Best Custom Closet Made Affordable for You and Me

Learn How to build your own custom closet and our best budget-friendly storage solutions!

Think a custom closet is beyond your reach? Think again! Hi, it’s Julie & Jodie, and we’re here with another affordable solution for your home. Are you new to our blog? Welcome. We are The Design Twins, and yes, we’re actually twins. We love discovering great design, decorating and DIY solutions for our homes and then sharing them with you. Whether you’re new to our blog or have been following along for years we are so excited you’re here.

New sleek modern closet is affordable storage and organization solution

Honestly, we never thought we would find a quality custom closet solution that fit our budgets. This is the main reason why we didn’t try to solve our closet dilemmas for five years. We didn’t want to compromise and buy a pre-made closet insert. We sure wish we had known about the Elfa custom closet system from The Container Store. (Insert hands over face emoji.)


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Create storage solutions at affordable prices with stylish organizing systems from The Container Store

When we were writing this blog post to share our excitement it’s funny because we wanted to start each section with “the best thing about the Elfa system,” only realizing we couldn’t say that about every aspect. The truth is there are so many amazing things about this custom closet system we just want to shout it from the rooftops. But the neighbors might complain 🙂

Jodie and I have been long-time fans of The Container Store. So, it’s our privilege to partner with The Container Store to showcase their amazing customizable organization system, Elfa. While we received compensation for this post all opinions are our own.

Messy and unorganized before photo

As you can see from this before picture we were in desperate need of a storage system for Julian’s room. Good thing The Container Store came to our rescue.

Top 7 Reasons We Are in Love with the Elfa Custom Closet System

  1. Custom closet made affordable
  2. Adjustable to your needs
  3. Easily changed when your storage needs change
  4. Quality materials
  5. Aesthetic to suit your style
  6. Free design consultation from experts
  7. Easy, affordable installation

The Importance of an Organized Home

Honestly Friends, there’s nothing that feels better than the feeling that comes from being organized. It makes us feel on top of the world, like we can move forward and tackle anything. When we feel unorganized it’s a feeling of being overwhelmed, sinking in clutter. Disorganization feels like we’re neglecting the essentials. It makes us crazy, not to mention unproductive.

We highly recommend doing what you can to tackle the clutter in your home. It helps with so many aspects of our everyday lives from our attitudes to the actual function of our homes. When we are organized life goes more smoothly, so it’s worth our time, effort and investment. We recommend finding systems that help you get organized and stay organized.

Gray finishes and stylish storage boxes make custom closet look great

(Click on any of the photos below to shop my favorite storage accessories.)

Professional Design Help

Jodie and I loved the whole experience at The Container Store. We each had our own expert and our own experiences in two different cities, but we had the same results. We loved every part of the process. Even though Jodie and I spend a lot of time decorating we are not experts in closet design. So we were extremely grateful for the patience and expertise of the design consultants at The Container Store. They are very knowledgeable and great to work with. By the time we finished our closet designs we had made new best friends.

custom closet is modern, stylish and sleek with gray finishes

The Container Store Custom Closet Experience

  1. Expert one-on-one help to design your custom closet
  2. Immediate computer-generated picture of your custom closet
  3. In-store custom closet examples to help you envision your custom closet
  4. All the accessories you need in one place to complete your project

(Click on any of the photos below to shop my favorite Elfa components.)

custom closet is organized, modern and sleek and fits your style and needs

This Custom Closet is Adjustable

Not only is the Elfa system customized when you design it, but it has the ability to be easily adjusted when your storage needs change. All the shelves can be moved around and the system can be reconfigured as needed. We love that our custom closet can evolve with us because we are always evolving.

Bedroom organization is sleek modern and stylish storage systems with gray finishes

Versatility of the Elfa System

Thanks to the modular design and stylish aesthetics the Elfa system can look at home anywhere in your house. And after you see how gorgeous and functional it is you just might want to add it everywhere. Besides closets you can use it in any room in the house to add function, beauty and organization. Jodie used it in her sons’ room to build an amazing homework station. You can use it in the garage, playroom, or pantry to create work spaces and beautiful, organized storage. Basically it is the answer to optimizing the functionality of your home, from top to bottom.

(Click on any of the photos below to shop my favorite storage accessories.)

Custom closet is sleek and modern and solves storage problems

My Custom Closet

As you can see I chose to use the Elfa system like a closet in my son’s room. Since this room used to be a gym there is no built-in closet. But the Elfa custom closet is so good looking I was happy to have it showcased out in the room itself. It gives my son’s room a modern, loft-like feel. With plenty of gorgeous accessories the look is unique and high-class. What do you think? I hope you’ll leave me a reply in the comments.

The Elfa system made such great use of this space Julian doesn’t have nearly enough clothes to fill all the storage he now has. He would if he didn’t need a new wardrobe every four months because he’s growing so fast. Ah teenagers!

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Create sleek modern organized system with custom closet from The Container Storeization with

(Click on any of the photos below to shop my favorite Elfa components.)

Installation of My Custom Closet

The Container Store Install

Finally, the seamless installation provided by The Container Store made all my custom closet dreams come true. For a very affordable fee (I think mine was about $350) they will remove your current closet shelving, patch and paint your walls with existing paint color, and of course install your system. Isn’t that amazing? Well worth it, my Friends!

A Word About Quality

Elfa is the entry-level custom closet collection at The Container Store. And of course the quality only goes up from here. But I want to mention that I am so impressed by the quality of the system.

I wish you could experience the feel of all the moving parts. For example, I’ve never felt smoother rolling drawers. Wow. I just might need to add this system to a few more closets in my house.

Custom closet includes drawers and storage bins to organized entire wardrobe and accessories

DIY Install

If you prefer to install it yourself The Container Store provides step-by-step instructions to help guide you. The system comes with paper instructions. There are online instructions as well. In addition, you will find easy how-to videos for installing each part. The system is so simple to install. The only time you need to use a drill is with the top rail. All the rest is connected from there.

More Choices for Your Custom Closets

We also want to mention that The Container Store has a variety of styles, finishes, and price points to create the perfect custom closet for your home. Elfa is the most affordable level, and as you can see, it’s high-quality and amazing.

But if you prefer a look that resembles built-in furniture you will love the other options available with The Avera Collection and The Laren Collection.

These custom closets collections provide a huge array of design options to create your dream closet. We love the online resources available at where you can browse tons of dream closets. The photo galleries were extremely helpful when brainstorming our projects.

Storage solution organizes clothes shoes and accessories

(Click on any of the photos below to shop my favorite storage accessories.)

Why Did We Wait for a Custom Closet?

Our only complaint is that we didn’t know about this custom closet system before now. Did you see that awful before picture? Yes. Well, it’s all good now. But our suggestion is don’t wait. It’s amazing and affordable. We love it, and we think you will too. Check out the inspiration gallery on The Container Store website and start planning your custom closet solutions.

before and after closet creates sleek modern look

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We love hearing from you, so leave us a message and tell us what you liked, what you’d like to hear about next, or ask us any questions.


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Best Custom Closet Made Affordable for You and Me
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Best Custom Closet Made Affordable for You and Me
Think a custom closet is beyond your reach? Think again! We have the versatile, affordable solution for all your home organization needs!
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