Workout Motivation to Live Your Best Life

how to workout consistently and live your best life

So, you’ve decided to make this year the year you turn your workout dreams into reality. This is the year you are going to commit, and STAY committed. We are so happy to hear that, and we promise you, we are here to help.

It will take more than a one-time decision. You need an action plan to sustain your commitment throughout the year. The goal is to make your workout a habit, something that comes naturally and that you can’t live without. We are going to help you plan it into your life. We need to weave it into the very fabric of your life.

stay motivated to reach fitness goals

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How Often Should I Workout?

Everyone’s workout goals are different, but whether you want to lose weight, compete in a race, improve mobility, or simply increase your quality of life, working out regularly should be at the heart of everyone’s goal. To stay consistent, you need to create a habit, a reliable routine. For most people working out 4 or more times a week is a great goal. People sometimes don’t realize that to achieve 4 workouts a week you have to shoot for 6.

Set new workout goals and track your progress

The New Year is a great time to set new workout goals and refresh your exercise routine!

How to Create a Solid Workout Routine

  1. Dress in your workout clothes every day.
  2. If you can’t get dressed first thing in your workout clothes keep a packed exercise bag in your car.
  3. Enlist a workout buddy.
  4. Find a workout (or workouts) you really enjoy.
  5. Choose an environment that you love. For example, if you love the outdoors make sure you exercise outside. People sometimes think they have to “suffer” to workout. No. You don’t.
  6.  If you are social get with people by joining a gym or a club in your area. No matter what your choice of exercise it’s almost guaranteed you will find a group of like-minded people wanting to do it with you. On the odd chance you can’t, start your own club.
  7. Make it FUN.
  8. Put on music that you like and gets you pumped. Put together a workout play list.
  9. Make it SIMPLE. Getting active and burning calories does not have to be complicated. Just get moving.
  10. Make it convenient. Don’t sign up for a gym that’s a half hour out of your way.
  11. No time? Start small. Choose an intense workout that takes 15-30 minutes.

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HIIT workout intense home workoutTime to Make it Personal

This list is a good start, but now we want you to make it personal. Working out is personal and what works for one person is not always going to work for another. What we want you to do is to come up with a list of your TOP EXCUSES for not working out. Think about all the reasons you find to NOT work out and put them down on paper.

My list looks something like this:

  1.  Not enough time.
  2.  Too tired.
  3.  Not really excited about my workout.

Ok, I could go on. But here is the next and most important step: FIND a way to SOLVE each of these!

  1.  Not enough time. SOLUTION:  There are lots of things I can do in a very short amount of time. I don’t need to go to the gym (which adds at least 30 minutes to my workout). Even 15 minutes at home is enough to boost my mood, my metabolism and make me feel better about myself.
  2.  Too tired. SOLUTION: Don’t let the feeling of fatigue keep you from working out. In fact, if you are feeling sluggish it could be directly related to your lack of exercise. Again, even just a few minutes will get your blood flowing and boost your mood so that you will feel more energized immediately.
  3.  Not excited about my workout. SOLUTION: If you’re not excited about your workout then GET excited about your workout. Find something new to do, recruit a friend, try a different class! Change is good as a motivator and good for your muscles. Your body and your mind will thank you.
Free on-line workout fitness resources for everyone

Julie’s daughter Bianca makes working out a habit. She follows our tips and has built a solid exercise program for life.

What Not to Do:

  • Do not ask yourself if you feel like working out. This is pure sabotage. Just get dressed. If you are tired, the workout will GIVE you energy. Often this is hard to imagine but it’s true.
    • Instead of asking yourself how you feel right now, focus on how you are GOING to feel afterwards:
      • energized
      • proud
      • satisfied
      • happy
      • stronger
      • encouraged
      • sweaty
  • Don’t let setbacks discourage you. Be prepared to occasionally feel defeated, to miss your workouts, to lose momentum. It’s normal and happens to everyone. You are exercising for the rest of your life. It’s a long road, and life will happen. Just pick right back up where you left off and get going again. Every little bit counts. As Jodie and I like to say, “Your body remembers every single workout!” And thank goodness it does.

More Real Rewards of Exercise:

General & Medical Benefits:

  • control your weight
  • immediate mood boost
  • increased metabolism
  • improved sleep
  • less pain
  • look and feel younger
  • increased mobility
  • more energy
  • increased longevity
  • reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • lowered risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • less risk of some cancers
  • stronger bones and muscles
  • improved mental health

For some healthy recipe inspiration, check out this awesome blog post from Bianca Alexandra Beauty.

