How to Solve Your Top 8 Entryway Problems

Follow along for Affordable and Easy ways to solve all your entryway problems!

Your entryway is perhaps the most important space in your home. It is your first impression for all who enter. Your entryway greets your guests and family every day. You want it to be a beautiful, welcoming space. You want it to set the stage and set the mood. What does your entryway currently say? Does it say, welcome to our mess? We are here to change that and solve your entryway problems. Hey there again! Welcome to our blog. We are Jodie and Julie, The Design Twins. We love sharing our design solutions and showcasing easy, stylish, budget-friendly decorating.

Organized hallway creates stylish entryway and functional storage with seasonal welcoming decor

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Don’t let excuses stop you from creating a beautiful welcoming entryway. Does your front door open right into your living space? Do you wish you could create some separation? Are you lacking a front hall closet or is it not easily accessed? Does your family need convenient storage to corral shoes, jackets, hats and backpacks? Do you have a tight budget to spend on decor? You’ve come to the right place. In this article we are going to solve your top 8 entryway problems and show you how to create the entryway of your dreams.

Stylish and Functional Entryway solves your storage problems


Budget Decor and Furniture solutions solve your entryway problems


Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

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Transform your entryway with budget functional decor and storage ideas


Entryway Problem #1: How Do You Create a Stylish Entryway?

Everyone can have a stylish entryway. Many people think you need to hire a decorator or have a lot of money to have a beautiful, stylish entryway. This is simply not true. There is so much free inspiration to help guide you to make the most of your entryway. First, determine the mood you want to create. Your entryway should be a reflection of your family and the style of the rest of your home. Make it clear from the beginning.


Stylish Entryway Bench and Storage Unit decorated for fall with plaid pillows and pumpkins


Here are some of our favorite style statement options:

  • A rug is welcoming and multi-functional. Your rug can be a real opportunity to make a style statement. This is a fun place to add some drama without a big cost commitment. Play around with colors, patterns and textures. Change it out seasonally for added impact.
  • Have fun making a bold statement with your choice of light fixture. Visit stores, shop online, browse Pinterest and Instagram, go through home catalogs and decor magazines until your vision comes to life.
  • Create a stylish and inviting mood with an artful display on a chest or entry table.
  • Add life with a plant (or two or three). You can find creative stands, hanging planters or wall planters which don’t take up space but add interest and beauty.

Whatever style statement you want to create Better Homes & Gardens products available exclusively at Walmart can make your vision a reality. Rustic or modern farmhouse, industrial, modern glam, boho, or even mid-century modern, Better Homes & Gardens has your style statement.

Messy Entryway needs storage and decorating solutions

Entryway Problem #2: How Do You Combine Both Beauty and Function?

Next, let’s focus on real life for a moment.

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We need to address real life because real life happens in our entryways. People enter homes with all their stuff and all their mess. This is just reality. If you have a coat closet you know this is prime real estate. But we’ve had clients who couldn’t get their family on board with actually using the closet. Even with an entryway closet you may find yourself on non-stop maid duty.

We found the answer with Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. When we need problem-solving, budget-friendly home solutions this is our go-to resource. We know from experience that we can count on their value-priced products to solve our decor issues and to do it with style.


Budget Ideas Solve entryway storage and decorating problems


Entryway Problem #3: How Do You Decorate an Entryway Wall?

There are all kinds of ways to decorate an entryway wall. You can create a collage, install a mirror, put up a gallery wall, the list goes on. Jodie chose this farmhouse style clock with a faux barn wood background and galvanized steal accents. Not only is it stylish but it helps get her family out the door on time! This simple round galvanized steal wall planter is another wall decor idea to help bring in seasonal decor changes.  Just add your favorite botanical stems to add color and texture. Rust and burgundy leaves are perfect for fall.

But the easiest way to decorate your entryway, solve entryway problems, stay on budget is the solution we found.

Jodie solved all her entryway problems with this one piece of furniture. We like to call it “destination furniture”. It doesn’t just fill the space or look good. It converts a space into a destination and invites guests and family members to sit down, take their shoes off and put things away. This piece does all of this while looking absolutely on-trend and adorable.


Built in Hooks provide perfect place to hang coats and hats in hallway

Solve your Entryway problems with stylish bench and storage unit with coat hooks


Entryway Problem #4: How Do You Stay On Budget?

