How to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Tea Forte

Learn how to Entertain this holiday season with tea forte’s limited edition holiday collection, plus how to give a unique gift!

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s a perfect time to give yourself the gift of a daily, tea-time ritual. We share all the ways drinking tea can improve your health, our favorite holiday gift ideas and how to incorporate tea into your holiday entertaining.

rustic White Christmas decor with Tea Forte's Warming Joy Holiday collection

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Hello, Friends, and welcome to our blog. For those of you who are new, we are Jodie and Julie, The Design Twins. If you are looking for all things home decor, seasonal and DIY inspiration, you’re in the right place. We are so glad you found us and hope you enjoy the rest of this special, holiday post.

This post is sponsored by our favorite tea company, Tea Forté. All opinions expressed are fully our own. We are honored to share this brand that we love and enjoy every day. Be sure to read through to the end for a wonderful savings code. Let’s jump right in.

Spark Holiday Joy with Tea Forté

Don’t we all want to feel your best during the holiday season? With all the delicious temptations that come with holiday festivities, we need something to keep us on track with our health goals. This is why Jodie and I love Tea Forté‘s delicious, healthy teas. We drink it all year long. But this time of year we need it more than ever.

We absolutely love the fact that Tea Forté feels like an indulgence and is actually good for us; mind, body & soul. Jodie and I feel relaxed and refreshed when we “indulge” in our afternoon and evening tea rituals. Not only is their tea a perfect afternoon pick-me-up or evening relaxation aid, the health benefits are amazing. It’s a healthy treat, which is a rare combination these days.

Tea Forte's Warming Joy Collection makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer

We simply couldn’t pass up a chance to try Tea Forté‘s newest holiday collection, Warming Joy. This limited-edition collection makes holiday entertaining and gift giving a breeze. Plus, the three-dimensional holographic packaging makes the gifts literally sparkle.

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The Warming Joy Tea Chest is ideal for serving at large family gatherings, while the Petite Tea Tree makes a unique and memorable stocking stuffer. You can even hang it right on your Christmas tree. How cute is that? The single steeps allow you to take a little taste of the holidays on the go, either to work, the gym or on vacation. The possibilities are endless.

What is Tea Forté?

Tea Forté is a world-renowned tea company known for creating unique, diverse tea blends served in luxury hotels, restaurants, retailers and resorts. They pride themselves on the highest quality presentation, experience and exquisite accessories. Tea Forté’s exclusive collections of tea blends represent less than 1% of teas available worldwide. This one of a kind company is dedicated to creating delicious teas for customers to enjoy from the comfort of their home or while exploring the world.

Add Christmas cheer to every gathering when you serve Warming Joy tea collection from Tea Forte

create a cozy Christmas morning with tea forte's newest collection Warming JoyBenefits of Different Teas

Tea for…

  • sleep: Chamomile Tea
  • weight loss: Green Tea
  • digestion: Ginger Tea
  • anxiety: Peppermint Tea
  • sore throat: Chamomile Tea

the Warming Joy collection makes a great stocking stuffer and party favor all season long

Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

What makes tea so good for us? Here are the top seven health benefits of drinking tea.

  1. Lowers Blood Sugar
  2. Stimulates Weight Loss
  3. Strengthens Bone Density
  4. Boosts Immune System
  5. Improves Memory
  6. Reduces Stress
  7. Healthier Teeth

For a more in-depth look at the health benefits of tea, visit Tea Forté‘s website for an informative collection of tea-related articles.

Warming Joy collection sitting beneath the Christmas tree Tea vs. Coffee

If you know Jodie and I, you know of our coffee obsession, more like addiction. So, when we discovered tea, we couldn’t believe how good it made us feel. Coffee, of course, contains much more caffeine than black tea does. But too much caffeine can leave you on edge, increase anxiety and result in crashing later in the day.

With tea, however, you don’t get that dreaded crash and your energy is elevated in a more natural, calming way. We’re not saying we’re ditching coffee altogether; we’re just cutting back, for our own health. Now, instead of drinking coffee all day long, we can drink green tea in the afternoon, and herbal teas before bed.

Relax and Enjoy the best of the holiday season when you share Warming Joy from Tea Forte with friends and family

Take a Tea Break

Incorporating Tea Forté into your daily routine also allows you to take a step back from your workday and take a much-deserved, relaxing break. Jodie and I love drinking tea on our “lunch break” or taking a break from Instagram at night and sipping warm tea by the fire. We seriously look forward to this time all day.

Drinking herbal tea near bedtime helps improve sleep and ensure deeper, sounder sleep with fewer interruptions. This is essential for people with busy schedules like Jodie and me. A good night’s sleep truly has a positive effect on brain clarity and overall functionality the next day. Since drinking tea as part of our nighttime routine, we sleep better than ever.

What’s Included in the Warming Joy Tea Chest

Tea Forté’s exclusive seasonal tea collection includes 40 infusers, two of each blend. The collection includes several limited-edition blends, along with some of our favorite, award-winning Tea Forté blends.

Tea Forte's newest tea collection just in time for the holiday seasonLimited Edition Blends:

  1. Ginger Snap
  2. Spiced Ginger Plum
  3. Rum Raisin Biscotti

Award-Winning Blends:

  1. Blueberry Merlot Tea
  2. Caramel Nougat
  3. English Breakfast Tea

Additional Favorites:

  1. Winter Chai Tea
  2. Green Mango Peach
  3. Harvest Apple Spice
  4. Vanilla Peach
  5. Strawberry Apple

Don’t forget to visit the Tea Forté website for a full list of teas included in the Warming Joy Tea Chest.

