How to Create a Boho Look in Your Home

Eclectic and Global boho design inspiration for your home

I love the new trend affectionately called Boho Chic. If you are sitting there wondering what I am even talking about do not fret. The entire concept of Bohemian or “Boho Decor” was completely new to me to until very recently. And if you’re like me and like to hang out on Instagram you’ve likely seen the bohemian decor that is trending now, it’s everywhere. Call it what you like, Eclectic, Tribal, Boho Chic. It’s definitely a powerful design trend and so much fun to achieve. I am going to break it down and share some easy ways you can embrace this new trend in YOUR home. I will highlight three of my favorite design sources that have been integral in this process, Juju Boutik, Ty’s Knots and The Dancing Tapestry.

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Plants | Natural Materials & Fibers | World Vibe | Bold Hues | Mixing Prints


Elements of Boho Decor

First off, let’s discuss the different elements of Boho Decor.


  • Any kind of plants:  succulents or tropical, the more the better. If your house is starting to look a bit jungle-like, you’re on the right track.

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Bohemian style is fun trendy mix of styles

natural elements plants and fibers create boho look

Natural Elements

Natural elements can be the use of wood, rattan, fibers as in macrame, crochet and woven art. Think 70’s retro vibe and you’ll be in the groove. Get it? As in ‘groovy’?

Ok, If you weren’t alive in the 70’s, never mind.

plants, world vibe, textures combine for Boho look

boho style is eclectic mix of tribal and ethnic trends

Boho Macrame

Yes folks. Macramé is back. And it’s more alluring than ever. If you’re feeling crafty feel free to get weaving. Or just sit back and enjoy these beautiful pieces you can have hand made for you. My friend Ty from Ty’s Knots is so so talented. She is the source behind my macrame wall hangings AND my macrame hanging plant holders. Shop all her designs below. Ty has been creating macrame pieces for about 8 months, but with her dedication to creating unique quality pieces it looks like she has definitely found her niche. She gladly accepts custom orders and is a dream to work with.

My designs are inspired by my love for gardening and the natural rustic beauty of the world. I want to bring functionality and style into your home and garden with a new spin on macrame. Ty’s Knots is my way of creating modern and high quality home decor items for you!” ~ Ty Long  

She adds, “I am striving to make Ty’s Knots a way for me to not only design and make high quality decor pieces, but a chance to teach and to inspire others to follow their passions.”  She hopes to one day be able to provide Macrame DIY Kits and workshops in her area.

wall art, macrame, tapestry to create Bohemian look

Boho Tapestries

This hand-dyed fiber art piece is another way I’ve jumped on board and fallen in love with the new Bohemian decor style. I love how unique it is. I am crazy about texture, and this is incredible 3-D art for your wall. Each piece is actually a piece of original artwork. It was love at first sight for me. Meet Alicia from The Dancing Tapestry. Alicia is a true artist creating her hand-dyed bohemian fiber tapestries one by one. You can follow Alicia on Instagram @TheDancingTapestry and check out her all her gorgeous tapestries here:

Alicia has a Master’s degree as a contemporary choreographer, but after she had children getting to the dance studio was difficult. Dip-dying was her way to find completeness in the creative process again. Alicia is self-taught, and over the past couple of years she has honed her own particular style which involves a sense of whimsy and delight. She uses the natural fibers of wool and alpaca to allow her colors to be vibrant. She is influenced by her surroundings so you’ll often see ocean and desert themes along with the influences of her two young daughters.

Each piece is cut, strung, and hand-dyed with love by her in San Diego home. Some pieces are quick dip-dyes, while others require several layers and special techniques which usually requires 2-3 weeks to create. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation and shows her exquisite attention to detail.

Fiber art and macrame for bohemian flare


Boho World Vibe

Another way to capture a Boho Chic vibe in your home is to include unique pieces that add cultural interest. You don’t have to be a world traveler to look like one these days. Unique pieces like this African Juju hat are one fabulous example of this. Talk about a conversation piece. My walls fight over this amazing work of art. Gone are the days when we need to decorate our walls with a framed, 2-dimensional (read: boring) piece of art. I love adding surprising elements with character and texture to my walls.

Boho Decor: Juju Hats

The story of the Juju hat comes all the way from Cameroon where each headdress takes 2-3 entire days to make. They are hand woven by Bamileke tribes and made out of real feathers. They symbolize prosperity and wealth.

Meet the adventure-loving sisters behind Juju Boutik, Elisa & Danielle. Their love for “global decor” actually found its origin while on an African adventure of their own. It was love at first sight when they first spotted these exquisite headdresses and they could immediately see their worldwide appeal. They find real meaning in bringing these examples of authentic tribal art to you all while helping support the local economy of Cameroon.

For the full story of the Juju hat and to look through the amazing assortment of colors offered by Juju Boutik head to their website Use our coupon code THEDESIGNTWINS10 to receive 10% off your order.

