Holiday Coffee Table: Essential Decor Elements

how to spice up your holiday coffee table: our Most essential decor elements

Want to learn how to freshen up your holiday space? Here are some of the essential decor elements that I change out regularly for easy coffee table updates.

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holiday coffee table inspiration

Happy Holidays! We are in the “thick” of the season now, and for some of us that means we’ve been playing around with holiday décor for a while. Maybe you’re just getting started. Either way, I want to show you some easy coffee table updates that can make your room feel fresh and new. These tips are great year-round. Here are some of the essential decor elements that I change out regularly for easy table updates.

Essential Decor Elements

Want to learn some easy tips to freshen up your space? Every month or so I consider changing out the following “Essential Decor Elements” of my coffee table:

  • The Tray
  • Florals
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Seasonal Decor Items

Here’s how I changed out my décor this month:

texture and pattern adds interest to a neutral color palette

Decor Element #1: The Tray

The all essential coffee table tray. I have tons around the house and probably so do you. Try swapping out rustic for something more glam. Or using one that’s a different shape or color. The tray functions by defining the space so individual objects don’t look like they are just “floating” around the table. Also, the details of the tray itself can add texture and interest.

holiday coffee table decor ideas with mini trees and floral accents

Decor Element #2: Florals

Fresh or faux, does it really matter? Probably only to you. If you’re having guests over it’s always nice to have fresh flowers. The scent is special, and I think it makes people always feel like it’s a special occasion. But if it’s just you and the family and you want to save time, money and make the look last you may want to opt for faux. These are Pottery barn florals that I used to have out year-round until I changed out my colors. Now I just pull these essential decor elements out for the season. Voila. New and fresh.

essential decor elements with books and mini trees and candle holders

Essential Decor Element #3: Books

Coffee table books to be exact. Books, like trays, act as a “stage.” You can leave them empty or build upon them. Believe it or not these are the same three books I had out last time I posted. Why do they look different? I took off their shiny book jackets. I love the neutral colors of the hard covers underneath, the pop of red and the gilded lettering so it was a win.

Coffee table books are made to look great and so keeping the shiny jackets on is also a good option. Additionally, books are useful because they add different levels, which keeps the eye moving around and adds more interest.

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essential decor elements for your holiday coffee table

Element #4: Seasonal Décor Items

Finally, we come to seasonal décor. This will drive your color scheme. For the season I chose neutrals (which is my personal fav) and red. I added a small forest of bottle brush trees in white and silver for interest and texture. The mercury glass candle stick added shine and height. And the glass lantern with wire mesh was another fun addition, especially with the bronze and rose gold lights inside. I was able to add all these different essential decor elements because they were all neutral. Therefore, the space isn’t overwhelmed. The single pop of red in the flower vase remains center stage. The other items accept their “supporting roles” with dignity.

There are many decisions that come into play when choosing your decor items including THEME, COLOR, TEXTURE, STYLE, HEIGHTS among others. For a more in-depth look into these different elements take a look at Julie’s Coffee Table Post from last month. She does a great job breaking it all down and teaching you her expert techniques she uses as a decorator.

essential decor elements for your living room

Everything Else

Next, it’s important to consider the surrounding space. As you can see, I kept the couch and pillows fairly neutral with just one grey plaid pillow and throw, and one red throw. I wanted to give some “breathing room” to my coffee table. The couch, the console table and decor in the back all repeat the same decor pattern, spreading a base of neutral details and providing just a few pops of seasonal red.

In summary, I hope you have learned some tips to keep in mind when you want to freshen up your space. For example, after the holidays when you put all the Christmas decor away and you’re wondering what to put in its place. Remember to focus on these “Essential Decor Elements” for simple coffee table decor updates year-round:

  • The Tray
  • Florals
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Seasonal Decor Items

Happy Decorating,

jodie & julie
For more holiday decorating inspiration, visit Southern Living’s “100 Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas.”

We have included some affiliate links for your shopping convenience. Some are decor items used in this post as well as some items we are loving for the season.

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