Here are the 3 Best Affordable Lighting Hacks to Make your Home Sparkle

Game-Changing Lighting Hacks, Easy, Affordable, No Electrician Necessary!

Who knew that lighting up your home would ever be this easy or affordable? We can’t wait to share all the details with you. No more calling the electrician every time you want to add lighting. Even if you are a DIYer, you’ll be stunned and thrilled to know how fast, easy, and inexpensive these lights are.  From puck lights to no-wire wall sconces, the future of home lighting is here. We’re going to show you our top three favorites, why they’re the best, and how to use to create drama and beauty in your home.

Affordable wall sconces are elegant and don't require hard wiring

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The Importance of Lighting in Interior Spaces

The lighting ideas we present in this post will help you easily create home spaces that feel more spacious and beautiful by using what designers call a “layered lighting” approach. It’s surprisingly powerful and not difficult to achieve.

mantel decor is dramatic at night with new lighting upgrade

“Without sufficient lighting, the space of a room will feel small and cramped. By effectively distributing light within an area, a brighter and more impressive space will be shaped. This is mostly due to the elimination of shadows and dark/harsh lighting.

A more spacious room is achieved by professional lighting designers who use a technique called ‘layered lighting’. This involves the use of multiple light sources to create the desired effect and atmosphere. Ambient, task and accent lighting make up this ‘layered lighting’ technique and all serve different purposes.”

mantel gets upgrade with affordable lighting hacks

All Puck Lights are Not Created Equal

Our first affordable lighting hack is one we’ve all heard about before, puck lights. But frankly, they can be disappointing. Why? Because there are so many products on the market that are sub par and not worth the money. Trust us, we’ve tried enough to know the junk out there.

We’ve returned several that were:

  • unflattering color
  • weak light
  • ate up batteries too fast
  • simply did not deliver in one or all of the above.

(For all these reasons it made us all the more excited when we finally found ones we love.)

Shop our favorites by tapping the photo below.


mantel decor is highlighted with puck lights

Our Favorite Puck Lights

Good think we didn’t give up. Perseverance proved important in this search endeavor because we finally found a brand that truly delivers. And the results of this affordable lighting hack are game changing. 

These puck lights are:

  • 4 times stronger than most other puck lights
  • lasts 100 hours at full brightness
  • bright white color is warm and gorgeous
  • comes with remote control
  • dimmable
  • come with double-sided tape and screws for optional installation
  • batteries swap out easily (even if installed) with the simple turn of the puck light
  • totally affordable
  • buy 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 packs. 6 at a time are the best deal.

I couldn’t believe when I realized how much better these were than others I had tried. And they aren’t more expensive. 

Tap photo below to shop.


Endless Ways to Use Puck Lights

Hold onto your hats, Friends! The list of possibilities for this affordable lighting hack is virtually endless. It’s limited only by your creative imagination. But let’s give you a starter list so you get the idea.

  1. Closets. You can place on the ceiling or on the wall for easy tap on access.
  2. Cupboards. Any storage area that needs more light.
  3. Under Cabinets. Think kitchen, laundry room, garage.
  4. Shelving. Open shelving or behind glass. You can choose to place from above, but I like to place on the shelves for up lighting.
  5. Mantles. Light up your mantle display with up lighting. Simply tuck your puck lights behind decor items.
  6. Decor. Like mantles, you can light up any decor or vignette by strategically placing your puck lights behind, around, and even inside your decor items.

Affordable Lighting Hack: No-Hardwire Wall Sconces 

The next affordable lighting hack we’re sharing are these beautiful no-hardwire rechargeable wall sconces.  

Easy installation of wall scones means no electrician is needed

  • These look amazing even before you light them up. They frame the mirror and make the hallway look complete.
  • What’s great about these is that I didn’t have to hire an electrician at $55-$85/hour to install these wall sconces. 
  • I installed these myself in about 10 minutes each. The cost and time savings is huge.
  • These come with rechargeable bulbs that last 50 hours on one charge.

Tap on the photo above to shop. 

  • An additional bonus is that if the power goes out these lights still work!
  • We love the remote that lets you choose your lighting on the full spectrum between warm and cool or anywhere in between.
  • The remote also allows you to dim your lights from 10% to full brightness.
  • These come in gold, black and silver.

Beauty, convenience and affordability, these wall scones have it all!

Remote control added bonus to use affordable lighting hack

Final Affordable Lighting Hack: Plug-In Up Lights

These multi-purpose directional lighting give a convenient and versatile lighting option.

plant is spotlighted with affordable up-lights

  • If you prefer to use a plug-in spot light we love these.
  • If you have a nearby plug and can hide the cord, we definitely recommend these gorgeous up lights.
  • One of our favorite uses is to up light your plants, as we have done.
  • You can even hide the base and wire in the planters underneath some moss.
  • But the lights themselves are modern and pretty enough to show.
  • We love the weighted solid base that keeps them from tipping over.
  • And they are easily adjustable so you can choose the exact angle for your ideal spotlight.
  • You can also use them as back lights for decor in a similar way I use puck lights.
  • These are great for all the areas that have an easy access plug.
  • Finally, the foot tap on/off is super convenient.

Super affordable and super functional. Where will you use these? 

living room with large palm plant spotlighted with up-lightsWe Love Affordable Lighting Hacks

We get very excited about affordable lighting hacks. Why? Because nothing is more dramatic than lighting.

  1. Lighting makes a home feel high-end custom.
  2. Let’s not forget about the safety factor. Light up those dark stairs or nigh time hallways to make sure no one falls.
  3. And adding affordable lighting to your home is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to create beauty and drama.

We’ve given a lot of lighting ideas in this article, and there are so many more. Use your creativity and have fun using these affordable lighting hacks throughout your home. 

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Here are the 3 Best Affordable Lighting Hacks to Make your Home Sparkle
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Here are the 3 Best Affordable Lighting Hacks to Make your Home Sparkle
Don't miss these effortless and affordable lighting hacks to create instant ambiance! From puck lights to wall sconces we'll show you how!
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  1. Susan Wenzel says:

    One of the best helpful articles! I’ve been struggling with this concept and you cleared it up for me. THank you!

  2. Claudia Young says:

    I’m going to try a couple of these thanks!

  3. Kerri says:

    Thank you for this article- so helpful.
    I am wanting some sconces in my guest room for the queen bed. Where is best to place them? Height? On edge of bed or outside of edges? Would appreciate your thoughts.
    Thank you.

    • jjdesigntwins says:

      Hi Kerri,

      This depends on several things. If your sconces are adjustable then you have more flexibility. Where to place them has everything to do with practicality. These lights will balance your bed and make your space look finished. But most importantly they add light to where you need and want it. So if they are reading lights they need to reach where you are reading. I hope that helps, Julie

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