Let’s Recap:

So, you’ve made a commitment to yourself. That’s a GREAT start. Next, create an action plan. Once you have chosen your workout or workouts, it’s time to find your facilities, your classes, your groups to sustain your program. Then, put your program onto paper. Plan your weekly routine. Plan for interruptions because they will happen. That means over-schedule your workouts. Be ready for those same old excuses and how to overcome them. Then, let the fun begin. Get ready to reap the incredible rewards that will infuse your life. We can’t wait to hear about your success.

Cheers to health, happiness and this year being your best year yet.

jodie & julie

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Workout Motivation to Live Your Best Life
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Workout Motivation to Live Your Best Life
Make your workout a habit with these essential yet simple tips from The Design Twins. Follow their advice to achieve all your fitness goals.
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  1. great info.Thanks for motivating me…

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Rachael, You are so welcome! Happy to help! We are so pleased to see you made it to our blog. We hope you will return often to find new ideas and motivation for health and happiness. Blessings to you for a fantastic 2017! With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

  2. Anne H says:

    Great post. I’m always going to work out “for sure tomorrow!” I’m reading The Miracle Morning and hope to become disciplined. Yay for March Madness!

  3. Sue says:

    Loving your blog! Always feel like I can do it after I read it! Thank you for this awesome March Madness!

  4. Phyllis says:

    Great post! Especially the part: DO NOT ASK YOURSELF IF YOU FEEL LIKE WORKING OUT. Ha! That’s always been my downfall. From now on, I’m NOT going to do that! Bring on the March Madness!

  5. Stacey Sapp says:

    When I saw the title of this blog, I knew I needed to read it. I have really slacked lately on working out at all. I did not keep it a priority and actually miss it. Well, I miss the way I felt after exercising, which is a lot better to think about than if I feel like working out. I am already planning to run tomorrow so thank you for being the motivation I needed! Also confession, the NCAA tournament (aka March Madness) starts on Thursday and I am pretty excited. Thanks again and GO GATORS!

  6. Janice says:

    I love this, it’s very motivating. Great tips on making a plan to get and stay active. March madness

  7. Corey says:

    I love these awesome tips. You are my inspiration as I heard into my week off from work. I will be putting your advice to work, and hopefully it will result in daily workouts and feeling great. Have a beautiful Friday. Let the March Madness continue! Thank you for all you do.

  8. It’s been nice to read your motivational article on workout here. A gym is not just centric on training and exercise but at the same time a complete health-oriented approach with aims to make the trainees fitter, healthier and stronger. Gyms serve to be not the platform for beginners or amateurs alone but also for trained athletes and professionals. Inspiring indeed, Thanks for sharing…:-)

  9. Jill Stephenson says:

    Thank you for your motivation and inspiration. As busy mothers it is difficult to find time to exercise. We must make the time for us and our sanity some days????.

    Have a blissful evening!



  10. Lauren says:

    Awesome tips!! Thanks, ladies! March madness

  11. Julia Kruz says:

    Yea, everyone’s workout goals are different, as for me i prefer weight-loss workouts! Thx for sharing!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Julia, Absolutely. That’s true. Jodie’s and my goals change throughout our lives as our bodies shift…our goals then shift with our current priorities and needs. It’s always smart to reevaluate to make sure they are in line. Good luck, Julie & Jodie

  12. Bella Hardy says:

    You are right Julia. As for me I prefer healthy food, Yoga, weight-loss workouts 2 days a week! Active lifestyle definitely best!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Bella, Those are awesome habits for a healthy lifestyle. I try to keep my workouts varied as well. Keeping my diet strict is my challenge, but I am on the road to improvements, which is always good. Progress, not perfection. Thanks for your kind reply. Blessings, Julie & Jodie

  13. Ed Beahan says:

    Julie & Jodie, Thanks for the instruction to action. I’ll try)

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      You are so very welcome! We are glad we could help! Thank you for the sweet comments and hope to see you on the blog in the future!
      XO ~ Jodie & Julie

  14. Julie & Jodie, Thank you! Very helped with the choice.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      We are so glad this post helped motivate you to workout! Thank you for the sweet comments as well!
      XO ~ Jodie & Julie

  15. Such a lovely article and I love it. Thank you so much.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Thank you so much for the kind reply. We are really happy to hear you enjoyed our workout motivation post. Good luck on your health journey. Blessings, Jodie & Julie

  16. This post is so informative and makes a very nice image on the topic in my mind.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Thank you for the sweet comments. We are so glad you found this post helpful and hope you will be coming back for more tips and tricks soon.
      Lots of Love,
      The Design Twins

  17. paul says:

    Valuable information! Looking forward to seeing your notes posted.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Thank you for your kind comment! We really appreciate that. Hope to see you on the blog in the future!
      Lots of love,
      Jodie & Julie

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