Your Instagram Posting Checklist

How to Post Like a Rock Star

Your Essential Instagram Posting Checklist

❏ Is your picture captivating? Beautiful, interesting, eye-catching, intriguing, artistic,

❏ Is your content timely? Appropriate for current events, seasonally aligned, of the

❏ Is your caption engaging? Will it spark interest, a reaction, create conversation?

❏ Does the photo work with your overall aesthetic?

❏ If it is a feature did you properly credit and tag the owner in a clear, giving, and
thankful way?

❏ If you tagged anyone did you mention also in your caption?

❏ Did you use between 15-30 hashtags?

❏ Are your hashtags ALL relevant (related to your photo or your text)?

❏ Is your photo perfectly aligned, no messy edges?

❏ Is your photo in the best size? (Instagram has 3 shapes/sizes to choose from)

❏ Did you add location? This will add value to the post’s searchability.

❏ Did you proofread…twice? OK….You’re ready to press SHARE! ☺

Finally, do NOT abandon your post. Stay with it as long as you can to respond to
comments in real time! This helps encourage responses and adds to your engagement

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