How to Easily Accomplish a Beautiful New Easter Table

Create a Gorgeous Easter Table, Easy Spring Tablescape everyone will love!

Creating a spring Easter tablescape is not hard. And we are going to show you how to make yours gorgeous and memorable for you, your family, and your guests.

Unique and beautiful spring table is easy to create with hand made dishes and thematic details

Let’s talk about the key elements to a beautiful Easter table:

  1. Choose your Theme: Our theme is Easter, but it also works well for the entire season of spring.
  2. Choose your Colors: There are many beautiful colors to choose from that would work wonderfully for this theme. You might choose a rainbow of pastels. Or you might limit your choice to one or two pastel colors. 
    1. For this table I chose mainly blue to coordinate and draw all eyes to the lovely stoneware from Casafina.
  3. Now it’s time to create your table settings for your spring tablescape. You can decide to make them all the same or do as I love to do which is make each setting a little unique.
  4. Finally, create a beautiful centerpiece that is both stunning and on theme.

Now let’s go more into depth regarding the process, what I chose, and a variety of options I suggest for your Easter table or spring tablescape.

Easter table is set with linens and dishes in soft blue palette for spring

Easter Table Creation Begins with Storage & Organization

I am practical and economical, so I begin with what I have.

We strongly suggest always beginning with a complete exploration of all that you own. This can seem tedious and perhaps not as exciting as just heading to the stores to see what’s appealing. However, with attention paid to storage and organization, this step can be a breeze. It will also help you buy less and reuse more.

It will also allow you to shop with direction and confidence. Because you know what you have, and you know what you need.

To make this process easy you need to have a system of storage. For example, I store all my spring and Easter decor in one place. I have one side of my dining room hutch that is only spring elements. 

I store all my table linens in one place, so it’s easy to look through and choose colors, patterns, etc.

large hutch perfect place for organization and storage of Easter and spring table decorations

Creative Decorating Tips

  • Bring everything out to start the creative juices flowing.
  • I might repeat an element or an idea from year to year, but mostly I like to create fresh decor every year for a new Easter table. Even if I am using many of the same things, I use them in unique ways.
  • In this way everything seems new. I love reusing decor year after year. 

hutch is both beautiful and adds functional storage

Dishes will Decide Your Easter Table

The dishes you choose are the most important element of your table, both in overall appearance as well as personal experience. 

The beauty and quality of your dishes is the single most important feature of any table. One of my all-time go-to favorite brands is Casafina fine stoneware. Casafina dishes are all hand finished and made with great care in their beautiful shop in a small town in Portugal. There each piece is created by true artisans with attention to the smallest detail.

Bunny and potted grass add to Easter and spring table themeCasafina Dishes Made to Last

Everything made by Casafina is made to perfection and designed to last. You don’t buy Casafina products to be kept behind glass display. You buy them to use and reuse. They are the most gorgeous pieces meant for life.

hand painted detail yet strong enough for everyday use makes for perfect dishes and table.

When I first started collecting Casafina dishes I hesitated to use them. They were too precious, too special, too beautiful.

Then, after admiring them for many months, I loved them so much I decided to risk it.

Since then, our family has made them our everyday dishes for over a year. We use them daily, put them in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, etc. They are fully versatile and without a scratch still. They are so well made I think they will remain perfect. 

unique table settings and hand painted dishes create beautiful spring table

The Nantucket Collection

I chose the Nantucket Collection from Casafina as the perfect harbinger of spring. Of course it’s lovely to use all year long, but I feel it is extra especially suited for entertaining during spring and summer months.

Lovely shades of blue against a neutral backdrop, spread across ceramic shapes that feel natural and handmade.

Simple Centerpiece with white pitchers white flowers and cross for EasterCasafina themselves express their inspiration for the Nantucket collection best,

“Slightly organic in shape, the Nantucket collection features a beautiful stripe-pattern border in a blue shade, resembling ocean waves. The inspiration for this new tableware collection comes from the charming Island of Nantucket (USA), where beaches are always perfectly windswept and life meanders by at a slower pace.”

Doesn’t that just make you crave summer? This collection inspires afternoon get togethers, barbecues, and any sunny occasion, even if summer is still just a longing.

The Centerpiece for Your Easter Table

Again, using what I have I like to include old and new side by side, using fresh pieces alongside my signature antique alabaster candelabras. I love using my candelabras for the vintage appeal and because they provide height and drama without blocking vision across the table. 

Centerpiece is simple yet beautiful in white pitchers and white florals

My 8-foot-long dining table allows ample space to create a lot of drama in the center, which adds to my fun in creating tablescapes. In between the two candelabras I added 3 white ceramic floral vases filled with faux peonies. 


These were the main elements. In between I added details like stone bunnies, faux spring potted plants, and a wooden Easter cross.



How to Make Each Easter Table Setting Special

Of course, it’s all about layering and details.

I love to use as many layers as possible. Every meal doesn’t necessarily require it, but you can build up by using:

  • placemats
  • chargers
  • dishes
  • finishing decor details

Functional storage and beauty come together with old fashion tea cart

Textiles Are Key for Your Spring Table

Don’t forget the importance of textiles to your table.

Down the center I used a vintage linen runner. Decidedly imperfect and a little wrinkled. These qualities add an organic feel to the table which I love.

Placemats are a wonderful way to bring in color and texture. I used two types from the same company, Arte Italica Crown Linen. Wanting to create unique place settings I alternated between a neutral flax ruffled linen placemat and a French blue ruffled velvet placemat

Tablesetting is all about the detail added by unique dishes at every place setting

The charming blue cotton and linen napkins are also from Casafina. 


The table is completed with glassware and flatware all from Casafina.

Add Whimsey to Your Easter Table

I love to add a bit of whimsey to my tables by making each table setting slightly different than the next. I started doing this a few years ago as a process of playing around with options and trying to make decisions about which combinations I liked best.

Instead of deciding on one look it helped me see the beauty in using a variety of looks on the same table.

Ever since I use this playful method to add a bit of unexpectedness to my tables. Each guest is unique. Why shouldn’t their place setting be unique as well?

Nests in bowls, bunnies and grass are Easter details that go with theme

I use one color palette and usually the same core dishes and mix certain elements. I keep a few items constant to unite the table.

This method also serves as practical. It allows me to use elements that I may not own in large quantity. If you only have 2-4 of something they may still be able to be featured on your table as you mix and match your settings.

I find this method is a win-win.

Create theme for Easter table using items like Bunnies or cross

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We sure hope you enjoyed our ideas and are more inspired than ever to create your own beautiful Easter or Spring Table.

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