This blog is actually not about us; it’s about YOU! Everything we share here is to help you create a home that brings you more joy, more peace, more satisfaction than you imagined possible. From money-saving DIY’s, to recipes that make your life easier and yes yummier.
Plus simple cleaning and organizing tips that make your home life work for you.

Your home should be your sanctuary, and we are here to show you how you don’t need a designer budget to create a home you love.

Our goal is to share home decor tips that ANYONE can do…Easy, yummy recipes that anyone can make!

where design meets twinspiration

Meet the Design Twins

I'm Jodie. I'm "the Creative Twin". And yes, I'm a little messy too!

I also love taking risks... risks when it comes to trying new things!
When I was younger I used to say... "I would live anywhere once."

Since I've been settled in the San Francisco Bay area for the past 25+ years with my SF native hubbie, Bill, I've had to find creative ways to find adventure right here at home! Not that raising our two boys Roan & Reese hasn't been an adventure in and of itself, It has!

But when I have time to myself, my favorite "household adventures" are: Playing with flowers, Putting up peel & stick wallpaper wherever I can, Trying out new FUN (usually sweet) recipes, and Finding ways to celebrate the holidays in simple, affordable ways!

Jodie Kammerer

I'm Julie. I'm "the Tidy Twin". Fred, my husband, actually calls me that. Not even kidding. Cleaning and organizing makes me happy.

I'm also definitely a girlie girl, so if I have beauty products or anti-aging info you can bet I'll be sharing!

I've been married to the best man in the world for over 30 years.
We are blessed with 3 incredible children, Bianca, Frederick, and Julian.

When I'm not busy crafting engaging content, you'll likely catch me breaking a sweat in the gym, cherishing quality moments with our adorable kids, indulging in my favorite British TV shows, getting lost in a book, or perhaps even treating myself to a shopping spree... oops. Just keepin' it real!

Julie Lancia

Design Style

Favorite Ice Cream

Favorite Holiday

Favorite Movie

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california casual meets vintage eclectic

(from Lottie’s Creamery)

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Design Style
Favorite Ice Cream
Favorite Holiday
Favorite Movie
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