The Design Twins Top Five Decorating Tips

the design twins share their top five decorating tips 

We want to share our Top Five Decorating Tips to help you find your “Inner Decorator.” We want to show you how fun and stress-free decorating can really be. First, remain calm. Decorating is a process and takes a certain amount of time and dedication no matter who you are. Don’t get frustrated if it “doesn’t come naturally.” If you are willing to commit a bit of time and effort, anyone can put together a unique and beautiful home.

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1. Decorating Tips: Define Your Style

If your tastes doesn’t fit into any category don’t worry about it. Most people’s preferences have a range that defies clear categorization. This mix of styles is what makes your style uniquely you, and is actually a positive. What you need to do is try to identify the parameters of your tastes. Do you like rustic pieces, industrial chic, antiques, modern? Do you like period pieces, unique, artistic pieces or do you tend toward traditional looks? Maybe you like clean lines or romantic details.

How do you determine the answers to these questions? Luckily, there are tons of resources available to us today. Instagram, Houzz, HGTV, Pinterest, and of course all the magazines available in print and online. You can use your computer to browse endlessly. Save images that speak to you either on your phone or on any of these sites to create design folders. Or if you want to keep it old school, put together a “Design Board” to paste all your favorite clippings. Review what you have collected. Commonalities and patterns should emerge. These are the parameters of your style that you should try to follow for a home that matches your unique design aesthetic. This isn’t a science, it’s an art. So have fun. Let your imagination and your creativity shine.

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the design twins top five decorating tips for your home

This room came together piece by piece over several years and is still evolving.

2. Don’t Rush the Process

If you are in a hurry, you will end up compromising and the final result will suffer. Whenever possible it’s a great idea to live in a space before making big and/or permanent décor decisions. You will likely make better decisions when you clarify how you want a space to feel and/or function before you create your decorating plan.

This room mixes casual with modern, farmhouse with classic elegance. decorating tips for your best home

This room mixes casual with modern, farmhouse with classic elegance.

3. Decorating Tips: Think Outside the Box

Before heading out to the stores, why not start inside your own home. We love to rethink a space borrowing from other rooms. It’s a very budget-friendly way of refreshing your home without spending a dime. Most of you have probably done this before. Isn’t it empowering?

decorating tips for your front entryway

We love mixing neutrals with pops of seasonal color for fresh drama.

4. When in Doubt, Go Neutral

It’s a smart idea to make your investment pieces lean towards neutrality and save the patterned or bright, expressive colors for less expensive items. You can change a room with the seasons (and your mood) by swapping out pillows, throws or accent decor. Buy chairs that can be recovered or consider slip-covered furniture. Have an eye on versatility and longevity so your investments can last for years.

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Neutral decor can still be wow. We love to add fresh flowers to keep even a casual room feeling elegant for our favorite decorating tips

Neutral decor can still be wow. We love to add fresh flowers to keep even a casual room feeling elegant.

5. Decorating Tips: Get a Second Set of Eyes

You don’t have to “go it alone.” Of course you can always hire a professional to help you achieve your design goals. But short of that, why not ask a friend or family member whose style you admire? Sometimes, a fresh perspective is extremely helpful. When you’ve been staring at the same walls for too long it can be hard to see new possibilities.

Decorating Tips: No Rules

Don’t worry about “breaking the rules.” There are no real design rules except to follow your heart. Have fun! Decorating your home should be an expression of yourself. When you walk in your door, it shouldn’t feel like anyone else’s home but yours. It has been our experience that if you follow these five easy decorating tips you will end up with a home that makes you happy, and that really is the only rule of home decor.

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jodie & julie

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The Design Twins Top Five Decorating Tips
Decorating can be fun and stress-free if you follow our Top Five Decorating Tips. These easy-to-follow strategies can help you achieve your dream home.
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  1. Rhonda says:

    Great post ladies!! As always I love your perspective.

  2. Angelique Serrao says:

    Great read ladies! Love the tips and pics. Congratulations on this new venture. You both have gorgeous homes and beautiful souls. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Xox? Angelique

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Angelique, Your well-wishes reach our hearts! Thank you ever so for your kindness. We hope the blog will allow us to really connect in a larger variety of ways and on an even more personal level than we did on Instagram. We look forward to sharing the journey with you. All our blessings, Julie & Jodie

  3. Dee says:

    Congratulations on your blog! I’m excited for you, and all the adventures that await! I love you both, and your blog reads like you are chatting with your best friends. Blessings upon blessings, Dee

