How to Create a Better Bed for Better Sleep

 Create a better bed for an amazing Night of sleep

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, our retreat from the rest of the world. This is where we rest, restore, and nurture ourselves. It’s important to create a place of calm and comfort. Create a better bed to improve your quality of life.

white farmhouse bed with cozy bedding for better sleep

Create a Better Bed for Better Sleep and Optimal Health

We all know that eating healthily and getting regular exercise are important to lasting health. But we often forget how important sleep is to our overall health. 

According to a National Sleep Foundation study, 45% of Americans say that poor or insufficient sleep affected their daily activities.

Medical News Today reports, “Sleep helps the body repair, regenerate, and recover. The immune system is no exception to this relationship. Some research shows how better sleep quality can help the body fight off infection.”

Getting enough sleep affects every system in our bodies. 

Now more than ever we need the power of sleep to help us stay strong, healthy, and live our best lives.

I’m delighted to partner with an amazing bedding company called Schweitzer Linen. While this is a sponsored post all opinions expressed are my own and reflect my personal experience.

white pillows and bedding for better sleep

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Important Elements to Create a Better Bed

We spend nearly half our lives in our beds. 

One of the smartest investments you can make is in your sleep environment. This includes all elements of your bed:

  • mattress
  • mattress topper
  • comforter
  • linens
  • pillows

create a better bed for amazing sleep


Tips to create a better bed:

  • Buy the best mattress you can afford.
  • Flip it over every time you wash your sheets.
  • Rotate it (like you rotate your tires) to get even wear across your mattress.
  • Replace your mattress when you notice any sagging.
  • If you are tossing and turning a lot, it may be your mattress.
  • If you are waking up with aches and pains, it may be time to replace your mattress.

A mattress that isn’t supporting your back and spine can lead to much more expensive health problems, not to mention poor sleep.

create a better bed for better sleep

Mattress Toppers Create a Better Bed

Sometimes you can avoid or delay the purchase of a brand new mattress by adding a quality mattress topper.

Mattress toppers:

  1. enhance your sleep experience
  2. add a level of comfort
  3. protect your mattress
  4. help your mattress last longer.

There are all kinds of toppers, and I’ve personally experienced many of them. 

You can find toppers made of:

How you choose will be based on many factors:  personal preference, how you sleep, your current mattress, and budget.


comfy white farmhouse bed

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My Most Luxurious Night Sleep

My whole family went and stayed with Jodie’s husband’s parents at their ranch in San Jose. Fred and I stayed in their deluxe guest suite. I’ll never forget the bed and the sleep experience. Waking up the next day I asked Bill’s mom Pat what made the bed so amazing. I told her I felt like I was sleeping in a cloud. And she kind of giggled and said, “Oh, it must be the featherbed topper.”

Ever since then I have wanted one.

Well, I just got one, and even with the highest expectations from that “dream night” I am still blown away by the comfort. I’m in heaven. I don’t understand now why it took me so long! Fred loves it too. We both have problems sleeping comfortably on our sides because of shoulder pain. Fred says he can now sleep comfortably in any position. 

We also both feel more cradled on our backs as well. Basically, any way we turn, it’s more comfortable.

I got my featherbed from Schweitzer Linen I highly recommend getting a down featherbed for an amazing sleep experience. It is worth it. Trust me. Here is the link to my exact feather bed topper

woman with coffee sitting at the foot of her bed

Let’s Talk About Sheets to Create a Better Bed

All sheets are not created equal. Of course, we know this, but wow! My new sheets from Schweitzer Linen have made me a true believer. 

Here are the details of the sheets I chose for my bed makeover.

The main style I chose is called Fiocco in lavender. I love lavender in my bedroom. I have several faux potted lavender plants in my room, as well as faux lavender strewn in my hoop wreaths and wall decor. It’s so romantic and fresh. So, this color and style was perfect.

The sheet design showcases flowing ribbons, happily intertwined with sweet floral vines, all shadow stitched by hand with utmost artistry. These sheets are 100% pure Egyptian cotton in 600 thread count from Italy. Bright white cotton neatly bordered by hemstitching, all done by hand. 

beautiful white bed with comfy pillows and blankets

I mixed in euro shams from another design called Chain Reaction

Links of Lilac embroidery create precious keepsake chains of gorgeous color. Attentively crafted in Italy, on silky-soft White Egyptian cotton sateen, 600 thread count, the elegant edging continues the romantic mood I wanted to create.

Finally, for a little play on pattern I added 2 shams and a boudoir pillow in a gorgeous style called Ipswitch, also in lavender.

