How to Make Your Home Healthy and Happy

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Healthier: We share Our Best Tips to Create Clean, Fresh Air in Your Home, Naturally!

Here at The Design Twins we talk a lot about creating a beautiful home. In this post we want to talk about something that’s even more important: creating a healthy home! Did you know that the air in your home has a significant impact on the health of your family, both short term and long term? It’s true. It may seem obvious when we start talking about it, but sometimes we can forget what is invisible to our eyes can actually have huge ramifications to our family’s health.

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The truth is, there are many toxins, allergens, and chemicals in household air that can be dangerous. Our houses may literally be making us sick. This post is not meant to alarm you, but to educate about the problem. The good news is we are going to share how you can easily and effectively improve your air quality, making your home healthy and happy.

Excess moisture can lead to toxic mold and also create smells that won’t leave your home. Did you know that traditional air fresheners contain more than 80,000 chemicals linked to cancer? It’s downright scary. Air purifying bags are a chemical-free, all-natural alternative to toxic sprays and other air fresheners that contain dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and petroleum. Yikes.

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The Story of My Home

Ever since I first walked into our home, I was aware of a smell. I couldn’t identify it but I believe it was from moisture. And no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get rid of it entirely. And believe me, I tried.

Over the past six years I have invested in every kind of fragrance, air-freshener, deodorizer, and candle I could find. In fact, I had to stop using some of the fragrances because I could tell they were giving me headaches. I didn’t realize they could be doing even worse damage. And until this past year, I didn’t have a solution.

Then I found air purifying bags. No more fragrance-induced migraines. And, the long-lasting mysterious smells are gone! It’s amazing. They work their magic invisibly and seemingly overnight. Honestly, I wish I had found this solution six years ago.

charcoal air purifying bags double as home decor during the holidays or any season

Jodie’s Home

Jodie’s home didn’t have the odors that my home had, but she had something else: dogs and carpet. Not a great combination. Even if she had just dogs or just carpet, she would still be in trouble. Well, it was a powerful battle against odors. She was burning candles all the time to mask the lingering smells.

Unfortunately, we get used to the smells in our own homes. Our homes smell worse to our visitors than they do to us who are accustomed to the smells.

After a month of using air purifying bags scattered around her house, I came to visit. This was the test. Her house smelled so clean, so fresh. It didn’t have that strong masked smell. I couldn’t smell the dogs anymore. It just smelled nice.

natural air purifying bags make the perfect addition to your holiday vignettes and create a healthy home

Don’t Cover Smells, Remove Them to Create a Healthy Home

Air purifying bags allows us to remove the smells from our homes instead of resorting to covering them up. The benefits are numerous:

  1. cost effective
  2. easy to use
  3. long lasting, up to two years
  4. stylish design
  5. healthy
  6. green
  7. good for us and good for the environment

Before I started using natural charcoal air purifiers I was masking a problem and making the air in my house unhealthy. I was always running to the store, replacing the fragrances, managing “the smells” room by room, day by day. I can’t even calculate the total cost I spent each year on home fragrances.

Now I have one less job. My life has been simplified, which alone is cause for celebration.


air purifying bags help create a happy healthy home and ensure clean, pure air in your home

Create Your Healthy Home

In addition, my home is healthier and I am happier. My headaches are fewer and my mind is at ease knowing I am doing the best for myself and my family. My whole family was getting headaches. I thought it just ran in the family. Now they are significantly reduced.

The same is true for indoor allergies. We were all suffering. We were taking non-stop, year-round allergy medicine. After just a couple weeks of use, we noticed a difference in our symptoms. Mine have to be indoor allergies because I spend almost all my time inside my home. Now, I’m completely off allergy medicine and feeling great.

I have a new understanding about indoor allergies and toxins.

I want to tell everyone I know about this all-natural air purifier. It really is a break-through product. Why spend time, energy, and money on treating the symptoms of indoor pollutants when we have the easier, healthier option of removing them?

blue and white winter themed air purifying bags create a healthy home

Simplify to Create a Happy, Healthy Home

Natural air purifying bags last up to two years. You can place them in your decor, in strategic places where odors, bacteria and moisture gather and simply forget about them. The system of “odor management” I was using before took a lot of time, effort and money. Turns out, this “system” was actually contributing to our indoor allergies and headaches.

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A Clean Home is a Happy, Healthy Home

  1. Keep floors clean. Use a strong vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Allergens live in dust. Pet dander, dust mites, and other toxins can live for decades in the dust in our homes. To combat this, vacuum at least twice a week. Wash floors with water.
  2. Be careful with cleaners. Use only non-toxic cleaners throughout your house.
  3. Dust. Microfiber mops and dust cloths are an excellent chemical-free solution to trap dust from floors and surfaces.
  4. Avoid wearing shoes in the house. Leave them at the door. Door mats at every door to help eliminate tracking in chemicals on shoes.
  5. Wash hands often.

Add air purifying bags to your holiday centerpiece or tablescape

Create a Healthy Home with Clean Products

Fragrances can be toxic. This is a news to me, but I am so happy I know now. Better late than never!

Shared on Web-MD: “In one study, a plug-in air freshener was found to emit 20 different volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including seven regulated as toxic or hazardous under U.S. federal laws. But these chemicals were not included on the label — only the word ‘fragrance’ is required to be listed. But the actual composition of the fragrance is considered a ‘trade secret.'”

For years I have been using fragrance-free laundry detergent. Why? Because our skin is sensitive. But what I didn’t realize is that fragrances in the air were hurting our health. We have come to associate certain fragrances with a clean, healthy home because fragrances are added to so many products. We need to retrain our thinking a bit in order to prioritize our health.

  • Choose naturally scented or fragrance-free laundry soap, laundry softener, & dryer sheets.
  • Avoid arousal sprays of any kind: cleaners, deodorants, hair spray, air fresheners.
  • Use natural cleaners only.
  • Open the windows when possible.
  • Change out your air conditioning filters in your home regularly. Fiberglass need to be changed out every 30 days. More quality filters need changing every 3-6 months. Check the recommendations for your brand of furnace and with your maintenance professional.

create a happy, healthy home with bisou natural's air purifying bags this holiday season


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Cheers to a Happy and Healthier New Year!

Happy Holidays,

jodie & julie

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How to Make Your Home Healthy and Happy
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How to Make Your Home Healthy and Happy
Purify your home's air for good with natural activated charcoal air-purifying bags that double as decor! Give the gift of a clean, healthy home this holiday season.
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    Where did you get the cute covers for the Natural air purifying bags? Love them. Also love your web site

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      Hi Lisa, The covers were part of the product, making them cute and unique. We did not add additional covers. This is how they cam. Hope that helps, Julie

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