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Dee, You couldn’t have possibly given us a nicer comment!! That’s really what we are hoping! Sometimes one of us will start taking a certain topic too seriously….It’s like we want to be sure to give REAL information! And then the other one reads it and says…wait a minute! That sounds too dry or too “serious”! Thanks for your generous comment! And for visiting us!! We adore you too!! xoxo Jodie & Julie

  4. Liz B says:

    So happy for y’all I feel as if I’ve know both of you for years. I love the ideas you give for home but as important I love your sweet spirits Your willingness to help all of us. Both of you make me happy.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      The feeling is mutual! It feels like we been through a lot together! hahah!! We’re like family now! Thank you for all your support! You really make us feel special! xoxo Jodie & Julie

  5. Sherry Hudson says:

    Hi! I have enjoyed following you on Instagram…….you always seems so positive and happy. My style is a little different from yours, but I like to see how others use their creative energy. Keep up the great work!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Sherry, We love to hear your words and feedback. I feel the same way…I can learn from and appreciate many different styles. To be a creative is to be open to ideas and interpretations and not box ourselves in ever. If we do we stop growing! Our goal is to inspire people in many more ways than just home decor! We hope you will come along for the ride…and that each and every time you visit us you take away something of value. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

  6. Picturessay1kwords says:

    Love this blog and totally agree there are no rules. Surround yourself with things that make you happy and have the best memories! Never shy way from change and mixing things up. Be uniquely you! March Madness!

  7. Phyllis Hunter says:

    Love the decorating tips in this blog! Especially about not rushing the process and being true to yourself! As always, well done Design Twins! Bring on the March Madness!

  8. Jill Stephenson says:

    Good Afternoon to my 2 Favourite Twins,

    Thank you for your decorating tip ideas. I often grab decor from different rooms and up cycle to a different area in my home! Great way to save money and liven up a new area. You two are truly are a blessing an inspiration to me! Have a wonderful week ahead!

    In March Madness,


  9. Rhonda Comus says:

    You 2 gals always brighten my day. I am new to Instagram and came across your live videos one day. You both have such sweet smiles and personalities. I only wish I could be half as talented as you both. Your blog is filled with such detailed information and it shows you put in so much time and energy to something that you enjoy. Thanks for all the great tips. Keep smiling and being yourselves.
    Oh and March madness is among us.

  10. Kim - @shiplap.on.the.lake says:

    Design is so individualized. I love watching the difference between your two feeds, although you both enjoy the same style, you style it differently which makes it uniquely you. Same for everyone else. Oh amd your tip about living in the space, so true! We’ve recently built our forever house and I’m enjoying taking it all in and taking my time, finding what speaks to me. Thanks for sharing!

    March madness

  11. Jovita Chicki (jdguychickibabe) says:

    I totally love these warm colors!
    March Madness is so much fun.

  12. Donnamarie Larkin says:

    MOrning Happy St Patties Day from here in Ohio 🙂 I agree with not rushing the process, even though its easier said then done…lol With us getting a new house and starting fresh I want everything done but its not gonna happen over night or in days. When i find pieces here and there to accent or for the furniture it will happen. I also agree yes when in doubt go neutral colors. then add with a pop of color to accent which you can change up each season or each holiday . Love your blogs posts. Thanks again for March Madness

  13. Stacey says:

    These are some really great tips!! I am anxious to find out my design style. I say rustic farmhouse, but I’m not completely sure, Thanks for sharing! March Madness.

  14. Cathy says:

    I agree with you when you say, “there are no rules.” I think it would be a boring world if everyone’s house looked the same. I use to be in hurry to buy things. I really try to pay attention to detail and when I do buy something I will keep the tags on for a few days and live with it before I commit. I can’t tell you how many times I have loved something for a couple of days and then wake up and see it completely different. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit in with the decor or maybe the color is off.

    Love your advice on this topic ????

  15. Rhonda Comus says:

    Thanks for all of the resources, advice and great tips. When we moved into a new home over a year ago, I sold some decor items that I now wish I hadn’t. However, I’m not gonna worry or think about that anymore. I’m gonna shop around my home and maybe add a few new things to pull a few areas together. God bless you both and thanks for all your hardwork and dedication to your blog ????????

  16. Larry Weaver says:

    I like the idea to go neutral for home decor and to save more colorful or expressive items for stuff that is less expensive. My home is in need of good renovations, and afterward, I would like to look for some home decor accents for sale that are more neutral. It would be nice to have decor that lasts for a long time.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Larry,
      Thank you for stopping by our blog. And even greater thanks for leaving a kind response. We love to hear from our readers. To know that you found a few of our tips helpful makes it all worthwhile. We hope you will visit us again often for lots of inspiration and useful ideas for decorating and more. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie

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