Ipswitch has a pattern of nosegays, tied with a satin ribbon, festoon the length of these linens in the most charmingly naturalistic way. Crafted in Italy with scalloped edges, on soft, white 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen.

Bed Skirts Finish Your Look

I love a beautiful bed skirt to finish the look.

My new bed skirt from Schweitzer Linen is the most beautiful bed skirt I’ve ever seen. Quality and details that make the bed feel like it’s one of a kind.

The style is called Mont Blanc. It is another gorgeous design imported from Italy. Sheer embroidered lace embellishes pure Egyptian cotton to create the most pristine gathered dust ruffles you can ever imagine.

white luxurious bed for a deep sleep

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Tips for Creating a Stylish Bed

Another reason why I love shopping Schweitzer is because they have so many beautiful choices. There are over 300 different sheet styles alone, plus many more colors. This huge selection allows you to get creative to create a one-of-a-kind look.

  • Break the rules a little bit.
  • Get creative.
  • Create a more stylish bed and have fun mixing in different styles.
  • Choose a main pattern.
  • Look at the colors in the original pattern. Choose another pattern from those colors to enhance or bring out an additional color.
  • Mix solids and patterns.
  • Create interest by mixing different elements from 2-3 styles (like I did). 
  • Add shams or throw pillows from different styles or solids.
  • Make your bed look fresh when you put your bed together in slightly different ways.

Pillows are Key

Of course, pillows are an integral part of both the sleep experience as well as the look and beauty of your bed. 

Create a better bed by choosing your pillows with care.

I absolutely love the look and feel of my Heidi Down Pillows from Schweitzer Linen.

  • These exquisite down pillows are filled with pure white Polish goose down with an extremely high 950 fill power.
  • This high level of fill power means that each ounce of down traps an incredible amount of air,
  • The result? Incomparable loft.
  • This supremely fluffy interior is surrounded by silky soft 400 thread count cotton.
  • These pillows have a gusset to allow for the full expansion of each perfect down.
  • Light as a cloud, you’ll need to be careful they don’t float away.
  • Since I’m moving these pillows daily, the light-as-air feel makes making my bed extra easy.

sleep made easy with beautiful new bedding

Down Comforter

I’ve owned many down comforters in my life. I’ve never experienced one that is comparable to my new Heidi Down Comforter from Schweitzer Linen.

Made of the same 950 fill power of pure White Polish goose down as the matching pillows, this exquisite down comforter takes comforter luxury literally to new heights.

This supremely fluffy interior is surrounded by silky soft 400 thread count cotton. You only feel warmth and never weight under this utterly transcendent down comforter. 

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Schweitzer Linen:  Reputation You Can Trust

When it comes to shopping for fine linens for your home you need to choose a brand you can trust. 

Schweitzer Linen has a long history of providing the finest linens and true value to their loyal customers. Family owned and run for over 50 years, Schweitzer is trusted industry leader, drawing life-long loyal customers to their website and to their 3 Manhattan, New York showrooms.

Owned and run by husband and wife team Robert and Yvonne Schweitzer, Schweitzer Linen searches the world for the finest materials, fabrics, craftsmanship, and designs to continually create the finest linens for customers. They are known for the best quality, value, and service in the industry. My experience has been remarkable in every way.

Fred and I are Sleeping Better!

What a difference! Fred and I have felt a real improvement in the quality of our sleep after updating our bed with luxury created by Schweitzer Linen bedding. We thought it would be harder to get up and out of such a comfortable bed. But we have found that since we sleep so well, with less tossing and turning, we wake up easily, well rested, and ready for the day.

a beautiful white bed perfect for sleeping

With half of our lives spent in our beds and more time than ever spent at home, don’t you deserve a better night sleep?

jodie & julie 
How to Create a Better Bed for Better Sleep
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How to Create a Better Bed for Better Sleep
Create a better bed for a better night sleep. How to choose sheets, pillows, toppers, comforters, and more to create your best night sleep.
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  1. Shasta says:

    Can you please let me know where you got the window frame above your bed

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Shasta,
      I got it at a local boutique. The brand on it is Magnolia Home, but it’s not one of their online pieces. It’s only of the pieces in their home furniture collection sold by various vendors across the country. Another thing that makes it hard to locate now is that I bought it about 5 years ago. I pretty much doubt they still carry it. Sorry about that. Blessings, Julie

  2. Janelle says:

    What curtains are hanging on the bed rails?

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Janelle,
      These are linen tab top curtains I bought at a boutique. They work perfectly 🙂 The bed originally came with cotton tie-top panels that looked great for a time. But this bed is 23 years old, so they didn’t last forever. XO ~ Julie

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