rely on us…we’ve got you!)

DIY Coffee bar supplies include flavored syrups, beautiful glassware and spoons

Create Your Plan for Your Coffee Station

You know your location. Your budget is roughly set. Now it’s time to get down to the details. It’s time to shop. We’ve done all the research for you to make this step so much easier.

Step 3: Shop for Your DIY Coffee Bar

While shopping have your tape measure ready. Yes, you need to know your overall space, but how it all fits together depends on how you organize it.

Putting it together is part of the fun. 

You need to keep in mind sizes, spaces, measurements as you go, but you might not know how it all fits and works together until the end. That’s another reason why we love to shop on Amazon. Returns are so easy.

Sugar-free and regular Flavored syrups complete coffee bar set-up

Below find our favorite DIY coffee bar accessories to help you create your own coffee drink station.

Coffee Makers

Shop each item below or visit our Coffee Bar Essentials Shop on Amazon here. Be sure to follow us there for ease of shopping. 

The best drip coffee maker in the world. I’m not exaggerating. Just stating the truth! Best purchase EVER.

Above is the Keurig Mini Single Serve coffee maker  which is a fantastic choice for a small space. It’s also great for a master retreat coffee station.

built-in cabinets for coffee bar and drink station next to kitchen

Coffee Accessories

I feel like these gorgeous glass dispenser bottles are an incredible addition to any DIY coffee bar. They add classy elegance while being very functional. These are a must.

Another stylish addition are these viral vintage glass mugs with wood covers and gold spoons. Once you see them in person you totally understand why these have gone viral over the past year. Wonderful to use and gorgeous to display.

This set of skinny coffee syrups lets you enjoy all the wonderful flavors you, your family, and friends enjoy while staying on a sugar-free diet. Plus, these allow you to get super creative and make all those yummy Starbucks drinks right at home.

These compatible gold syrup pumps attach right to your large syrup bottles and make for easy dispensing. I chose to keep half of my syrup bottles and use these pumps and the other half in the glass dispenser. Honestly the choice was for visual beauty. Both options work well. If you have a lot of bottles of syrup I recommend using a combination of both. Both methods work well and are visually appealing when displayed.

This adorable drink station mini fridge is well priced and versatile. Perfect for a small DIY coffee bar away from the kitchen. Store cold drinks and coffee creamers conveniently and easily.

If you love yummy, frothed drinks like the ones we used to overpay for at Starbuck, then you need this coffee bar frother! It’s inexpensive and gets the job done quickly and easily. You’ll wonder what took you so long to buy one of these. That’s okay. Better late than never. 

Want to see all our coffee bar accessories we recommend? Visit our Coffee Bar Essentials Shop on Amazon for one stop shopping.

built-in cabinets for coffee bar and drink station with mini fridge

Create Delicious Cold Drinks Too

Do you love cold coffee drinks? Or do you want to be able to make yummy cold mocktails or cocktails? Then you may want to consider adding a nugget ice maker to your DIY coffee bar (like I have in mine shown in the photo above). 

What’s great is that it fits easily on a countertop or bar space. It does not need to be connected to water (just an electrical outlet).

It makes a ton of ice fast. And it’s the “special” ice! It’s called nugget ice or pellet ice. All I know is that it makes drinks even more delicious. And it puts the convenience of ready ice right where you want it: at your drink station.

The ice maker shown above is currently on special summer sale: 30-35% off when you shop my link and use the code GEVINIM35 or GEVINIM30. It comes in black or white with gold. Enjoy Gevi Ice Maker Summer Sale here.

Step 4: Put Together Your DIY Coffee Bar

This step can be as simple as arranging your purchases and what you already own. Or it could entail hiring a professional to build the space. The third option entails some small construction. Maybe you are building some floating shelves.

Maybe you are putting together small furniture to create your new DIY Coffee Station.

Here are some ideas we like to get you thinking creatively as you put it all together.

  • Use coffee mug hooks under a shelf or under cupboards. Not only is this a lovely aesthetic way to display pretty mugs, it’s also very functional storage.
  • Trays are great for displaying accessories. Trays add visual beauty, organize your items, and also can serve to protect surfaces. In our design book, you can never have too many trays.
  • Use items you already own to display and organize your accessories. Think outside the box. For example, I used a small antique ironstone pitcher to hold and display my gold spoons. So pretty, and it adds character. Plus, I already owned it. Win-win.
  • Keep your color scheme in mind as you set up your display.
  • You don’t want anything to disrupt the visual flow.
  • Bright labels can ruin the aesthetic. Do what I did. I store all the tea packets in a rattan box. The teas are close at hand, but they don’t distract with unwanted detail or color.

rattan box for tea storage with white marble tile backsplash

Enjoy The Process

Whatever the case, don’t forget to enjoy the process. Focus on the joy and convenience your new coffee bar will provide when it’s completed.

I know I am thoroughly enjoying my new DIY coffee bar. I wish I had created it sooner.

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DIY coffee bar with an ice machine, coffee maker, syrups, and tea.


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