Boho chic mixes colors, textures, and world vibe

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The wooden tray in the above pic is a “found” item I purchased recently, it could be from Africa or Asia. All I know is it looks super cool.

Boho living room with macrame

Fun fact about us, Julie and I used to be a world travelers. I lived in France, Morocco, Turkey and Mexico. Julie lived in France and Singapore. Too bad we were mostly impoverished students and then teachers (not much better) during these periods. We didn’t have the finances to buy too many items and bring them home. We both did, however, have the good fortune to fall in LOVE with art and decor from all over the world. Julie fell in love with Asian decor, and you’ll see some Asian influences mixed into her home. I fell in love with all things Moroccan. So, when I was putting together my living room makeover this Moroccan style chandelier was the perfect choice.

embrace boho style for global ethnic trendy vibe

Bold Boho Hues

Next up, COLOR. Bright, bold colors are a wonderful way to add some bohemian style to your home. Try painting an accent wall in an exciting color like I did. Then try bold decor accents like this gold pineapple and you’re in business. Paint color is “Deepest Sea” by Dunn-Edwards.

Bohemian dining room decor

boho style is easy and fun to embrace

Pattern Mixing Adds a Fun Boho Feel

Boho style is eclectic and easy to mix

The only thing better than ONE fun pattern is MIXING it with another. Look for Ikat, mudcloth or tribal prints. I’m a neutral girl at heart so I usually keep my patterns to grays, tans and black and white, but the sky is the limit here.

Feel free to choose whichever colors inspire you. Blues are particularly exciting in this pattern mixing trend. Remember, decorating should be an expression of you and what your heart is drawn to. How about a colorful Moroccan pillow? Or bringing in pattern & color with a rug?

Boho style is eclectic mix of styles

Boho Style is for Everyone

What’s not to love? Bohemian style is:

  • organic
  • unique
  • creative & imaginative
  • contemporary
  • eclectic
  • on-trend

As you can see a Boho chic vibe is fun and easy to achieve. And one of the best parts is that this trend mixes effortlessly with almost any decor. The organic elements of Boho blend well with both modern and traditional. Boho adds whimsy to more conservative styles. These elements can bring an updated look to your current decor. It’s always rewarding to evolve and have a  fresh take on your home. We hope you enjoy mixing in one or more of these components to create your own unique fusion of decor.

Happy Decorating, Friends!

jodie & julie

organic tribal unique bohemian design

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How to Create a Boho Look in Your Home
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How to Create a Boho Look in Your Home
We show you how to create a Boho look combining plants, natural materials, world vibe, bold hues, and prints to form your own unique design style.
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  1. Susan McInnis says:

    Great post! I’ve been wanting a juju hat forever so maybe now I’ll pull the trigger! ❤️

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Susan, Yes, well, they never go on sale and this is the only discount I believe they’ve offered, so get one while you can save a little. When you see them in person you completely understand the cost and then wonder how you got one for as little as you did. It’s that incredible. Anyway, sounds like you’ve been wanting one for a long time, so it has passed the test of desire 🙂 Hope you get one and enjoy! Blessings to you, Julie & Jodie

  2. Patti says:

    It’s amazthow smoothly your home transitioned from farmhouse to boho with just a few simple accents… That is talent!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Patti, We are so glad you agree…we are here to demonstrate just how easy it is to transition. It’s kind of you to say it’s talent, haha, but really it’s just having the confidence to go for it. With our encouragement and a few pointers from us anyone can do the same. How fun is that? Thank you, Sweetie, for your kind support. With gratitude & friendship, Julie & Jodie

  3. Bobbi says:

    I just love a boho interior! The combination of textures and patterns really make a room cozy and fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Bobbi,

      I love boho too! And it speaks to me for the same reasons!! Textures and patterns are my jam! Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to share your feedback! It means a lot to us both!

      Jodie & Julie

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  5. Linda says:

    I don’t care for the boho look, I lived through the 70’s with orange
    wall to wall carpet, plants hanging everywhere & way to many pillows.
    Would you have another style for today’s home?
    I currently have Tuscan decor pieces that I am happy with.
    What would you suggest for a little update (not beach style).
    I live with 2 active dogs hardwood floors and 1600 sq ft.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Linda,

      We only have one post about Boho decor on our blog. I tried it for a bit and I ended up not loving it either. I have since changed it out for modern farmhouse elements as well as a more cottage look. I hope you will check out some of our other decor posts for more ideas.

      Thanks for you visit and your honest opinion.


      Jodie & Julie

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  9. Nancy Sharp says:

    My oldest granddaughter loves the Boho look. She even added a Boho look to her new nursery for her baby girl.❤️

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      I love that Nancy. I bet the nursery is absolutely darling. Thanks for sharing. Much love, Julie & Jodie

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