5 Simple Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio Look Updated and Amazing

Now that warmer temperatures are here it’s time to get your outdoor patio looking its best. We’ve got simple tips and ideas to get you ready for summer. We have sourced all the essentials, from pro cleaning tools to backyard furniture and budget-friendly decor so you can create an updated look. In no time you’ll be ready for all your summer holidays and lots of memory-making.

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Step One: Get Your Clean On!

First off, you knew we were going to say it. It’s time to clean up. But don’t worry. Even if you hate this part, we are about to change how you feel about cleaning. 

We want to ask you a couple questions:

  • Do you like to feel powerful?
  • Do you like to take what’s old and make it look new?
  • Then you are about to see cleaning in a whole new light.

With the right tools cleaning becomes more than gratifying. It is empowering! Before you throw away those pillows or that mildew-covered rug grab these tools and you may be able to make them like new.

Shop our favorite powerful cleaning tools below:

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Step Two: Choose Your Outdoor Patio Rugs

Next, it’s time to lay down your space-defining rugs. Whether you are power washing last year’s rug to a new state of beauty or need to begin fresh, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas.

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Maybe you’re asking, “Is a rug really necessary?” 

We are here to tell you, “Yes, it’s crucial, in fact!”  Why? Because unlike inside the house when you can rely on walls to help define spaces, a rug is even more important because it creates the “room definition”. It also makes a big difference in making the patio spaces you’re creating feel cozy and finished.


Worried about sun fading your rug or the elements ruining your rug? 

We don’t blame you. It happens. That’s why we absolutely love the option of choosing waterproof, stain and sun resistant mats from VMat Home. Use our coupon code, JULIE15 to save 15% off your purchase.

I have 2 beautiful examples under each of my sitting areas. The mats make all the difference in the look and feel of these spaces. 

The best part is that they stay looking beautiful.  And with all the rain we get in Seattle they really make sense.


Step Three: Outdoor Patio Furniture 

So many choices out there. To help you decide we’ve broken down the essential factors to consider before buying your next outdoor furniture.


  1. Quality. No other furniture goes through what your outdoor furniture goes through. It needs to be able to handle the elements and still provide comfort and beauty through the years. Consider the materials carefully. 
  2. Fabrics. Fade resistant Sunbrella fabrics are a must unless you want to keep replacing your pillows and cushions every year.
  3. Style. Look for style that is current but that won’t go out of style too fast. If it’s too trendy you may find yourself wishing you’d opted for a more timeless appeal.
  4. Versatility. More and more furniture makers are addressing consumer needs and desires and creating modular furniture. When you opt for modular furniture, you are preparing for the future and the unknown. You may move or decide to change around your outdoor patio. Having modular furniture gives you flexibility over time and keeps your options open. This is value added, especially when investing in quality furniture.



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Step Four: Outdoor Decorating

Next, the fun really begins. Decorating the outdoor patio is our favorite part. This is when we get to add the details, and the space will begin to come to life. Attention to the details will make all the difference in the look and feel of your outdoor patio.

Some of our favorite outdoor patio decor items are:

  • Faux or real plants in decorative pots

  • Faux candles (non-wax) that won’t melt.

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  • Lanterns

  • Pillows

  • Fire Feature


When you’re decorating your outdoor patio don’t forget to think vertically. You’ll want some pieces to sit on the ground, some to decorate eye level, and then some to elevate the eye.

Some ways to add height to your outdoor patio:

  • You can hang string lights.

  • Curtains add that vertical element to your spaces.

  • Also, tall plants are a great option.

So many great deals we’ve gathered for you to shop in this Value Outdoor Patio Set collection.

Step 5: Don’t Forget Sound 

Finally, the last element that is so key yet often overlooked is sound. 

When we think of creating the perfect outdoor patio, we always think of looks, function, and feel, but don’t forget about sound. This is especially important if your outdoor patio encounters unwelcome noise.

Maybe there is traffic nearby or neighbors. You can counter unwanted noise in two ways. You can either create a barrier or add your own noise.

We love the idea of a water feature. The sound of water is invigorating and relaxing. It’s no coincidence that almost all spas use the sound of water to create a tranquil ambiance. Of course, there are many fountains you can buy to enhance your outdoor patio. Here are a few of our favorites.

If you’re a fan of DIY there are fun make outdoor entertaining easy you can make. 

 A water feature enhances your outdoor experience. Whether you’re wanting to block out unwanted noise or you simply want to add to the ambiance to your outdoor setting, a water feature or fountain is a great addition both auditorily and visually. 

Entertaining on Your Outdoor Patio

Now that your outdoor patio is ready make outdoor entertaining easy. We like to keep food simple but festive. Again, having the right elements makes entertaining easy and beautiful. Using outdoor-friendly serve ware avoids unwanted breakage. There are fabulous heavy-duty melamine collections that make outdoor entertaining easy and festive too. You will want to use them inside too and make them your everyday choice.

Here is one of our favorite year-round treats that we think is a perfect addition to any outdoor event.

Here is the recipe for Jodie’s Fruit Pizza. It is always a crowd pleaser! And don’t you think it’s perfect for the Fourth of July?

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, and everything in between.

All the way to Labor Day and beyond.

You’re ready.

Now it looks like it’s really time to enjoy!

Bring on the friends and family, take lots of pictures and make it your best summer yet!


5 Simple Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio Look Updated and Amazing
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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio Look Updated and Amazing
Update your outdoor patio with these five easy steps. Shop everything you need to create an inviting space for lots of memory making!
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