We always advise people to buy furniture that can perform double duty. And nowhere is this principle more important than in entryways. When space is at a premium it’s essential to make smart choices.

Our solution is to shop Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart first. We often find just what a space needs for far less than we would pay elsewhere. The selection online is extensive, so we almost always find what we’re looking for.


Your entryway problems solved with budget decor and furniture



Problem #5: How Do You Organize Clutter?

Clutter is undoubtedly the biggest problem to address. An entryway that doesn’t address clutter is not a functional entryway. Anyone with a family knows this all too well. We could create a welcoming look with cute decor only to see it overshadowed by the mess real life leaves behind. Dirt, scattered shoes, abandoned backpacks, mail, coats, everything strewn about like a storm hit. It’s frustrating to say the least.

Instead of ignoring the situation or constantly cleaning up after everyone we prefer to tackle the entryway problems head on. We need to create a space that solves these issues. That means our decor has to go to work. We need to choose furniture and accessories with real life in mind.


Farmhouse rustic wood furniture solves entryway storage needs



Handy Storage Bins Help Tidy up a Messy Entryway with pumpkins and boots


If you have entryway clutter we assume either you don’t have a strategically located front hall closet or that your family doesn’t use it. We love this solution Jodie chose for her entryway problems. It is darling and fun to decorate. But it is also stylish and inviting. It provides a place for her and her family to sit, remove their shoes and store everything. The handy storage bins hide all the clutter neatly and beautifully while still keeping everything conveniently within arms reach.

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Jackets and backpacks are no longer misplaced. The hallway is no longer a mess. We’ve gone from disaster area to organized, tidy and beautiful! Can we say decorating miracle? I think we can.


Farmhouse style entryway bench and storage unit solves all your entryway needs


Puppy welcomes friends to new clean entryway


Entryway Problem #6: How Do You Update for Each Season?

Once you have your perfect entryway furniture let’s have a little fun. It’s so easy and affordable to create a new look for each new season. This makes the mood in your home feel fresh and alive for you and your guests.

Our affordable seasonal suggestions:

  • pillows
  • throws
  • faux seasonal plants
  • baskets
  • seasonal decor like pumpkins for fall, bunnies for spring, etc.
  • a wreath
  • seasonal sign


Decorate your entryway with puppy and fall pillows and decor


Problem #7: How Do You Separate Your Entryway from the Living Area?

Some homes don’t have a separate entryway. If this is you here are our suggestions to “fake” an entryway.

  • Paint your interior door a fun color to make it stand out
  • Use a small piece of furniture like a small table or small chair
  • Define the space with a coordinating rug
  • Put up wall hooks (cute and of course useful) in the matching style. There are so many cute hooks
  • Create an accent wall either with a bold choice of paint, wall paper or even shiplap or barn wood


Hallway storage problems solved with attractive farmhouse bench and storage furniture unit


Create separation between your entryway and the rest of your home by creating a destination. Nothing does this better than this amazing

This piece defines the space and creates visual definition that helps to separate the entryway from other spaces.


Problem #8: How Do You Lighten a Dark Entryway?

What if your entryway feels dark? We’ve got some easy fixes for you.

  • Add a hanging light or wall sconce like Jodie did. There are so many options available these days. Make sure the one you choose makes a style statement and adds to the look you’re trying to create. Also be sure it adds enough light.
  • Paint the walls white. You can use white shiplap as well to create a farmhouse look.
  • If your floors are dark add a light colored rug.
  • Add a mirror.



Solve Your Entryway Problems Easily and On-Budget

Your entryway speaks volumes about who you are. What is yours currently saying?

No matter what the answer is you now have the answers to easily solve all your entryway problems. It is not hard to create a beautiful, welcoming space on a budget. Instead of an eye-sore and a source of frustration your entryway can be a welcoming destination full of solutions and style. With our decorating tips and Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart as your go-to resource you can have the entryway of your dreams.


Your Entryway Problems solved with beautiful farmhouse unit provides storage and stylish decor


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How to Solve Your Top 8 Entryway Problems
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How to Solve Your Top 8 Entryway Problems
Your entryway speaks volumes about who you are. What is yours saying? Stylish decor, real life organization solve your worst entryway problems on budget!
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