For 25% off across the entire Tea Forté site, use our discount code DESIGNTWINS25.

Give the magic of Christmas when you gift Warming Joy tea from Tea Forte.

Holiday Entertaining with Tea Forté

Tea Forté is the perfect addition to any of your holiday gatherings, whether it is a large family reunion or a small gift exchange with close friends. In either case, the Warming Joy Tea Chest makes the perfect refreshment for your guests.

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Simply remove the tea infusers from their box and display them on a large serving tray. If you provide an array of flavors, this allows your guests to choose their own tea blend based on personal preference. With so many holiday-inspired blends to choose from, your family and friends will love sampling a new favorite each time they visit.

snuggle up by the fire with your hot cup of teaPrepare for Holiday Guests

Tea Forté proudly sells the finest tea accessories to ensure wonderful tea enjoyment. Create festive tea parties to remember with these key tips.

  • For larger gatherings, boil water in one or two tea kettles before guests arrive.
  • Leave them available for guests to pour their own as desired.
  • This allows you more freedom to mingle and less time to worry about pouring each individual teacup.
  • Set up a self-serve tea station that’s as inviting as it is practical.
  • Provide all the necessities, i.e. cream and sugar etc. so guests can prepare their tea as desired.
  • We love to serve the special Tea Forté Amber Tea Sugar which adds a healthy sweetness without altering the unique and delicate flavors of the tea.
  • Create the ultimate tea experience by serving delicate finger sandwiches and delicious fruit scones on a three-tiered tray.

Relax and enjoy the best of the holiday season when you serve Warming Joy tea by Tea Forte.Tea Forté Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect holiday party favor? The Warming Joy Tea Tree is your answer. Before your holiday gathering, set up a basket full of Petite Tea Trees by your front door and hand to guests on their way out. This is a perfect way to remind them of the party and of you as their hostess. The Petite Tea Trees also make a great stocking stuffer for all the tea lovers in your life. The unique packaging allows it to hang right on your tree. 

The Warming Joy Tea Chest makes a great stand-alone gift for friends, family or co-workers. The beautiful packaging speaks for itself and doesn’t need any additional wrapping. We need all the time-saving tricks we can get during the holidays, especially when you have a large family like us. This gift is so unique and includes many months’ worth of tea. We urge you to give a more practical, long-lasting gift this year.

If you are interested in learning more about Tea Forté’s products, check out our blog post where we discuss their amazing tea collection, Jardin.

Serve delicious and festive tea from the Warming Joy collection from Tea Forte for loved ones this season

place tea gift box under the tree for loved ones this seasonWhere Tea Originated

Researchers believe the tea plant originated near Southwest China, Northern India and Tibet. Tea’s existence dates back to 2737 B.C.E., in Ancient China. According to Chinese legend, tea was discovered by a Chinese emperor, Shen Nong, on accident. He was simply boiling water in his garden when a loose tea tree leaf fell into his cup unexpectedly. The emperor was so impressed by this cup of tea that he began to research it further. Eventually, he discovered the immense healing capabilities. Tea became a more common pastime during the Tang Dynasty (the age of tea) and was later deemed China’s national drink. For more information on the history of tea, visit All About Green Tea’s website.

How Tea is Grown

Tea is grown primarily in areas of elevations ranging from sea level to 7,000 ft. above sea level. The tea plants grow best in climates that receive at least 40 inches of rain per year. Before tea leaves can be harvested, the tea plant must reach three years of age. Then, tea harvesters must hand peel the leaves to avoid damage by larger machines.

Next, the peeled leaves are sent to a tea processing plant where they undergo oxidation, a key step to becoming finalized tea leaves. The leaves go through these final processes in the tea processing plant: withering, rolling and drying. Voila, the tea leaves are now ready for steeping.

40 individual tea infusers with two of each blend in Warming Joy collection

How to Create Your Own Teatime Ritual with Tea Forté

Jodie and I highly recommend creating your own daily teatime ritual, for peace of mind and because you deserve it. This does wonders for our stress levels and adds simple enjoyment to our afternoons and evenings.

Start or end your day right with a hot cup of tea. This is especially essential during the chillier winter months. So, grab your favorite Tea Forté infuser, boil a tea kettle, turn on some Christmas music and enjoy your delicious cup of tea by the fire. You can even sip tea while reading a book before bed to prepare your body and mind for sleep.

Create your family’s perfect Christmas morning with Tea Forté’s holiday collection, Warming Joy. Hurry before this limited-edition collection sells out. (They do sell out each year and we don’t want you to miss out.) Use our discount code, DESIGNTWINS25, for 25% off the entire Tea Forté site.

Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of tea or two with your loved ones this holiday season. We wish you a very joyous holiday and a happy new year.

jodie & julie

Celebrate the holiday season with beautiful delicious tea from the Warming Joy collection from Tea Forte

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How to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Tea Forté
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How to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Tea Forté
Learn how to ring in the holiday season with Tea Forté's limited edition collection, Warming Joy. Their newest collection makes the perfect party favor, stocking stuffer or stand-alone gift for loved ones.
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